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Moon - Pluto Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

Moon conjunct Pluto
Emotional satisfaction for you runs deep and is very complex. You yearn for intensity, but at the same time you may fear your own emotional nature, leading you to take great pains to keep it under wraps. Compulsiveness is a byproduct, and you find yourself easily swayed by your emotional yearnings and desires. The desire to merge with another human being is strong, yet can also be a fear at the same time.
You are a born psychologist, understanding the inner workings of those with whom you come into contact. It’s as if you have emotional feelers, and this trait can be used for and against yourself. When used constructively, you are able to heal others by helping them come to terms with what motivates them, what they fear, and what they may be doing that is self-destructive. This process, of course, can occur only after you have begun work on the very same issues within yourself. On a more negative note, if you are overcome with insecurity, you may size others up with a negative slant. You may imagine more sinister motivations than may actually be the case. This possibility stems from your own fears of loss and betrayal. If you expect to be wronged, you could easily “see” traits in others that may not even exist.
It is very possible that you were especially sensitive to your maternal figure’s emotions, and picked up on her feelings of being overpowered, overwhelmed, resentful, or mistrustful. A strong love-hate attachment to her, or crises surrounding your experience of her, may be something that you live with and it could be undermining you in some manner. Some people with this aspect feel the need for early independence from their mother or families in order to feel released from the intense and conflicting emotions they attach to them. However, removing themselves entirely from the problem may not be a healthy, long-term answer on a psychological level. At some point, confronting early childhood conditioning is a necessary process. You may find that you can use music as a means by which you can express and release the emotional drama inside of you.
Fear of loss and rejection can lead you to hold on very tightly to the people you love. It will be important for you to learn to loosen the reins you have on those you hold dear so that they don’t feel smothered or trapped. If it goes too far, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you find yourself trying to control your emotions and the emotions of those around you, you might ask yourself what it is that you fear within yourself. Obsessive-compulsive behavior can be a serious by-product of your own fears of abandonment.

The superficial is not enough for you. You hunger for emotional experience and you want “more” from life than simply living on automatic pilot. At some point in your life, you are likely to be attracted to psychology, although you tend to trust your own instincts and experience more than you do the theories of experts.
Women with this aspect (from the Astrology Profile for Women report): With your Moon conjunct Pluto in your chart your emotional intensity is difficult to miss. You can be quite compulsive, and when you are in a “groove” may find it difficult to get out. Men may be especially intimidated by your sensuality, and if you have control issues, you may even project an aura of power which can overwhelm any man who gets close to you (at least occasionally). You may also be somewhat intimidating to other women, especially if you harbor a mistrust of women. The connection you feel with your mother may be especially strong, and it is quite possible that you felt inundated by her emotional needs in a very powerful way when you were younger. If your mom had difficulty handling her own emotions, you may have some leftover resentment toward her which needs to be released in order to heal that relationship. Conscious awareness of this aspect of your part can make a big difference in the way you relate to others, and if you sense intimidation or blocking, you can back away a little to help diminish the intensity of your own energy – if you really want to let someone into your inner sanctum.
Some Famous People with Moon conjunct Pluto: Jeffrey Archer, Meredith Baxter, Judy Blume, Bette Davis, Adelle Davis, Catherine Deneuve, Leonardo DiCaprio, Phyllis Diller, Amelia Earhart, Jodie Foster, Eva Gabor, Anne Heche, k.d. Lang, O. Henry, Geraldo Rivera, Barbra Streisand.
Moon square or opposition Pluto
You are not always open with your feelings. Although you have a strong urge to share your innermost emotions with others, you have a simultaneous desire to control what others know about you, which likely stems from fear. You crave a deep feeling of belonging and intimate connection with others, and yet your approach to realizing these desires is often self-defeating. Attempts to control situations as you strive towards this goal generally backfire. Fear of loss and betrayal can consume you, and manipulating others so that you can keep them attached to you leads to empty satisfaction at best, and hopelessness at worst. At times you come across as emotionally distant and self-protective (and even cold in expression), and other times you are expressing an intensity of feeling that can go so far as intimidate, overwhelm, and scare off others. As much as you want to share yourself emotionally with others, you rarely reveal your vulnerabilities. When angered and hurt by a loved one, you can express yourself with such intensity that it comes across as hostile and even hateful. You might sulk, but more likely you brood or even lash out. You may not even be aware of how strongly you express yourself in these instances, and you might come across as far more dangerous or hateful than you actually are. Alienating others can actually baffle you, as your goal is to become closer. Game playing is something that you should try to avoid. Even if you do “succeed” at keeping a person in your life through emotional manipulation for the time being, you will never know that they are with you of their own accord, and this only serves to refuel your fear of rejection. Learning to accept your emotions for what they are, and more importantly, to express them in a manner that allows others “in” rather than scares them away, is an important challenge in your life.

