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Parallel Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

Declinations: Interpretations for the Sun through Jupiter in Parallel aspect.
There is another dimension to your astrology chart. This has to do with planets being the same distance from the celestial equator. When both planets are on the same side of this plane there are called parallel. When the planets are the same distance but on opposite sides of the celestial equator they are referred to as being contra-parallel. Both of these aspects activate your ability to organize and reorganize some aspect of your life, depending on the planets and luminaries involved. The following interpretations are from the In Depth Profile report, which interprets all declinations found in the natal chart, including the outer planets and the Ascendant and Midheaven, and also including the contra-parallel aspect.
As with all “cookbook” interpretations, there are a variety of ways these aspects can manifest themselves. Different authors interpret specific aspects differently. As well, all aspects should be read within the context of the natal chart. For this reason, the interpretations should be used as a starting point only.
Sun Parallel Moon
The foundations of the early life experiences and the nature of the family of origin play a large role in your life. There is great restlessness and need for emotional foundations in order to accomplish much else in life. You eventually figure this out and get what you need as you have great untapped capacity for emotional integration. With the acquisition of positive habits and home life, all else is good.
Sun Parallel Mercury
You place great importance on the mental faculty but you may yourself be quite nervous and temperamental. Fixing the worlds’ problems starts with fixing your own physical and psychological instability. Once this is completed you are able to offer others a clarity of vision that is quite helpful in sorting out the details of normal cause and effect in your life and in the lives of others.

Sun Parallel Venus
A feeling of love and beauty fill you at some deep level and you are able to translate this into positive expectations about the future. You possess a sweetness and have a knack for creating harmony.
Sun Parallel Mars
You have a good inner drive and great recuperative powers. Your immune system works very well. You are driven by an undertone of anger much of the time. This can create rash and aggressive behavior. Getting to the root and understanding your drives helps free and strengthen your energy.
Sun Parallel Jupiter
Over-expanse gets you into trouble but your positive expectations help you gain many rewards in life. Your cheerful optimistic spirit assists you in bringing any project to a good conclusion. The ability to create more of whatever you have becomes problematic whenever you have difficulties or troubles as they can also multiply. Your mental attitude holds the key to your actions, just as your values hold the key to the way your mental life unfolds.
Sun Parallel Saturn
There is a deep melancholy aspect to your personality that will tend to color all that you do in life. You have great capacity for careful and very exacting work. There is a definite need to pay close attention to the happenings in life so that you are able to see what you do that causes difficulties and hard feelings. Patience, discipline and positive intentions are necessary to overcome feelings of distrust for life.

Sun Parallel Uranus
You are not content with an ordinary life. Something in you is always “stirring the pot” so to speak. You believe that life can be better and you will do something to get this point across to others while also doing something to tangibly improve your own circumstances. Sometimes you need to learn to leave “well enough alone ” as your constant fussing can create difficulties. Still, your originality and spontaneity gives color and accomplishment to your life.
Sun Parallel Neptune
Some basic part of your nature exists beyond the rational. This can give you the ability to tune in to non-traditional sources of information and stir deep and unusual feelings within you, but, it can also carry you beyond the normal bound of correction. This can give your ordinary actions power but also make it difficult for you to pull back from the edge when something isn’t working. Such is life for someone living on a diet of faith.
Sun Parallel Pluto
You thrive on intensity. There are deep wellsprings of strength and mystery within you that only seem to gain fulfillment through long protracted struggles. Much of your fighting in life is inner and unconscious. This can surface as allegorical reactions to people or things in your environment. You invoke strong responses from others, everything from ignoring you to direct challenging of you, to wanting to assist you. When you get personal you get focused and your persistence can be a real asset.
Sun Parallel North Node of the Moon
Your life improves much through the assertion of your own unique creative energy. You generally connect with people through your enthusiasm and natural inner positive qualities. You have the ability to change yourself by changing your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Sun Parallel Ascendant
You possess a certain vibrancy that others find attractive. You like to put your whole heart into whatever you do. In the long run your winning attitude and positive approach to life brings you prominence, by endurance if nothing else.
Sun Parallel Midheaven
A certain sparkle comes from you when you are in a position of authority. You are drawn toward circumstances that increase your responsibility. As long as you are aware that you attract obligations in the process of moving upward in social status, the amount of public visibility you receive is by conscious design. This gives you a feeling of control and choice.
Moon Parallel Mercury
The mode of your communication is emotional. You have a mind that can easily absorb the basic messages from the environment and give out the feeling of being generally interested in everything. You have the ability to convey some aspect of your personality with every bit of information you release.
Moon Parallel Venus
A sweetness colors all that you do and the natural tendency that you have to create harmony. Your gradual responses to life and your instinctive reading of each situation that you are in lends itself to the creation of art and beauty.

