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Mercury - Uranus Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

Mercury conjunct Uranus
You are an independent thinker with progressive ideas. Many of you are brilliant in your own way, able to grasp a wide variety of topics with speed, although not always understood. Your thinking is often ahead of your time. You speak with honesty, and you can be very stubborn about it — you say what you think and if it doesn’t go over well, it’s not something that causes you much concern. You don’t obediently accept rules, especially social ones, and prefer to work at your own pace. You might resent having to follow codes, and you have a strong distaste for taking part in mental tasks that you don’t totally believe in. You don’t like to “fake” anything, and this can be challenging in the school years when you might frequently be called on to write about topics that don’t interest you. Your mental energy and output is quite variable, as you prefer to work when inspired. You are a very interesting conversationalist, offering unusual opinions and perspectives. You are not always in touch with yourself, and should take time to reflect so that you don’t attach yourself to ideas that are based more on instigating and challenging established thought than on what you truly believe. You are easily bored, especially by routine tasks. Your thoughts, and possibly speech, can be scattered and disorderly, although you generally know where everything is even if it doesn’t appear to be the case. You dislike hypocrisy, and truth is important to you above all else.
Interpretation sample from the In-Depth Profile report — You get a new idea every minute and have difficulty waiting to express it. You are truly innovative and original in your thought process. While you are nervous, you do have good mechanical aptitude. If you can get control of your hands and mind, you can be quite inventive. You have a love for technical subjects and do your best work while blazing new trails on the frontiers of knowledge. Most of your difficulties stem from situations that require you to be regular, ordinary, and consistent, conforming to everyone else’s procedures. Unfortunately for you, a certain amount of traditional training is necessary or no one will understand how good your ideas really are. You have a flood of New Age information in you. You need to find a way to express it.
Some Famous People with Mercury conjunct Uranus: Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, Leonard Nimoy, Humphrey Bogart, Desi Arnaz, e. e. cummings.
Mercury square or opposition Uranus
You possess a quick mind, you are very intuitive, and you require a great deal of mental stimulation to keep from feeling bored. Preferring to be self-directed, you don’t always take advice easily. There is a part of you that loves to shock, challenge, and instigate with the things you say; however, this may not be a conscious process. Your mental energy and output is extremely variable–one day you might be capable of enormous effort and interest in a project, and the next day the opposite. This is largely due to the fact that you feel a strong need to be true to your instincts and intuition, and if you are not absolutely inspired, you don’t feel right working on a project–you might feel that you are “faking” it, and this doesn’t sit well for you. The problem is that in life there are always going to be routine tasks to complete, things we have to do that don’t entirely suit our interests, and so forth. School years may be challenging as a result of your disdain for a linear approach to learning, routine tasks, and subjects that don’t inspire you, not because of any lack of mental ability. In fact, you can have real flashes of genius and your ideas and perspectives are often very original. At times you can be very dogmatic. You have a tendency to be, or to appear to be, scatterbrained. Your attention span can be short, and as a result, you might often leave projects unfinished. At times you can have an irritable temper and need to channel some of your nervous energy into constructive pursuits. Take time to reflect on what you truly believe in, because many times you are too busy challenging established thought, or playing devil’s advocate, to get in touch with your own opinions and feelings. This way, your intelligence, integrity, and ingenuity can come shining through.

Some Famous People with the Mercury in Hard Aspect to Uranus: Squares – Sigourney Weaver, Oliver Stone, Steven Seagal, George Clooney, Drew Carey, Bjork. Oppositions – Howard Stern, Voltaire, Henri Matisse, Billy Jean King, Robert Browning, Charles Chaplin, Danny DeVito.
Mercury sextile or trine Uranus
You are open to new ideas, and come up with your own fair share of unique perspectives yourself. You have a technical bent and might take special interest in computers, technology, and science. Your intuition is very strong and mostly leads you in the right direction. You have a friendly, tolerant, and unprejudiced manner. You avoid making unfair judgments, being hypocritical, or stereotyping. You are very truthful and abhor modes of thinking that are biased and narrow. You are resourceful, witty, and quick to grasp and understand new subjects. Your thinking is often quite naturally outside of the box and very quick, and it can be baffling to you when you observe others who don’t get to the same conclusions as you in half the time. Still, you require much space and freedom to do your own thinking, and you don’t take kindly to anyone trying to force-feed you information or opinions. You are at your mental best and most cooperative when you have had the chance to find your own inspiration, and you easily feel hypocritical if you don’t–a feeling that doesn’t sit well with you one bit.
The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Mercury and Uranus have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.
Some Famous People with Mercury in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus: Sextiles – Lawrence Welk, John Steinbeck, Donald Sutherland, Erik Satie, Martin Sheen; Trines – Sheena Easton, Farrah Fawcett, Tracey Ullman, Marilyn Manson

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