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Moon - Uranus Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

Moon conjunct Uranus
You possess an independent spirit, and you resist being labeled or pigeon-holed as a result. You are not one who is drawn to traditional roles when it comes to family, friends, and relationships. Your emotional energy vacillates, so that you can be extremely sociable, friendly, and available at times, and completely aloof, independent, and unavailable at other times. Behavioral patterns are quirky, changing, and inconsistent, and this quality is most obvious when you are at home or with family and very close friends. You need space and freedom, and situations that allow for spontaneity. Routines bore you, particularly domestic routines. You need to mix things up a little in order to prevent a restless, unsatisfied feeling, for example, changing your “schedule” day to day. When it comes to parenting, you prefer an open and free atmosphere with your children. Some fear of becoming too close or attached to others is likely present. You detest overly serious or stuffy atmospheres, and you will do what you can to loosen everyone up. Sometimes you say or do something with the goal of mixing things up, or to shock. Rebelling against traditions is something that seems to come naturally, but you might want to be careful that you are not being irresponsible or insensitive in the process. You are humorous and spontaneous, and given to acting on a whim.
Interpretation sample from the In Depth Profile Report: You have unusual habits and original methods of implementation of your ideas. Your sense of timing in life is unique; sometimes this works to your favor, sometimes it doesn’t. Your special rhythmic way of expressing yourself can be interpreted as being flighty, indifferent or irresponsible by others, so you do yourself a favor keeping people posted as to your ideas and procedures. Your spontaneity and creativity gives your activities an exciting carefree feeling. You may experience large amounts of emotional tension so you should learn to relax. Of course, easier said than done.
Alternate Karmic Insight interpretation: In your incarnational past, while there may have been long periods of contentment and tranquility, there was also a time of great upheaval which forced you to turn your back on the security and way of life you once knew. Your home life may have been disrupted, and your inner sense of who “family” is, radically changed. It is possible that you were involved in revolutionary activities, or were in a profession that was considered unorthodox or even heretical by the authorities of the day, and your fellow “radicals” or sympathizers become your true family.
All of this may affect you in the present in a number of subtle ways: a deep-seated restlessness or desire to break away totally from your past, a feeling that the rug could be pulled out from under you at any moment, emotional impulsiveness, a craving for newness and excitement for which you are willing to forego security or an orderly existence.

It is important for you to try to embody the ideals and unusual interests and inclinations you have, without “throwing the baby out with the bath water”!
Women with this aspect (from the Astrology Profile for Women report): With the Moon in conjunction with Uranus in your chart, you may feel that you are riding an emotional roller coaster. Your highs can be very high, and your lows, very low. Your hormonal cycles may also be rather extreme, and you might benefit by taking a very careful look at holistic ways to handle PMS. Review your dietary habits to be sure that you’re getting appropriate nutritional support. Your independent spirit plays a definite part in your resistance to taking on the traditional roles of a woman, although you can be a trendsetter when you’re simply doing things your own way.
Some Famous People with Moon conjunct Uranus: Anais Nin, Bob Dylan, Ann-Margret, Drew Carey, Jodie Foster, Lorne Greene.
Moon square or opposition Uranus
People with these aspects in their natal chart are studies in contradiction. When they are able to fulfill their emotional needs for closeness, support, and intimacy, another part of their personality rebels. They feel closed in, restricted, and uncomfortable with feelings of dependency. However, when they are left alone on an emotional level, they can feel left out. They begin to crave closeness and intimacy once again. They keep people at an emotional arm’s length often enough, yet struggle with their emotional independence.

Daily routines feel too stifling for these individuals. They need to mix things up in order to feel creative and emotionally vital. Inconsistency is a result, and some level of domestic disorder is almost a guarantee. Living with them can be challenging for more orderly and systematic people!
People with Moon-Uranus hard aspects despise emotional pretense. They are adamant about expressing themselves honestly, which generally translates to “sporadically”. If they don’t “feel it”, they simply won’t do it. It can be challenging to pin them down at times–they will feel cornered. Don’t take it too personally, however, because they not only rebel against your schedules, they rebel against their own as well! The fact is, when they try to bring more order to their lives, it can be hard to stick to a program, even if they were the ones who designed the program.
Their insistence on following their own intuition and “inner code” is admirable on one hand. In fact, they are generally quite proud of their emotional honesty. However, this honesty can be difficult for others to deal with at times. They are sometimes accused of selfishness as a result, although they don’t see it that way at all. They are generally very creative people, although their creative output is sporadic. Whenever Uranus is strongly connected to a personal planet in the natal chart, you’ll find this “stop-and-start” energy simply because these people live on intuition. Uranus intuition is not the same as Neptune intuition–it’s more self-focused and has to do with being true to oneself.
More often than not, Moon-Uranus people had unusual early home lives. They may have been given an unusual amount of freedom as a child, or the converse. Whichever was the case, they insist upon a certain level of personal freedom as adults. Their experience of their mother figure may have also been erratic in the expression of nurture.

