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Semi-Sextile Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

The semi-sextile is considered a “minor aspect” and is 30 degrees. The following are descriptions of semisextiles between the planets Sun through Pluto.
Sun semi-sextile Moon
You instinctively gravitate towards situations and environments that are well-balanced, and you veer away from melodrama, emotionalism, male chauvinism and other extremes. See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Moon.
Sun semi-sextile Mercury
You appreciate the ability of the human mind to develop clear and precise understanding of nature. You are a big supporter of improving educational standards and you may also promote improved methods and standards in the education of young children. See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Mercury.
Sun semi-sextile Venus
Most likely if you move into a new house or apartment, pictures will be on the walls and flowers in vases on the tables very soon. You feel very uncomfortable in environments that lack at least a small degree of charm and beauty. See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Venus.

Sun semi-sextile Mars
When you set your mind to do something, it will get done. You have the strength and sufficient energy and ambition to meet whatever obstacles you may encounter. Your strength may not be your most salient characteristic or be flamboyant, but you do have the energy and drive to effectively apply to things that are really important to you. See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Mars.
Sun semi-sextile Jupiter
Periodically good opportunities and benefits come to you, and assist you on your path in life. These “lucky breaks” are not frequent but they are very helpful. You usually are able to distinguish the real opportunities from the unrealistic ones or the scams. See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Jupiter.
Sun semi-sextile Saturn
When you meet challenges and obstacles, you have the resourcefulness and discipline to bear down and focus on these challenges. Most likely you are not an ascetic, but you are willing to let go of comforts or habits when needed.
Sun semi-sextile Uranus
Like most people, you occasionally need a chance to let your hair down, and be less reserved than usual. When you allow yourself the opportunity, you can be very innovative and original, perhaps more than others, and even you, thought was possible.

Sun semi-sextile Neptune
Like most people, you have dreams and fantasies. Whether your dreams involve travel, success, meeting certain people, or other things, they are your personal dreams. Your life will be more fulfilling if you take practical steps, even if they are very small steps, to realize these dreams. The choice is yours.
Sun semi-sextile Pluto
Like many other people, you have a need to do something in life that is prompted by your deepest yearnings and intuition rather than take what is the expedient and safe path for you. A concrete example of this dilemma is whether to take a secure job that pays well or to pursue a career that you feel compelled to pursue. These kinds of dilemmas are not unusual and there is no way to easily resolve them, but you must not ignore the voice deep within you that at times drives you to break normal routines and work beyond “normal” work hours or practice or pursue an area that you feel drawn to.
Moon semi-sextile Mercury
Very likely you are blessed with some excellent friendships and family relationships. You enjoy close and meaningful communication with others. These traits are not unusual or extreme but do play a part in your life.
Moon semi-sextile Venus
Like many people, you have a sentimental side that you don’t show to the world at all times. You can be a good parent and having a close, strong family gives you confidence and strength.

Moon semi-sextile Mars
When a situation arises that requires a competitive spirit, you are capable of being aggressive and focused on the challenge. Like most people, you can patiently endure a reasonable amount of frustration, but you may surprise even yourself by becoming very angry if frustration becomes excessive.
Moon semi-sextile Jupiter
Like most people, you enjoy an occasional family gathering or party, and you will generously offer to have the party at your house or contribute in some other way. Over time you are likely to have a fairly large number of friends and acquaintances.
Moon semi-sextile Saturn
You are not afraid of solitude. When necessary, you are content to be alone with a book, a project of some kind, or on a walk. You are not a hermit but you have the capacity to withdraw and this is a good and healthy quality that helps give you balance, perspective, a peaceful disposition, and wisdom.
Moon semi-sextile
Uranus Like most people, you enjoy being free-spirited and childish on occasion and you enjoy zany comedy or other entertainments to periodically break the usual routine. This may not be one of your strongest or most conspicuous traits, but it is one aspect of your personality.

Moon semi-sextile Neptune
You benefit greatly by periodically giving yourself time to be in an inspirational environment, whether that be a church, a beautiful natural setting, or by listening to beautiful music. These experiences recharge you, keep you centered and focused, and help you direct your energies to the things that are really the highest priority for you.
Moon semi-sextile Pluto
Like most people, you need to occasionally cry or laugh uncontrollably, to let your deepest feeling be expressed. You may also enjoy suspenseful movies or books, depth psychology, or other ways of exploring or expressing deep emotions. This trait is not likely to be a dominant one but is part of your personality.
Mercury semi-sextile Venus
Like many people, you appreciate and enjoy beautifully written and beautifully spoken words. An enchanting story captivates you and you are attracted to people whose speech is articulate or colorful.
Mercury semi-sextile Mars
You are a good student because you are not satisfied with learning something until it is very concrete to you. You become a bit impatient if you cannot grasp something, and you may incorrectly conclude that you lack aptitude for the subject when actually you are not allowing sufficient time to learn. These traits are not especially strong or unusual and may not be sufficiently conspicuous that you are aware of them.