Some people with these aspects are more in touch with their feelings than others, and as a result, enjoy tackling problems and learning about emotional complexities, both in themselves and in others. Others with these aspects are hell-bent on burying rather than digging up their deepest feelings. Either way, they are intense individuals!
Women with this aspect (from the Astrology Profile for Women report): With your Moon in opposition to Pluto, you feel everything at a deep, intense level. You rarely wade in the shallows, since immersing yourself in whatever you’re doing is much more gratifying. Your intensity can also stimulate compulsive or obsessive levels of behavior. You can also be an intimidating woman, especially when you’re focused on something (or someone!), and can become completely absorbed in your own feelings. This energy is wonderful for healing, since you have the capability of penetrating into the depths and releasing blocks; although it may be easier to direct this energy toward someone else than it is to direct toward yourself.
Men who are uncomfortable with their emotional nature and their own vulnerabilities may feel exposed when they are around you. Even though you may not intend to overwhelm them, you sometimes do. In your close relationships, it is crucial to allow others to be themselves, warts and all. Your tendency might be to transform them, and that could be dangerous. However, if a person is working towards change, you can certainly be helpful, and you may be the catalyst for change in the lives of many people. As a mother, you can be extremely attentive and aware. You can also be overly protective and can create an atmosphere of claustrophobia for your kids if you go too far. Use your sensibilities to determine how your children are responding, and allow yourself to back off when necessary. Otherwise, you may reach a point where it feels that you are abandoning ship in the midst of a storm.
Through the tense square between your Moon and Pluto in your chart, your emotionality is extremely intensified. You may hold some deep-seated resentments, and can hang onto guilt eternally unless you make an effort to release it. Your trust of your own power as a woman can be undermined, especially if you felt emotionally abused as a child. It is quite possible that you were mistreated because one of your parents resented your being there, but you may also have been simply struggling for survival in a situation which provided little emotional nurturance. Regardless of the particulars of your early conditioning, you do have the capability to healing these old wounds through the same energy which has sustained their pain.

