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Mars - Jupiter Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

Mars conjunct Jupiter
Harmonious Mars/Jupiter aspects are a marker of worldly comfort and financial success. The conjunction indicates a person who is energetic, resourceful, frank, outspoken, pioneering, and adventurous. There is often executive ability and an entrepreneurial attitude toward business ventures. You stand up for your beliefs and would be a formidable opponent in any kind of battle or competition. The energy of Mars combines with the expansiveness of Jupiter to increase your enthusiasm, liveliness, and optimism. You probably enjoy travel, flying, the outdoors, competitive sports, vigorous exercise, and other Jupiter-ruled pursuits. Often there is an interest in philosophical, legal, religious, scientific, or political matters.
You enjoy learning about something and then spreading the word to others. This can lead to success in broadcasting, teaching, the travel industry, promoting, propaganda, publicity, advertising, or Internet related businesses. You like to display your talent before others. There may also be talent for Mars-ruled occupations that require courage, energy and risk-taking (e.g., police, military, etc.), or that involve the use of fire, explosives, weapons, or instruments that penetrate the body (e.g., surgery, acupuncture, etc.). If this conjunction forms stressful aspects, there may be problems with impulsive or addictive behavior. — Interpretation from our Career report.
Alternate, short interpretations: Interpretation sample from the Merlin report -You have a positive, “can-do” attitude and tackle life’s challenges with relish. You are self-confident and have a strong will to succeed, to see how much you can do and how far you can go. No matter what you accomplish, you do not rest on your laurels. You want to keep on going, to do even bigger things. You are forward-looking, enterprising, and enthusiastic about new projects. You are not happy in situations that do not offer you challenges and the potential for growth and expansion in the future – no matter how secure or satisfactory they may be in other respects. You enjoy competition, but you compete mostly with yourself, to see how much of your vision and potential you can really achieve. You make a good leader, inspiring courage and confidence in others. You usually enjoy good health and high vitality.
Interpretation sample from the Your Spiritual Path report – You find that most beginnings and endings in your life are fortunate, and you are able to extract the spiritual lessons successfully. Occasionally you rebel and run away from a lesson that could have been very informative.

Some Famous People with Mars conjunct Jupiter: Willem Dafoe, Jon Bon Jovi, Lloyd Bridges, Chelsea Clinton, Amelia Earhart, Val Kilmer, Dean Martin, Margaret Mead, Gene Wilder, Shari Lewis.
Mars square or opposition Jupiter
This aspect brings great impulsiveness, insatiable desires, playfulness, and daring. You might be frequently trying to prove yourself, to others and/or yourself, and thus readily take on a challenge. You desire exciting experiences and may rarely be satisfied with your life as it is. You require much space and freedom, and you demand to be treated with fairness. You need to be careful that your behavior is deserving of these liberties, and that you treat others with the same respect. Many people with this position tend to flee when angry. This is not because they are afraid of confrontation, because they certainly are not, but when they are frustrated, a deep inner restlessness is stirred. Some people with this position can be quite self-serving, often without even realizing it, demanding freedom and space from others but not necessarily returning the favor.
Another negative expression of Mars square Jupiter and Mars opposition Jupiter is a haughty or boastful attitude–some with this aspect in their birth charts feel they can get away with practically anything. Often they can, and even when they don’t, they are quick to recover from losses. However, this is generally due to a tendency to turn a blind eye to what has happened. Here again is the tendency to flee rather than reflect. They are quick to forget or ignore their mistakes, thus the chances of repeating them run high!
Your impulsiveness combined with a competitive streak can incline you to gambling, not just with money. Your sex drive is considerable, and some with this position never feel they have enough, or enough experiences, which can lead to sexual promiscuity for some. You would benefit greatly from more time for self-reflection, as you don’t always see your behavior clearly. When you don’t learn from your mistakes, you repeat them.