Mercury semi-sextile Jupiter
Like most people, you have some interest in larger issues like philosophy, politics, and religion. You plan for the future and you do not become so engrossed in minute details that you overlook the larger context. These traits probably are not particularly conspicuous or unusual but they do make up part of your personality and give balance to your life.
Mercury semi-sextile Saturn
If you are interested in a subject, you are very good at analyzing the concepts and ideas in detail until you understand them thoroughly. You are then able to explain the material to others very effectively because you have analyzed the subject thoroughly. However, your capacity for clear and detailed analysis is only triggered when you are very motivated, and when a subject does not interest you, you are content with a superficial or “sloppy” comprehension of the material.
Mercury semi-sextile Uranus
You appreciate people who are clever, have a good sense of humor, and who do not simply follow the status quo or accepted views. You are not an iconoclast but you do become bored with dry, repetitive studies and you gravitate to areas that are stimulating and require fast responsiveness to changing circumstances. You have good reflexes and you handle fast-paced situations fairly well.
Mercury semi-sextile Neptune
You may not be a poet or philosopher but you do enjoy inspirational messages and ideas or imaginative ideas. Reading good literature or working with imaginative ideas at least periodically is important for you. A life filled with just mundane concerns is too dull for your taste.

Mercury semi-sextile Pluto
Like most people, you enjoy becoming engrossed in a subject and developing expertise in areas that are interesting to you. Your inclination to be passionate about subjects that interest you helps you succeed on the path that you choose in life.
Venus semi-sextile Mars
Like most people, happiness and fulfillment in a romantic relationship or marriage is very important to you. It is important to you to make your life beautiful and harmonious. These traits are not unusual but are an important part of your personality.
Venus semi-sextile Jupiter
Like most people, you appreciate things that are made with quality, and prosperity and financial well-being are important to you. Your appreciation of good quality and prosperity motivates you to grow and develop, to meet new people, and to have an active life style.
Venus semi-sextile Saturn
Like most people, you are responsible and dedicated to loved ones, and you are more touched by sincerity and respect than by formal displays of affection, such as expensive gifts, that are not given from the heart.

Venus semi-sextile Uranus
Like most people, you enjoy sometimes breaking free from your usual routine with some lively music, dance, or socializing. You enjoy an occasional adventure and romantic outings.
Venus semi-sextile Neptune
Like most people, you want an element of magic in your life, and a marriage that loses its romantic feeling, or an environment that lacks a little magical feeling and is too prosaic, is dull and depressing to you.
Venus semi-sextile Pluto
Like most people, you feel passionate about some things and you are drawn to certain situations and people through a kind of destiny or invisible magnetism.
Mars semi-sextile Jupiter
Like most people, you are not a person who stays at one level of success and achievement in your life. You move up the ladder and you occasionally take risks. Most likely this trait is not one of the most dominant and conspicuous in your personality, but it does serve you well and helps you be productive and successful.

Mars semi-sextile Saturn
Like most people, you are willing to cut back and make some sacrifices when times are difficult or some hard and unpleasant work is needed. Your ability to face responsibilities rather than give up during periods of adversity helps you to be successful and have a healthy, balanced life.
Mars semi-sextile Uranus
Like most people, you become impatient and angry when faced with repeated delays and frustrations. Fortunately, your need for action and dynamic progress is not constant and pervasive, but there are times when you will become impatient and possibly angry when faced with obstacles and inefficiency.
Mars semi-sextile Neptune
Like most people, you have dreams that fuel your life. Whether your dreams are grand or modest, whether you dream of material and social success, of traveling, of having a family or of being a star, you should integrate your dreams into your real life rather than consider them unattainable. Your dreams can give greater meaning and depth to your life.
Mars semi-sextile Pluto
Like most people you are able to work at times driven by an inner compulsion. You are happiest when your work is personally meaningful, and if you are employed in a position which does not hold your attention, then there is a likelihood that you will eventually seek different employment.

Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn
You have a good practical sense for business and conducting your life in general. You tend to avoid wild speculation and gambling, but you do avail yourself of new opportunities.
Jupiter semi-sextile Uranus
When there is a party, social gathering, or you just get in the mood, you can be very upbeat and funny. You often take an optimistic view of things and this draws good opportunities to you.
Jupiter semi-sextile Neptune
Once in a while you like to let your imagination soar. You may travel to a distant place or read fantasy or go to a movie. You can derive new inspiration that can infuse your life with vision and imagination. Negatively, you could periodically gamble or squander your resources in hopeless dreams.
Jupiter semi-sextile Pluto
Periodically throughout your life you will become involved with influential people and have the opportunity to achieve a greater level of success and influence in your life. If you handle these opportunities well, you can advance in stages to a greater level of social influence and success.

Saturn semi-sextile Uranus
You can tolerate bureaucracies and outmoded systems to a point, but if the calcification, rigidity, and unresponsiveness is strong, you will rebel and refuse to cooperate.
Saturn semi-sextile Neptune
You are not gullible or prone to pursue glamorous, superficial interests. You have a sincere and sober attitude.
Saturn semi-sextile Pluto
When necessary, you are capable of discipline, sacrifice, or austerity to achieve what is important to you.
Uranus semi-sextile Neptune
Like most people, you enjoy a bit of wonder and magic, perhaps a fairy tale, the Christmas season, or a story of seeming miracles. These little diversions may not seem important, but they give greater meaning and depth to your life than you may realize.

Uranus semi-sextile Pluto
Like most people, you need occasional times to be free of rules and regulations and express yourself in a wild or free-spirited way, or to improvise and be spontaneous. These periodic times when you are more spontaneous or wild may not seem particularly important, but they help you to function in a healthy and creative manner.
Neptune semi-sextile Pluto
Like most people you are periodically gripped by a need to pursue your dreams. This tendency may manifest in subtle ways, like a need to purchase a particularly beautiful or inspiring item or to visit a particular place. The passion and wonder you feel at such times gives real meaning and value to your life.
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