You may be drawn to relationships for the pure physical pleasure and stimulation they provide, but may not want to feel emotionally close due to your lack of trust. Yet deep within your soul you may long for that bonding which results from the alchemy of two souls merging. Since you were not issued an instruction manual about how to deal with people when you entered this life, you need to give yourself plenty of time and room to research human nature and human emotion. Safe circumstances like a friendship with someone who shares your interests can give you a chance to learn about trust – but you must be honest about your feelings! Even though you might think that you would prefer to live apart from society, fitting into social situations can help you trust yourself more fully, because interacting with others helps you develop objectivity. To have the love and tenderness you need from others, you must learn forgiveness, too. That forgiveness begins within yourself, and releasing tension and stress while also letting go of the burdens from your past will help you feel much more light, alive and free. Then, and only then, can you feel good about the power of being a whole woman. Some Famous People with the Moon in Hard Aspect to Pluto: Squares – Jim Morrison (The Doors), Meryl Streep, Oliver Stone, Marlon Brando, Joe Cocker, Wayne Gretzky, Charles Dickens, Fabio, Carrie Fisher, Mohandas Gandhi, Naomi Judd, Jim Jones, Steve Martin; Oppositions – Sam Donaldson, Tom Brokaw, Johnny Carson, Chevy Chase, Dale Earnhardt, Merv Griffin.
Moon sextile or trine Pluto
Seemingly afraid of nothing, you tackle problems with confidence, and intuitively accept that life is demanding. In fact, you prefer life to be at least gently challenging, as you feel alive and vital when you are experiencing deep emotions, sharing intimacy, and digging deep for answers. You come across as powerful and intense, and usually this earns you respect from others, although some might feel vaguely intimidated by you. You can be quite matter of fact and you expect the same kind of honesty, respect, and candor from others that you express. In fact, you can be quite baffled by, and impatient with, others who are not forthright. You are a sensual and emotional lover, as well as a deep, perceptive, and insightful friend.
The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Moon and Pluto have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.
Moon sextile Pluto: Your daily habits get restructured periodically. This happens because you feel the need for change and respond to this feeling enthusiastically. You are deeply driven and have a powerful need for a wide variety of life experiences within a chosen area or field. — Interpretation sample from the In Depth Profile Report.

Moon trine Pluto: Compulsive and driven, you accomplish much through your ability to keep trying different approaches to a problem until it is solved. People either like you or dislike you intensely, as you are consciously focused and emotionally riveting, forcing people to choose sides. Your emotional instincts operate in a symbolic realm, conferring on you great skill in organizing patterns of thoughts as well as groups of people. You are very skillful at aligning the positive influences in your life. — Interpretation sample from the In Depth Profile Report.
Women with this aspect (sample from the Astrology Profile for Women report): With the easy flow of energy between the Moon and Pluto indicated by their sextile aspect to one another, you can be quite adept in your understanding of human emotion. In many ways, you are a natural psychologist, since your insights into the inner workings of the psyche can be quite powerful. But that insightfulness also works to your benefit in the world of business and within your personal relationships. Whether in work or in your personal relationships, you can be highly expressive of your opinions and feelings, and appreciate the same honesty and expressivity from others. There is a healing quality about you which may draw others into your life who are seeking support and understanding. As a mother you can be deeply connected to your children and may even find that their friends come to you for your sincere understanding and insight. In your intimate relationship with a partner, your passion can be immense, and you may experience a level of unity and bonding which completely transforms your life. Since you’re not likely to do anything halfway, you usually take the time to be discriminating in your choices. Leaving yourself vulnerable is simply not your style.
Through the connection of your Moon and Pluto in trine aspect, your emotional sensibilities are quite intense. Your ability to sense things below the surface is amazing, including the way others feel – despite what they may say! You can be an intimidating woman although you don’t try to be, simply because you possess a level of awareness which is absolutely penetrating. Your embrace of the true essence of feminine power is quite remarkable, and your ability to bounce back in the face of challenge or adversity is directly linked to this power. With a high capacity to create and transform, you are capable of returning life to the lifeless and purpose to that which has grown stale. You are innately aware of and connected to the powerful changes which occur throughout your menstrual cycle, and by working with these alterations in your body, mind and soul you can become a much more effective woman.
Others may be drawn to your healing quality, and you can open your soul in such as a way as to allow others to find their own strength. In intimate relationships, you have the ability to achieve a level of bonding which transcends the ordinary. Your sexuality and sensuality are special keys for your achievement of ecstasy. As a mother, you may have a phenomenal link to your children, and can be especially effective in helping them develop a trust and understanding of their deeper needs and feelings.

Some Famous People with Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Pluto: Sextiles – Marie Curie, Sting; Trines – Sandra Bernhard, Albert Camus, Kim Carnes, Jimmy Carter, Harry Chapin, Johnny Depp, Sheena Easton, Hugh Hefner, Thomas Huxley, Jonas Salk, Frank Sinatra, David Spade.
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