Moon Parallel Mars
Your chief emotion may well be impetuousness. Your manner of assertion has a biting, aggressive quality to it. Personal likes and dislikes cut deep and are so strong that they always find some manner of expression. Understanding what makes you act often just boils down to analyzing your emotional impulses.
Moon Parallel Jupiter
You expect good to come to you through change, therefore you are capable of throwing yourself forward into activity. Travel is generally lucky for you. Positive attitudes and expectations create the context to harvest benefits. Your optimism is responsible for your progress.
Moon Parallel Saturn
A sad undertone to the personality and a distrust of your ability and what you have coming in life can contribute to a pattern of negative expectations which can make your life quite difficult, but, these same ingredients can give you perseverance and strength. As you learn to translate your cautiousness and shyness into care and concern for others you have an ever increasing capacity to serve. Self honesty during those troubling critical moments can make your life very successful.
Moon Parallel Uranus
You have an instinctive response to events. You are ready to take up uncommon ideas or points of view as they seem appropriate. You attract unusual people and your own underlying uniqueness creates a wave of activity around you. There is a deep independence embedded in your nature. The urge for freedom may at time override all other concerns.

Moon Parallel Neptune
Your nature is soft, receptive, and instinctive. You have insight into the hidden realm of life but can find yourself moved by emotions that you neither understand nor control. There is a deep sensitivity within you to the affairs of others and this can at times upset your equilibrium.
Moon Parallel Pluto
Your instinctive consciousness is attuned to a vastness of symbols that gives you a compulsively driven nature. You have a need to replicate patterns that you saw around you when you were quite young in order to feel comfortable. This can give your family of origin an inordinate influence in your life as an adult, but you will study this feature of yourself and work at freeing yourself from your past. This gives you a mechanism for self transformation.
Moon Parallel North Node of the Moon
You quite naturally connect with a deep quality in other people’s emotional nature. When you are at your best, you have the capacity to put other people at ease. You develop the most progressive aspects of your nature through the manner that you deal with family issues.
Moon Parallel Ascendant
You have a close connection between your feelings and your activities. You have the ability to win other people’s support for your various endeavors in life. There is a roaming quality to your nature and some travel is necessary in order to achieve emotional comfort.

Moon Parallel Midheaven
You have a need to connect with many people through your career. There is a quality to your being that withholds your deepest thoughts and you don’t always care for the exposure that success brings you.
Mercury Parallel Venus
You color your expressions with great cheerfulness and artistic flair. There is a sociable quality to your demeanor which gives you sparkle. The aesthetic taste you bring to conversation gives you charm, graciousness, and general likeability.
Mercury Parallel Mars
You have a combative and forceful mental nature. You are driven to act on things that you find out in your quest for knowledge and self expression. At your best, the criticism inside of you finds an active problem solving approach to that which you wish to change in life. At worst, you will need to curb your sharp tongue so as not to stir up trouble where none has to exist. An argumentative and aggressive quality operates behind the scene with your every thought process. Your energetic mindset gives you an exploratory and empirical twist to your learning and communications. Impulsive and argumentative ingredients can put you at odds with people who also have forceful and active mental natures.
Mercury Parallel Jupiter
You have the common sense and intelligence to learn the necessary ingredients for any project that you undertake. Your optimistic expansive nature will get you into overly complex situations with ever expanding horizons, but this is good as this increases your philosophic understanding of every life circumstance.