You are attracted to adventure, exploration, and conquest. There is a real spirit of adventure with Mars-Jupiter aspects, but because these planets are in challenging aspect, there can be difficulty knowing when to stop, and slowing down long enough to feel satisfied with one’s accomplishments. Dieters are encouraged to slow down while eating a meal so that they can know when they are full and satisfied. If they eat too quickly, they are likely to eat more than they need. Similarly, people with Mars in hard aspect to Jupiter would benefit from slowing down and reflecting on their experiences so that they avoid living life feeling they have never had enough. This can also help to avoid this position’s tendency to be accident-prone. Males with this position might be difficult to domesticate! There can be exaggerated “masculine” traits, including an insatiable need to “hunt”.
You are very resilient, bouncing back from any setback quickly and usually in a stronger position. You are quite playful and humorous, love to joke around, enjoy practical jokes, and are quick to smile and laugh.
The native has the feisty planet Mars in opposition to the expansive planet Jupiter. This is a very positive aspect. The native will have lots of energy and lots of optimism, with an enthusiasm that attracts. However, these little ones may have some difficulty getting along with people because they are naturally competitive rather than co-operative. This competitiveness is not aggression. These youngsters simply enjoy a good spirited contest. But they would find life so much easier if they did not treat everything and everyone as competition.
This aspect can signify athletic ability. The child will definitely need an outlet for abundant physical energy. Where better than through some sort of physical sport? The natural competitive nature will be more easily accepted in this sort of atmosphere too. This child will be very restless and need a lot of freedom. These kids will not like anyone holding them back or placing restrictions upon them. The outdoors will appeal to this sense of freedom.

These kids may be rather clumsy, especially while they are young. There could be a tendency to be accident-prone. The main problem is that this child is in too much of a hurry. These youngsters get too carried away in the excitement of the moment. ‘Less haste – more speed’ could be a good motto for this little one.
The onset of puberty will be exciting for this child but the compulsive urge to grab every opportunity that comes along can be a source of total exhaustion that will be ignored. Relating to [love interests] will be relatively easy, but some lessons on taking sexual responsibility will be needed. When the child grows up and forms close relationships with [love interests], a sense of freedom will be important. These individuals react aggressively when they feel emotional stress. They will always tend to act impulsively. Any partner will have to give this child plenty of personal space, and perhaps be prepared for him or her to have some rather dictatorial views.
Alternate, short interpretations: Interpretation sample from the Merlin report – Mars square Jupiter or Mars opposition Jupiter: You are enterprising, ambitious, and have a strong desire to succeed in a big way. Ever on the look out for new opportunities and promising new ventures, you are willing to take risks if you sense that something is going to be a winner. No matter how much you accomplish, you never seem to be completely satisfied. You always feel you can do more, and set your sights on another goal. You feel frustrated in limited circumstances, and you will leave secure and reasonably successful situations if they do not offer challenges and potential for growth and expansion in the future. You like to keep stretching your limits, to see how far you can go. Sometimes you over-extend yourself or promise more than you can actually achieve, due to an overly optimistic or overly confident assessment of your own capacities. You relish healthy competition and feel that it spurs you on to even greater achievements.
Interpretation sample from the Your Spiritual Path report – Your spiritual interaction with other people is generally quite fortunate in nature. You gain an understanding of a wide range of spiritual teachings through direct contact with others, and you develop the ability to resolve conflicts on all levels of business and personal life in this way.

Interpretation sample from the Karmic Insight report – You have broad, expansive goals and will not be content with humble achievements or success on a small scale. Enthralled with the joy of the conquest, your desires and enthusiasm may gallop away with you. You often do not know when you have had or done enough. Many things do come easily to you–athletics, leadership, creative efforts of all kind–and you are apt to have King Midas’s touch, especially early in life. However, this may lead to overconfidence or inflated expectations later on. In your work you are apt to be an overachiever with an overemphasis on physical and/or sexual adventure. Once again, not knowing when to stop or say no can be your downfall.
Some Famous People with the Mars in Hard Aspect to Jupiter: Squares – Vincent Van Gogh, Chuck Berry, Johnny Carson, Nat King Cole, Tim Conway, Marie Curie, Jessica Hahn, Diane Keaton, Michael Landon. Oppositions – Richard Wagner, Gay Talese, Rick Springfield, Gene Simmons, Sugar Ray Leonard, Henry Fonda, David Copperfield, Julius Caesar, Bruce Lee.
Mars sextile or trine Jupiter Mars sextile Jupiter
You tend to be restless and prone to boredom. You need a partner who can keep up with your lightning responses to your environment—and one who truly understands your love of intellectual competition and sparring.
You have tremendous personal resources with which to achieve your goals. Although the goals you set for yourself are likely to be somewhat ambitious, you are willing to work hard to see that they are achieved. Ever since you were a child and learned to invent indoor games to amuse yourself, you have steadily worked at developing your intellectual skills. This prepared you to deal well with competitive situations in your adult life.

