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13 January Birthday Personality Traits

Zodiac personality traits of persons born on 13th January.

If your date of birth is 13 January, you have typical personality traits of Capricorn. However, there are some minor modifications:
You are a determined and driven person who is acutely aware of the need for change. Although you fear change on one level, you rarely let things slide because you know you have to work for the things you want in life, and you don’t want to let things slip by. Some of you are a little neurotic, needing to solve problems immediately! However, most of you are simply proactive, hard-working, and wise. You have strong managerial skills. Most of you are highly perceptive and compassionate, and some are downright psychic.
You share your birthday with:
Orlando Bloom, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Patrick Dempsey, Rip Taylor.
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