Mercury Parallel Saturn
You have a natural built in caution to the way your mind works. This is not always so evident to others but there is a serious cast to the way you appraise each situation that you find yourself in. Your distrust of others and of life in general can be problematic. Learn to win in any situation by going slow and looking at the big picture.
Mercury Parallel Uranus
Eccentric and willful, you are one of the world’s truly original thinkers. That doesn’t necessarily translate into useful inventiveness or humanitarianism, it just shows that you have the underlying potential for genuine innovation. Your tendency to march to the beat of a different drummer comes to a good end when your thinking is thorough enough to understand why others think and behave as they do. Change for its own sake doesn’t mean productivity.
Mercury Parallel Neptune
Your idealistic mind is colored by a storehouse of subjective impressions and judgments. This can give great depth to your understanding, and certainly heightens your understanding of seemingly impenetrable problems and difficulties.
Mercury Parallel Pluto
The desire to get to the bottom of an idea, a thought process, or happening in life can give you the temperament of a researcher but, it can also imbue you with a certain closed-mindedness (even paranoia) which gets in the way of productively searching out new information. Focus and tenacity of purpose give mental strength but, they can also produce allergic reactions to people, environments, and ideas. Fascination and repulsion mysteriously blend and operate simultaneously in your inner life.

Mercury Parallel North Node of the Moon
Use of your mind and your manual dexterity improves your life. Your path to your goal requires you to remain and open and innocent personality type. The sheer joy of working with new ideas and learning from everything, then expressing what you have learned, is your method of moving forward.
Mercury Parallel Ascendant
Your ability to act and react quickly to circumstances in your environment gives your personality a lively quality. You have a way of letting everyone else know exactly what you think about an idea or situation. You process a large appetite for information which you, in turn, enjoy communicating to others.
Mercury Parallel Midheaven
Good use of your hands and mind to make adjustments in your environment give you a way of feeling useful and important to others. Your underlying mental mapping of the surrounding environment is one that always reveals options. This can give you nervousness, but also it gives you ideas and an interesting point of view.
Venus Parallel Mars
Romantic and creative imagery color your perceptions of others. A powerful attraction to members of the opposite sex gives your life motivation when all else fails to move you. And, you find it easier than most to awaken in others an interest in the sexual side of life.

Venus Parallel Jupiter
You have a sociable and hospitable nature. You have the ability to make the best out of any situation. This sometimes gets you into trouble because your expectations are sometimes beyond what the world can supply, therefore you can either suffer from overindulgence or over-extension.
Venus Parallel Saturn
You have real difficulty in expressing the joy of life, but you do have quite an ability to hold yourself to a commitment once made. The difficulty here is learning to accept limitations and restrictions. Once this is accomplished you easily give of yourself to help others. “Real happiness lies in making others happy.” To learn this is to find your joy.
Venus Parallel Uranus
Your vision of beauty and perfection can have you in a whirl over how and who to relate to. Relationships represent freedom to you and this can mean that you get involved spontaneously and briefly. The abrupt side of your nature disguises the willfulness that can give you a certain stubbornness.
Venus Parallel Neptune
An artistic outlook and a compassionate feeling colors your every thought about life and your relationship to others. You are a dreamer and an idealist in all things.

Venus Parallel Pluto
You have a love for the extremes which can endow you with much success in life when this is properly channeled. The drive to make the most of every situation colors your movements in life. You are fascinated with the depths of every situation. When you are physically active you move with great confidence.
Venus Parallel North Node of the Moon
Your love of beauty and harmony is very much part of your path of growth and self exploration. Real development of your finer qualities seems to automatically require a series of value-driven relationships. These can be either financial or romantic and sometimes both.
Venus Parallel Ascendant
This love of beauty and desire for harmony in you finds its first and most fundamental expression through your physical body, then through relating. Others can be charmed by you as your awareness of interpersonal dynamics is second nature.
Venus Parallel Midheaven
A slavish devotion to the aesthetic particulars of your home and environment can lead you to develop a deep sense of culture and taste. The understanding of how things can be at their best can give you difficulties in coming to terms with less than satisfactory surroundings in your personal space. This carries over into your professional life and you will have a deep desire to see your aesthetic nature contribute to your career path.