Communication is important to you. Your dramatic delivery and flair for using the right words make you a formidable opponent in any debate. It is particularly difficult to win a debate with you because you only present information that is well documented and convincing. You also use this skill to come to the aid of others who cannot defend themselves intellectually, which is admirable indeed!
Others admire your confidence and straightforwardness. You respect others who stand firm on their convictions and have high ambitions. It is important that everyone who deals with you does so with honesty and integrity. In your love life, you appreciate a partner who is intellectually strong. You have a strong sex drive, but without the mental component, no relationship will last very long. You also seek a partner with spiritual consciousness. Your warmth and enthusiasm on a sexual level is apparent, and you don’t tire easily. Your interest doesn’t fade easily over time. — Interpretation sample from our LoveStyles report.
Mars trine Jupiter
This aspect indicates a harmony between your intellect and your physical strength, and you will most likely have little difficulty achieving your goals in life. It may appear to others that you are lucky sometimes, but you are also good at applying your talents to attain the desired results. You have a natural ability to be in the right place to grab new opportunities or to initiate a well-timed project. You are often successful in competition but sometimes may not even enter the contest because it doesn’t seem worth it to you.
You are honest and forthright in your dealings with others, and you tend to trust others readily. You can be a bit careless about spending money, however, and this is probably because you are so eternally optimistic that there will always be plenty around. The possibility of failure does not enter your mind, although success itself is not that important to you–you’re just being you.

In your relationships you are attracted to others who also seek a harmonious lifestyle. Your sexual nature is very strong, but you seek more than physical gratification from your mate. You want someone who will share in your life entirely and grow to know and understand you intimately. You appreciate a partner who is intellectually strong. You have a strong sex drive, but without the mental component, no relationship will last very long. You also seek a partner with spiritual consciousness. Your warmth and enthusiasm on a sexual level is apparent, and you don’t tire easily. Your interest doesn’t fade easily over time, either.
Interestingly, you are able to be assertive without stepping on others’ toes. This is an important part of your attractiveness to women. — Interpretation from our LoveStyles: About Him report. Note on the differences between trines and sextiles: The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Mars and Jupiter have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.
Alternate, short interpretations: Interpretation sample from the Merlin report – Mars sextile Jupiter or Mars trine Jupiter: *Your self-confidence and vitality are strong and you believe you can do just about anything you want to. You have an enterprising spirit, a good sense of timing, and the ability to sense what will succeed and what won’t. You usually make fortunate decisions in work or business activities. You enjoy healthy competition and you have a rather playful, good-humored attitude toward it. You mostly compete with yourself to see how far you can go or how much you can accomplish. You like to keep stretching your limits.
Interpretation sample from the Your Spiritual Path report – You are usually able to direct your will to productive activities. You find the transcendent component in each relationship and build upon it. You exemplify joy in your daily activities.

Interpretation sample from the Karmic Insight report – You have developed the capacity to direct your masculine/active, yang energies in healthy and positive ways. Thus, you have confidence in your “masculine” strengths and abilities. Ennobled by ideals of fair play and concern for the broader social implications of your choices, your actions are most often fortunate, leading to success and increased opportunities. A gift for leadership and inspiring others is also yours. Physical playfulness is an important way you can re-create and rejuvenate yourself.
Some Famous People with Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Jupiter: Sextiles – Bill Cosby, Drew Barrymore, Serena Williams, Richard Speck, Vanessa Redgrave, Robert Pattinson, Peter O’Toole, Oliver North, Galileo, Patrick Duffy, Phil Donahue, Catherine Deneuve, Danny DeVito; Trines – Upton Sinclair, J. R. R. Tolkien, Cheryl Tiegs, Gregory Peck, Bob Marley, Henry Miller, Brian Eno, Leonardo Di Caprio, Dick Butkus, Roseanne Barr, Ben Affleck.
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