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Horoscope Overview for 2018

Handy information of astrological events and impacts.

For all Zodiac signs, the headline of the year 2018 is that Saturn transits Capricorn throughout the year, and Jupiter transits Scorpio most of the year. From 8th November onwards, Jupiter transits Sagittarius and will continue to transit Sagittarius until early December 2024.
Thus, the horoscope for 2018 implies: Areas of our charts which are placed in Capricorn (or find Capricorn in) are areas which Saturn will provide strengthening exercises and some lessons, and they require simplifying or hard/smart work. These are areas that we will be refining, firming up, and perfecting by the end of Saturn's transit. On the other hand, areas of our charts which are placed in Scorpio (or find Scorpio in) are the areas which receive boost and blessings. In the last two months of 2018, areas of our charts which are placed in Sagittarius (or find Sagittarius in) thrive unhindered and feels particularly good.
As Jupiter moves through the intense and passionate Scorpio, we feel encouraged to go after our heart's desire. This is a great period to understand our emotions and embrace them, to follow our true feelings and express them. Scorpio is focussed and deep, and when Jupiter transits Scorpio, we are encouraged to grow and expand on an emotional plane. This transit stimulates us to develop intimacy - with ourselves and with others, and understand that in order to heal, we have to cut-off the extra baggage and focus on what genuinely matters to us.
With Jupiter in Scorpio, we attract the most success and good fortune, if we put our "all" into our projects and undertakings, and if we use our magnetic powers to heal others. Where Jupiter is currently transiting in our charts, is generally where we are inclined to find our "joy". But Jupiter is the planet of plenty, and moderation does not come naturally to either Jupiter or Scorpio. We must guard against "too much", and watch for obsessive behaviour that is to our detriment, or an attitude that if it feels good, we should just do it.

Fortunately, Saturn's concurrent transit in Capricorn will balance our extravagance, and help us simplify - as described later.
This is a fabulous period for healing, improving, and transforming. We are no longer interested in temporary fixes, and are (more than usual) willing to enter into a crisis so that we can effect a change. We are not attracted to "middle of the road" solutions, and look for permanent fixtures during the Jupiter's 13-months transit of Scorpio. We are also particularly fascinated by themes of sex, money, power, as well as death and rebirth.
This can be a potent time to look at the dark corners of life, and ourselves - from a new perspective, or for purging, depending on what we find. It can also be a time for finding valuable resources that were hidden from our view, or that we previously overlooked, as well as for awakening talents within ourselves and, perhaps especially, within others.
Additionally, Jupiter in Scorpio forms some empowering aspects with Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and the true North Node in 2018. These are periods for widening our minds through unusual or new experiences, imaginations, and increased faith in ourselves, others, and life. During these periods, we are likely to enjoy opportunities to free ourselves of restrictive and negative attitudes that have been undermining our progress.

From 8th November, Jupiter transits Sagittarius, where Jupiter feels very comfortable - as it rules the sign. During this transit, it attracts the most good fortune when we are open-handed and generous, tolerant, and practice what we preach.
Saturn transits its own sign, Capricorn, in 2018 - after 29 years, and will continue to transit until late March 2020. Saturn is comfortable and does very well in Capricorn - as its ruler, but the planet of responsibility and duty can be somewhat insular, narrowly focused, and perhaps have strict or stern influence during this transit. This is a time for checking in with ourselves and the structures of our lives - to see if we are following the rules of life, and meeting our responsibilities.
Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces receive stabilizing energy from Saturn in Capricorn. Aries, Cancer, and Libra may initially balk at what feels too restrictive. Capricorn gets a bit of both.
Saturn does not form many major aspects to the outer planets during its transit through Capricorn, and will eventually meet up with Pluto in the sign - but not until 2020. However, in the months of February, May, August and November this year, Uranus (rebellion and unforeseen events), Neptune (delusion and deceit) and Saturn (sorrow and karma) form challenging position or placing - particularly for these four signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. These are times of 'kisses and kicks, bouquets and brickbats' in all relationships - when the good and the bad are likely to simultaneously happen for Taureans, Leonites, Scorpios, and Aquarians. The grace of God will be their saviour, as humans face the consequences of past and present karma - as they say.

Another headline in 2018 is Uranus, with life-changing and electrifying energies, is transitioning from Aries to Taurus. Uranus continues to transit Aries until mid-May, when it enters Taurus. Uranus returns to complete its journey of Aries from 6th November to 6th March 2024, after which it re-enters Taurus for the long haul. Uranus in Taurus is bound to shake up our attitude towards money and personal possessions, and it is a time for bold innovations in these areas.
North Node represents the destiny that is calling. For most of 2018, the North Node is in Leo, when we are challenged to take more pride in ourselves as unique, creative, loving individuals. There will be a strong desire to take control of the special destiny and shape it out of the strength of the will. In November, the North Node moves into Cancer from Leo, making us minimize emotional expectations and dependencies upon others so that our emotional security needs are met.
Eclipses bring changes and drama. In 2018, eclipses are more than usual, and most fall along the Leo-Aquarius axis. They thrust us into a state of heightened awareness of flaws in our friendships, attitudes towards others, and group activities - to strike a better balance between romance and friendship, and between expressing ourselves in personal and impersonal ways. However, the first eclipse along the Cancer-Capricorn axis occurs in July, and paves the way for new themes. This eclipse calls upon to feed our foundation - all of that which we call "home" - including the foundation we have built inside of ourselves, needs to be tended to and honoured. We will need to pay more attention to our instincts, our deepest needs, and our feelings; and to recognize the importance of our family and our personal circle of friends - and the security, sense of belonging, and safety we derive from them.
Finally, 2018 is also a year of Retrogrades, with Venus and Mars both turning retrograde this year. These periods - Venus is retrograde from 5th October to 16th November, and Mars in retrograde from 26th June to 27th August - are to look back, reflect and review rather than surge ahead. There can be some changes of heart or review of your feelings at this time. Aquarius and Libra shall bear the most, followed by Scorpio and Capricorn - a past love or passion can be in strong focus for some - and it is not wise to commit into any major decision 1 week before and after the retrograde periods. For the rest of the signs, a slowdown would be wise.

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