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Mars - Saturn Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

Mars conjunct Saturn
You hold yourself back in life and though you are kind and very patient with others, your timing can be poor and it stops you from getting what you think you want in life. You are always trying to reform your desires and when you assert a want, a fear surfaces simultaneously. You give up many times, just when the world would have given you what you were asking for. You will think about a project and start it one minute too late to accomplish it. The difficulty with this aspect of your character is very slow to change. When it does change it is because you overcome your fears and your unbalancing desires. To the degree that this is accomplished you will achieve security in life. You should get strenuous physical exercise at least three times a week in order to have your energy work evenly and to be in good health. — Interpretation sample from the In Depth report.
*You are very serious about reaching your goals and feel that keeping your nose to the grindstone is the only way to do it. Hard work, persistent effort, and concentration upon a single objective are the ways you achieve your aims in life. You exercise great self-control, even self-denial, in order to accomplish what you desire. You meet obstacles stoically and will struggle patiently through difficult circumstances. You feel that you must rely on yourself alone, that it’s all on your shoulders, and you can be a harsh disciplinarian, expecting far too much from yourself and others. Often you hold yourself back, doubting your own power and ability. You may feel that you meet great resistance whenever you try to assert yourself or take initiative, and that is very frustrating to you. However, you have the power of endurance and a dogged determination to overcome all obstacles.
#Generally you feel that endings and beginnings are the pits. When you see the end coming you resist, and when you feel some new idea about to take hold, you resist. Your life of resistance prevents you from the rate of progress you deserve, and you need to lighten up.
Some Famous People with Mars conjunct Saturn: Henry Winkler, Venus Williams, Pierre Trudeau, Dick Van Dyke, John Saul, Dolly Parton, Nostradamus, Margaret Mead, Naomi Judd, Al Gore, Ellen De Generes, Sammy Davis Jr., Geena Davis, Roger Daltrey, Billy Crystal, Ted Knight.

Mars square or opposition Saturn
You are a perfectionist. You can pick at yourself and others unmercifully, trying to get circumstances in your life to match some unspecified standard. Your energy becomes freer to work in an unencumbered way when you recognize that you aren’t really looking to match an objective standard at all. What you want is to find some emotionally and psychologically defendable ground to stand on. The real trick in life for you is to keep moving. This is not easy since you should really only move ahead on a project after forethought or planning; your judgments tend to be colored by your fears or your momentary desires. You work very hard for what comes to you. This is unavoidable. But, you could end up working very hard for no gain. This is avoidable through balancing your drives with your responsibilities. You find that you have better health and much freer energy if you get vigorous physical exercise at least three times a week.
Mars square Saturn or Mars opposition Saturn: *You work hard and patiently to achieve your objectives, persevering and continuing on in spite of difficulties and discouragement. Concentrating on a single, clearly defined goal, you are able to accomplish much, but you often feel that the way is long and arduous, and that you must struggle on alone, that it’s all on your shoulders.
You are capable of great self-control and self-denial and can be a hard task master, expecting far too much of yourself. You also tend to hold yourself back, to doubt your own power and ability. You feel that you meet with great resistance whenever you try to assert yourself or take initiative. Anger and frustration can be big problems for you, especially when you try to work with other people or depend too much on others for support. You work best in solitude.
#Your involvement with other people often focuses on the harshest side of human experience. You become aware of destructive energies around you and learn to overcome these difficulties. Your spiritual life can become the source of nearly inexhaustible energy. You face tests through separation.

Some Famous People with the Mars in Hard Aspect to Saturn: Squares – Susan Sarandon, Claudia Schiffer, River Phoenix, Phil Hartman, Julius Caesar; Oppositions – Sheena Easton, Farrah Fawcett, Brooke Shields, Darryl Hannah, George Clooney, Todd Bridges, Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Mars sextile or trine Saturn
You know how to get to your goals in life by steady, patient, and persistent progress. You have good, practical overviews of the final result of your efforts. You are good at planning a strategy and sticking to it. You build your projects and your life with bedrock security in mind, with as little risk as possible. Discipline, patience, hard work, and the blessing of good judgment work together to form a picture that looks like “luck” to others. — Interpretation sample from the In Depth report.
The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Mars and Saturn have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.
Mars sextile Saturn or Mars trine Saturn: *You possess the gifts of endurance and perseverance, the willingness to work hard and seriously to achieve your objectives. Once you decide you want something or make a commitment, you’ll do it “even if it takes forever”. Self-discipline is natural to you and you instinctively realize that any creative achievement is “10% inspiration, 90% perspiration”. You choose practical, realistic goals and pursue them step-by-step in a well-planned, orderly way. You like to concentrate on one thing at a time and do a thorough job. You enjoy working in solitude, and often feel your best work is done when you are alone.

#You may find that you go from one transformational situation to another, never really settling into any one thing. Yet you have the endurance necessary for the long haul.
Some Famous People with Mars in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn: Sextiles – Thomas Edison, Alfred Adler, Galileo, Camilla Parker Bowles, Freddie Prinze, Corbin Bernsen, Catherine the Great, Omar Sharif, Ben Stiller, Barbara Walters; Trines – Denzel Washington, Rudolph Steiner, Josef Stalin, Yves Saint Laurent, Emily Post, Marilyn Monroe, Sinclair Lewis, David Letterman, Annie Lennox, Leonardo Da Vinci, Andy Griffith, Dwight Eisenhower, Eric Clapton, Kevin Butler, Kareem Abdul Jabar.
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