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11 February Birthday Personality Traits

Zodiac personality traits of persons born on 11th February.

If your date of birth is 11 February, you have typical personality traits of Aquarius. However, there are some minor modifications:
Strong, success-oriented, and possessing tremendous personal presence and appeal, there is very little that can stop you from achieving your dreams in life. You also have the power to influence and inspire others. Your perspective is unique, sometimes to the point that you rarely feel understood. You possess the courage to take some risks and to experiment in life, and you are always aware of the need to go through transformations and periodic renewals in order to better yourself. You are extremely creative and imaginative.
You share your birthday with:
Thomas Edison, Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow, Burt Reynolds, Leslie Nielson, Eva Gabor, Taylor Lautner, Damian Lewis.
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