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Mercury - Venus Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

Mercury conjunct Venus
You are charming and gracious, poetic in your self-expression, and usually very polite. This position brings refinement to the nature and an appreciation for the arts. You aim to balance and bring harmony to your world. You can be, at times, quite indecisive, as you tend to see everyone’s point of view, and can see value in almost any perspective or opinion. You have a strong sense of fairness.
You are very agreeable and enjoy socializing. Some with this aspect are a little on the lazy side, preferring to socialize than work.
You might intellectualize or rationalize your feelings, perhaps thinking a little too much about love and relationship to the point that you lose touch with how you truly feel. You might be attracted to, or attract, intellectual sorts as partners. If this conjunction is challenged, you might frequently attract partners who are tricky or conniving.
Many of you are talented at writing and/or speaking. You thoroughly enjoy the written and spoken word, literature, wordplay, puns, and enlightening conversations. Many with Mercury conjunct Venus in their charts are downright eloquent.

While most people like you, your ability to tune in to the person with whom you are currently speaking to is so strong that you might be accused of being two-faced or superficial. You might also choose your words carefully in order to avoid conflict, and others might not know how you truly feel as a result.
You get along with most people and are usually willing to make compromises in relationships to maintain harmony. That doesn’t mean you become a doormat for others, but you have a strong sense of fairness and do not offend others without just cause. Others are seldom threatened or intimidated by you, largely because of your affable nature and social grace. You are willing to listen to anyone’s opinions and suggestions before making major decisions.
Direct competition may be uncomfortable for you, and you may feel more at ease working with a small group of people. Perhaps you enjoy public speaking or performing in the dramatic arts. Another possible source of satisfaction for you would be writing, because of your natural talent for expressing yourself well. You have an imaginative mind and are clever at cooking up schemes to improve your economic situation. It is not difficult for you to turn your many creative ideas into ready cash.
Others will usually support you in what you do because they can see that you exercise good judgment. They can believe in you and are glad to pitch in to help you succeed. Just be sure you don’t ask anyone else to take risks you yourself wouldn’t attempt. Actually, any chances that you take will be well considered and are probably not that risky after all.

In love relationships, you have a talent for communicating your needs and desires to your partner. You are attracted to people who share your artistic talents or at least an appreciation of the arts. The worst possible mate for you would be one who is socially uncouth. In sex you have a healthy open attitude and can discuss the subject rather easily with your partner. Verbal expression during sex can be very stimulating for you! A lover who doesn’t communicate or who is quiet in bed may not be very satisfying for you in the long haul.
Some Famous People with Mercury conjunct Venus: Richard Dreyfuss, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Anne Archer, Erma Bombeck, Laura Bush, Kathy Bates, Alexander Graham Bell, James Coburn, T.S. Eliot, Mark Harmon, Helen Hunt, Ricki Lake, Carlos Santana, Bono (U2), Jimi Hendrix.
Mercury sextile Venus
You are polite, choosing your words with care and love so as not to offend anyone. Your tactfulness stems from a distaste for disharmony and conflict. You are not always direct and honest as a result of this desire to please, appease, and keep the peace. You are able to understand others and make a great conversationalist. You aim for fairness in your dealings with others. You have a true appreciation for the arts, and strive to achieve balance and harmony in your social relationships, your writing and speech, and your personal environment. You might do business in the areas of art, design, relationships, counseling, or beauty.
Some Famous People with Mercury Sextile Venus: Walt Disney, Sylvia Plath, George Sand, Alison Moyet, Peter O’Toole, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Jerry Lewis.

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