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19 January Birthday Personality Traits

Zodiac personality traits of persons born on 19th January.

If your date of birth is 19 January, you have typical personality traits of Capricorn. However, there are some minor modifications:
You have a fabulous sense of humor, your own unique sense of style, and powerful emotions. Success-oriented, when you are able to focus on specific goals it would be hard to steer you from the path towards them. You are personally powerful and have a strong presence or aura, and others tend to follow your lead. You can be very stubborn at times! You are also very hard working, caring, and kind to those you love. Although you don’t easily let down your guard, once you do trust you are very protective.
You share your birthday with:
Edgar Allen Poe, Paul Cezanne, Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, Robert Palmer.
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