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Jupiter - Saturn Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn
You have a conservative streak in you that is seeking the lowest common denominator. You get to your goal in life and accomplish much by slow, tenacious effort. Your life really takes off between the ages of 27 and 36. It is during this time that you “find yourself”. Your success is directly linked to the success of the culture. You rise and fall with the fortunes of everyone else. Seeing this principle in operation, perhaps you can pace yourself so that you don’t waste time and energy trying to push your own life forward faster than the country or the social order can assimilate it. — Interpretation from the Indra report.
*Your aspirations and dreams are always tempered by realism and practical considerations. You pursue your aims in a systematic, disciplined, and thorough manner, and you are willing to take your time, advancing slowly and steadily on your way to your goal.
Sometimes you underestimate what is possible, and hold yourself back unnecessarily due to a lack of faith or an overly cautious attitude.
#Patience is the key ingredient to management of change in your life. You have survived many previous changes, and your spiritual future will doubtless include some more. You make progress in seclusion.

~This aspect occurs about every nineteen years, lasts for a considerable period, and thus affects large numbers of people born during these times. In general, it indicates a period of law and order, and people born under it are pillars of society, quietly and nobly ambitious to succeed, but willing to do so only in an orthodox and utterly honourable fashion. If you have this aspect you are conventional, orderly, proud, aspiring, with a quiet dignity about you that impresses your friends. In whatever sphere you may be you are supported and made prosperous and secure to some extent. If you also have Moon conjunct/sextile/or trine Jupiter, or Sun conjunct/sextile or trine Jupiter: You will rise to considerable honour, or even fame, though you will have a long apprenticeship to serve before your value and worth are recognized. You are eager for recognition but hate notoriety, so your recognition when it comes will rest on secure foundations.
If you also have Mars square or opposition Saturn: You have a swifter rise, more aggressive nature, and less certain tenure of public approval.
If you also have Mars sextile or trine Saturn, or Jupiter sextile or trine Uranus, or Jupiter sextile or trine Neptune: There is a probability of wealth.
This position is somewhat late in bringing its benefits, generally not being felt until after the thirtieth year, except in setting the mold of your personality and your ambitions; but after this it works steadily on your side. Positions of influence are most likely – government, army, ministry, the law. You may be an author, leaving your imprint on literature for generations.

Some Famous People with Jupiter conjunct Saturn: Walt Disney.
Jupiter square or opposition Saturn
You suffer because you remember your failures more than your successes and consequently have a hard time developing a picture of yourself as a winner. In this sense you were born old. However, this same quality engenders a childish quality in you that tends to look for the “quick fix”. Hard work and consistency of effort brings success for you just like it does for everyone else. Yes, you need some luck or some breaks, but these come from perspective, vision or aim in life. Work to see yourself as deserving good things in life, then be willing to put forth honest effort. — Interpretation from the Indra report.
Jupiter square Saturn: *You have an inner conflict between idealism, hope, and faith in the future versus doubt and oppression by limitations and practical realities. You need to develop discipline and patience in order to achieve your aspirations. You will grow by learning to accept frustration and to persevere in spite of obstacles.
Jupiter opposition Saturn: *You tend to seesaw between hope, optimism, and faith versus doubt and oppression by limitations and practical realities. You need to overcome impatience and restlessness in order to achieve your dreams and desires for a better life.

#In all your business and personal dealings you have the capacity for patience. You keep one eye on the goal and the other on the moment-to-moment activities that lead you forward. You find that while relationships are significant, periods of seclusion are needed for you to integrate the spiritual changes you are experiencing.
Jupiter sextile or trine Saturn
You have an underlying self-confidence that is based on your belief that life will give you whatever you want if you are willing to work for it. You see the reasonableness in the way that things happen and are willing to invest in yourself. You are very industrious, believing that hard work will bring you progress. You have a taste for material acquisition but are willing to work for what comes to you. — Interpretation from the Indra report.
The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Jupiter and Saturn have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.
Jupiter trine Saturn:
*You have a good balance between idealism, optimism, and vision for the future on one hand and a realistic sense of what can actually be achieved on the other hand. Your judgment and business sense are usually quite good. You possess patience and the ability to accept limitation and frustration on the way to your goals.

Older, more experienced individuals or mentors are likely to play a significant and beneficial role in your life.
Jupiter sextile Saturn:
*You have the patience and the stamina to realize your visions and bring them down to earth, a fine balance between hard work and realism, and a positive, hopeful spirit. You grow through following systems and plans, and taking one step at a time. Overnight success or instant enlightenment is not what you aim for. Your patient, well-balanced approach gives you credibility with many different types of people, and you are apt to gain an excellent reputation for being able to do big things without overreaching or becoming pretentious.
#You have the capacity to endure through the daily grind to find something of spiritual value in your work and relationships. You are happy to spend time in seclusion, studying or meditating.
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