Mars Parallel Jupiter
There is a fiery and powerfully zealot-like aspect to your nature. You are generous but extravagant. Extra energy and enthusiasm springs spontaneously from your nature. Trying to “run over” potential obstacles that confront you gives trouble with established codes and ethics. Cognizance of their existence and their relevance to your situation safeguards your expression.
Mars Parallel Saturn
A deep sense of how to serve colors your manner of self assertion. You can endure all kinds of hardships and keep on moving toward your goals in life without ever sacrificing your security. Physical exercise and movement can be a mechanism to regulate the underlying “on again, off again” emotions which you possess but don’t often express.
Mars Parallel Uranus
Erratic impulses may be rooted in your electrical system for which you need physical action. There is a forceful sometimes explosive energy in you that must find some way of emerging. You are able to be free from the confines of convention which, coupled with your quickness, gives you an inventive and forceful nature even if you do overreact to channels from the environment at times.
Mars Parallel Neptune
You have a powerful charismatic side to your personality that is hidden in your depths. When you are able to tap into this quality in a positive way you help other people reach for a positive ideal within themselves. You have the perfection of an idea living inside of you as a vision. Manifesting it comes when you are true to your highest calling.

Mars Parallel Pluto
Endurance is your strength and vengeful drives your weakness. When you are able to see clearly your hidden drives, motives, and desires, a path of deep personal change becomes open to you, which in turn lends itself to unleashing your very powerful and transformative energy into productive channels.
Mars Parallel North Node of the Moon
You have a dynamic energy about you that propels you forward in life. When in doubt, your ability to assess yourself must be called upon to give the extra effort to make the needed progress. You have a strong, forceful aspect to your physical nature that you can call on during moments of crisis.
Mars Parallel Ascendant
You are able to muster that extra energy to complete a project and you have an underlying fascination with physical strength. You can access a fun-loving zest for life if you give yourself the time to step back from your work pattern and have some detachment from your intense focus.
Mars Parallel Midheaven
You have a strong need to express your deepest wishes through what you do in the world. This can give your career or outer expression in life a demanding quality, which can make it harder for you than most to answer to another as some judge or authority. Because of this, you wander some until you have the freedom to do things your own way.

Jupiter Parallel Saturn
You have a single minded focus and honesty which allows the balanced, honest, and conservative side of your nature to produce some good. You have a propensity for being able to take a philosophically impartial overview of every situation.
Jupiter Parallel Uranus
You have an undercurrent of energy in everything that you do. You have the ability to see opportunity as it appears and an artistic skill in acting on your insights. Your musical perception and sense of the world can give you help in obtaining a career as well as helping you keep one step ahead of others in the art of communicating.
Jupiter Parallel Neptune
You have a mystical and artistic side of your nature that colors deeply your religious impulses. You believe in the basic goodness of people and life and this gives you a love and attachment to certain rituals and ceremonies connected with traditional religious practices while encouraging emotional impulses and beliefs that move beyond the content of regular society’s traditions.
Jupiter Parallel Pluto
You have the ability and opportunity to produce great wealth and abundance in life. You have luck, determination, and the focus to create something of value. Overdoing things and pride are your weaknesses and when overcome your relentless drive produces much of value.

Jupiter Parallel North Node of the Moon
Your personal growth is dependant on your ability to think optimistically and creatively in every situation. Other people are in your life to assist you and when you see this as a philosophic principle and embrace it honestly, a lightness and joy colors the landscape along your life path.
Jupiter Parallel Ascendant
You are able to see the bright side of every issue, regardless of how much trouble gets brewing. You seem to survive every situation and have an aura of personal protection. The bright, optimistic attitude that you convey to others inspires and helps in many ways.
Jupiter Parallel Midheaven
You have luck when it comes to getting a job and you can use this skill to make many beneficial changes in your life. You believe in yourself at some fundamental level and this positive attitude supports you in achieving your goals in life.
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