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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2018

Amazingly true yearly predictions for Capricorn, with detailed annual trends.

2018 Horoscope for Capricorn reveals that, among other things, Jupiter (in Scorpio) transits your 11th House of friends and acquaintances - until early November, after which Jupiter (in Sagittarius) transits your 12th House of privacy, spirituality and spheres of life that is beyond our control - until early December 2019. Jupiter is the plentiful planet of hope and joy that boosts and blesses the respective areas, while Saturn transits Capricorn, your own sign - until late March 2020 - when the planet of responsibilities and duties makes you comfortable, and slowly but steadily streamlines your relationship with the world.
Your Capricorn Horoscope for 2018 further affirms Uranus (the planet of ideas, change, modern technology and innovation) in Aries transits your 4th House of home and family, roots and origins. Uranus enters Taurus, transiting your 5th House of pleasure and creativity - from May to November, and returns in Aries to complete its cycle. Finally, it enters Taurus in March 2019 for a long haul. Furthermore, Neptune (the planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion) in Pisces transits your 3rd House of communication and intellectual interests; and Pluto (the planet of self-empowerment, radical changes and transformation) in your own sign, Capricorn.
Capricorn 2018 Horoscope Overview:
Your horoscope this year, dear Capricorn, portrays a significant year for getting your life in order, which is sure to please you. 2018 is a calculative year for you when you are bound to have the maturity and patience to let go, or give up something, to achieve a long-term goal. You are likely to feel increased responsibilities that may feel burdensome at times, but Capricornians are inclined to understand the value of preparing for the future. As Saturn, your ruler, transits your sign after 29 years, you perform well - with various improvements in your mannerisms, personality, appearance, and personal reputation to enliven your social life and keep yourself connected. The more insular side of this transit will become most apparent from November, when you find more solace, joy, and comfort in your private life or relative solitude.
You must already have felt the influence of Saturn leaving your 12th House of privacy, spirituality and spheres of life that is beyond our control - in December 2017, and Jupiter entering your 11th House of friends and acquaintances - in October 2017. Restrictions on your social life are finally over, and you must be restless to break out of your self-imposed shell. The changes should be more apparent in January-February, 2018. Friends and acquaintances play an important role in your happiness. In the months of May, July, September and November, there will be a blizzard and a blitzkrieg in your relationships. But do not worry, because you will make more friends than enemies - that is the bottomline for Capricornians.
In October 2017, Jupiter moved into your social sector, 11th House of friends and acquaintances. This is a period till November, that provides you with a beneficial energy for enjoying valuable connections. This is a powerful time for establishing rewarding friendships and group associations, that gives you considerable pleasure and satisfaction. You are likely to pin your hopes on some beautiful things, making mutually beneficial connections, and dreaming and planning for the future. Moreso, because of a favourable Jupiter-Neptune trine - that will influence you till August - which points to an expansion of your social life and friends base, and/or the dreaming up of exciting new paths for the future. A friend could be integral in achieving your goals, and partnering with a friend in some tangible way can be part of the picture. Happiness and fulfilment through widening your social circle, travel, and connections to people of a different cultural background are indicated - all of which expands your mind, and opens you up to many new possibilities and ideas.
Saturn is transiting your sign, Capricorn, till March 2020 - and this is transit offers some real joy in your relationships and projects. But Saturn will tend to add personal responsibilities to your plate now. This is a period of increased personal scrutiny - a cycle for learning what habits and attitudes are working for you and which ones should be left behind. You will re-organize your life to incorporate more discipline and structure in personal responsibilities, attention to detail, and efforts to maintain and improve health and personal affairs. But be wary of a tendency to go overboard with self-criticism. It is important to work on improvements now, and not to waste time on regret.
At times, you would often be found to be going solo - but you will still be reaching out to others. Saturn and Jupiter is in an excellent placing with each other, making Saturn's lessons more favourable than challenging. People in your life will tend to be supportive, and those in business are likely to enjoy an unusually profitable year. 2018 is a year that will help you move with the change, and have the best of both worlds. You continue to focus on going after your fondest hopes and wishes, while also attending to your material affairs.
Uranus will be causing a new theme for your life, as it takes away some of the pressure or unsettled quality surrounding home and family for the last few years. This influence will develop completely in March 2019 and remain with you for the next 7 years - that will heat up your romantic and creative worlds. You will find hints of this supportive theme from May to November this year. This transit in 2018 also indicates challenges and rewards in close partnerships. New beginnings at this time are notable and significant for you in the long run, even if you do not quite see where you are headed with these things - whether they are hobbies, personal interests, or studies.
You are likely to find opportunities everywhere this year, and it is exciting. However, Saturn in your sign will keep your balance, and help you tame the urge to take on too many things - beyond your means or energy levels. You have an acute sense of your responsibilities, duties, and obligations this year, and you will be becoming a lot more focused and deliberate in your approach to your life.
From November onwards, you will come into closer touch with your spiritual and emotional renewal needs. This can be a time when, more often than not, you are very likely to enjoy your own company, and bask in your own glory. You will enjoy being at peace with yourself - perhaps relishing the outcomes of good deeds.
This is an overview of what the planets have in store for you in 2018, dear Capricornians. Astrology never compels, but you can use your free will to tweak the energies of the planets to your advantage.
  • Note that Saturn is a slow-moving planet and transits through a sign for approximately 2.5 years. This means, that the challenges and/or rewards that Saturn offers are distributed over a long period, and not concentrated - as it opens our eyes and wisdom to long-term lessons, over an elongated period. Saturn is a teacher, and philosopher. Saturn transits may get tough, but never bad - and it streamlines the areas of our life that it touches, which lasts a long time. Uranus is also a slow-moving planet that transits through a sign for approximately 7 years, but Uranus is no teacher - although it does enforce change and transformation - but through innovative ideas.
  • When Jupiter transits Scorpio (October 2017 - November 2018), being committed, intense, perceptive, and passionate about what we do brings greater success in business and career. More focus on change, improvement, and passion in our promotional materials and products or services can be successful. Investing in our resourcefulness works better, particularly as we are able to employ others' talents and resources creatively and effectively. Teaming up with one or more partners whose talents and/or resources complement ours well can be beneficial.
  • When Saturn transits Capricorn (December 2017 - March 2020), we want to get the most for our money, and tend to be more economical. High-quality items are likely to be most popular, although we're also quite concerned with economics at this time. This is the time for putting more effort into doing something well. In business and career, specialized products/services and specializations work best during this period. Overall, live the truth - be who you are, be honest, be straightforward, and most importantly, be ethical - otherwise, things will most certainly fall apart. During this transit, we should take no, or very few shortcuts - as they don't work in our favour. However, we must draw boundaries - keeping personal and professional lives mostly separate, as they tend to get blurred.
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