These people attract changes and disruptions into their domestic lives. They may not enjoy this fact, but if this is the case, they must examine their lives a little more closely. Consider a person who thinks to himself, “hey, my life has become pretty routine–even boring” and then shortly thereafter his life takes a sharp turn. The crises that he now faces may not seem like something he has literally asked for. However, with the Moon in hard aspect to Uranus, the basic energy is a basic need for emotional excitement. We may live with this basic need and not even recognize it. If we don’t own it, we can attract upsetting emotional situations and disruptions into our lives. It’s hard to know whether Moon-Uranus people embrace changes (these ones move house often, re-arrange their homes frequently, mix up their domestic routines every once in a while, and so forth) or resist them stubbornly. One thing is certain, however: the happiest people with this natal chart aspect recognize their need to do things differently with regards to how they approach family and home life.
You tend to be emotionally impulsive and instinctual. Your early upbringing may have been unusual in some manner, and possibly a tad unstable. This is not to say that you are unstable–just that your early experiences with home, family, and nurturing had some erratic quality that left an impression on you. Some people with this aspect moved frequently when they were young. Others had a mother or caregiver who marched to the beat of a different drummer. As a result, there is an inner dichotomy at work: you crave emotional intimacy, yet your need for independence is just as strong. Your desire to be cared for and your need for emotional independence are at odds with one another. This may not be as apparent to you as it is to others who you are close with. The key to this challenging aspect is integration. While you are young, you may struggle with this dichotomy, and you may need to do so in order to achieve some sort of understanding and inner peace later in life.
Perhaps much of your life, you struggle with routines and the “humdrum”. When life becomes too routine, you rebel. Emotional excitement is important to you, and if you are not aware of this, you attract emotional upheavals in your life. This can be very upsetting to you, but you must learn why you are attracting these upheavals in the first place. You do not feel “ordinary”, and do not want to live your life in an “ordinary” manner. If you are attracting upsetting emotional situations in your life, it may be because you are not looking for a healthy outlet for your need for emotional excitement.
You are an intensely creative and inventive person, but your creative expression may be erratic and irregular. You have spurts of energy and creativity that come in flashes. You have a hard time producing much of anything when you are called upon to do so, preferring to produce only when your spirit is ignited, not by some enforced schedule. Your domestic life may be somewhat irregular or unusual to outsiders. Self-discipline is somewhat lacking, mainly due to this inner need to be in tune with your spirit and a general resistance to being imposed upon.

Women with this aspect (from the Astrology Profile for Women report): Your Moon is in opposition aspect to Uranus, adding a high level of unpredictability to your emotional nature and a need for personal independence. You need excitement, change and distraction, but at levels you can tolerate without totally disrupting your life. You may also be more comfortable when you’re independent, instead of being tied to a set schedule, a certain role or a particular list of demands. As an independent woman, you are more likely to tolerate commitments. If you’re expected or demanded to do certain things, you may just rebel for the sake of rebellion. After all, you’re an individual! There may be other planetary aspects in your chart which add a level of focus and stability to your life, but this influence alone can disrupt even the best laid plans! At the level of your soul you cry out to be seen and accepted for who you are, unconditionally. That acceptance must first come from within yourself.
This influence also indicates the possibility of higher than normal fluctuations in hormonal levels, which can also stimulate more profound emotional changeability. Those who are close to you probably recognize a cyclical level to your alterations in mood, and you can probably tie them to a cycle yourself if you pay attention. You may or may not decide to choose motherhood as an option, and may be more comfortable in non-traditional relationships. To maintain a relationship you need plenty of room to be yourself. And to be the kind of mother you want to be, you need to develop a supportive relationship with your children which has some levels of consistency. You may relate to teen-agers more easily than to small children.
Some Famous People with the Moon in Hard Aspect to Uranus: Squares – Lloyd Bridges, Jeremy Irons, Oscar Wilde, Robert Wagner; Oppositions – Hank Aaron, Fred Astaire, Shari Lewis, Lisa Marie Presley, Donald Trump, Ron Howard.
Moon sextile or trine Uranus
Preferring to live in an open and accepting manner, you encourage others to “be themselves” with an attitude that anything goes and a fondness for the unusual and unconventional. As a parent, you may be quite open with your children, and encouraging the same in them. You aim to be friends with them. In fact, you are like this with most people you meet–you treat others as equals regardless of their status or position. You detest stuffiness, showiness, and pretense, and you will often do or say something that will break others out of an overly serious frame of mind. You are spontaneous, funny, perceptive, and a little quirky.

The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Moon and Uranus have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.
Moon sextile Uranus: You act on unique and experimental thoughts. You are humanitarian and freedom oriented in the way you explore life. You have a knack for improving your surroundings. — Interpretation from the In Depth Profile Report.
Moon trine Uranus: You take bold steps in your approach to everyday problems. This gives your personality a sparkle and excitement that others love and respond to. You know how to make excitement out of everyday activities, as you search out new methods for performing routine activities. — Interpretation from the In Depth Profile Report.
Some Famous People with Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus: Sextiles – Wade Boggs, Prince Charles, Dick Cheney; Trines – Ewan McGregor, Bill Cosby, Jamie Lee Curtis, T.S. Eliot, Jim Henson, Kirk Douglas, Larry King, Gwyneth Paltrow.

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