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16 January Birthday Personality Traits

Zodiac personality traits of persons born on 16th January.

If your date of birth is 16 January, you have typical personality traits of Capricorn. However, there are some minor modifications:
You are playful yet ambitious. While security is extremely important to you, so is personal freedom and you have a very determined, self-centered streak. You are smart, a little defiant at times, and very convincing and persuasive. There is certainly a bit of an entertainer in you, even those of you who are on the shy side. While you are a real thinker and dreamer, you are also a doer. You are spiritual and always aware that life is about something much more than the mundane.
You share your birthday with:
Ethel Merman, Dizzy Dean, Sade, Kate Moss, Gabrielle Reece, Aaliyah, Debbie Allen.
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