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Uranus in Houses

Detailed interpretations of Uranus in the different Houses.

The position of Uranus in a particular house adds an interesting flavor to the areas and stages of life associated with that house. Uranus is a liberator–it wants us to break free from structure and limitation. Its purpose is evolution, experimentation, and growth. Although Uranus can sometimes live in reaction mode, it motivates us to think and act outside of the box. In fact, Uranus in its purest form is intuition itself. By house, the position of Uranus shows where individuals look to stir things up, put a new spin on situations, and go against established thought or order.
Uranus in First House:
Uranus in the first house alters the way an individual projects personal energies onto others. You are likely to seek, nay demand, freedom in the way you present yourself to the world. Dressing simply but quirkily, you will have no problems in asserting yourself. You are not shy in letting everyone know where you stand on issues. In fact you take pride in presenting your unique perspective. “I am a simple soul with few wants and needs,” is what you tell yourself. All you can feel is an altruistic desire to change the world! Friends and relatives probably find you a trifle erratic. They know you to be good-hearted and genuine about your feelings. Your passions rise fast and you lose interest at the same rate.
Uranus in Second House:
Your attitude to real world possessions differs from most. You may look at money and cars as a means to an end. If you find that they support the quirky lifestyle that your heart desires then you are all right with having some of your own. You may decide though that these things tie you down to one place and hence subvert your freedom of movement. If this happens then you are likely to shy away from acquiring worldly possessions. The possessions you desire will be ones that help you lead the “free” lifestyle you desire. You may value money in the bank as that money can buy you the freedom you crave.
Uranus in Third House:
You act and communicate with people around you in an offbeat, eccentric, and zany way. Naturally friendly, you very often make people smile with your wit and easy good-humor. People look upon you to ease a boring day knowing you will perhaps have something new to say about the mundane. Your eccentricity may puzzle and sometimes annoy some. You win them over with your humility, open mind, and honesty. Creativity in communication and in all that you do sets you apart from most.

Uranus in Fourth House:
Uranus in the fourth house may alter your nurturing style significantly. You seek unusual ways to express your desires in this arena that sets you apart from most. The concept of nurturing doesn’t come naturally to you. Your independent streak might make you want to run away from nurturing when it’s proffered to you. As a nurturer, you can be very loving and caring. But sometimes you withdraw and prefer aloofness. To others you may appear erratic but there’s nothing wrong with your intentions. At heart you always have the best of intentions. Uranus in the fourth may indicate the style of nurturing or “mothering” that you yourself have received as a child. You may remember your childhood as adequate in material areas but somewhat lacking in emotional support.
Uranus in Fifth House:
Fifth house play and self-expression are happy hunting grounds for Uranus. Creativity and change are the bywords of Uranus in the fifth. You take great pleasure in doing things differently. You are naturally creative and find it easy to implement change. As a teenager you may decide to date an older person. Your love relationships will always start with a twist. Charming and zany in love, you will create your own world with ease. Your love of freedom will make you choose activities that may sound weird to others. You will go about life with zest and find challenges in all that you do. Others will find your offbeat lifestyle stimulating.
Uranus in Sixth House:
You are likely to enjoy work associated with science and technology. Working, especially day-to-day stuff may be more of a chore to you than most. Your freedom loving instincts propel you to seek out work that allows you the most personal freedom. A regular eight-to-five kind of job is likely a turn off for you. Your work desk will usually resemble a disaster area. Natural creativity and a desire to do mundane things differently and more efficiently are your forte. On matters of health, you are the kind of person who keeps up with the ever changing views of health experts. However you are more than likely to adopt some unique views of your own that differ from what the “experts” are saying.
Uranus in Seventh House:
Partners and people who you are in a one-on-one relationship with will complain about your erratic and inconstant ways. However, they will be charmed by your genuineness and simplicity. You may shy away from making a commitment and see relationships as a necessary evil. Your freedom loving ways make you hate feeling tied down. The whole idea of relationships may be slightly alien to your basic nature. In a partner you may search for a certain aloofness or love of personal freedom to feel secure. Your ideal partner enjoys his or her personal freedom as much as you do.

Uranus in Eighth House:
Uranus is quite at home in the eighth house of resurrections. You are naturally open and support change. “Change is good,” is your constant motto. Re-inventing yourself from time to time sounds like a good idea to you. You couldn’t possibly have it otherwise. Life would be boring without change. Your style and pace of bringing about change though may leave others dazed and breathless. The style of change that you prefer can be destructive to those around you. Your good intentions are never at doubt though. It’s just that you are addicted to your ideas and you sometimes overlook human emotions. Your natural impatience with status quo drives you to move fast leaving the staid behind.
Uranus in Ninth House:
You are likely to be comfortable with new ideas, radical philosophies, and thoughts that oppose the traditional. Playing around with new ideas by yourself or with others is your passion. Traveling, meeting new people, reading, and other such mind expansion activities will interest you. Conservative people might turn you off and you might find their ways claustrophobic. Any activity that calls for higher thinking is an opportunity for you to add your unique and creative spin. Your natural instincts oppose accepting the boundaries of the world we live in. You are constantly looking for opportunities to expand the limits placed by the real world.
Uranus in Tenth House:
The concept of identifying with a career may be alien to your basic nature. You are fiercely independent and hate to be defined by any one thing that you do. Constantly on the move in your career, you will shy away from identifying with one. You will do what you do in a creative and competent fashion. Yet you will enjoy maintaining your own unique identity. Hierarchies and power games at work will turn you off. You prefer the equality and freedom of flat structures. You may find inner peace in an offbeat career and take off on an archaeological mission to Africa. Social status is of little or no concern for you. At home and at work, your ideas of playing “father” might be unconventional. You make an excellent father as you are capable of opening doors and collapsing barriers as no other. Your progenies might just have to get used to the unusual.
Uranus in Eleventh House:
Your independence doesn’t allow you to identify too closely with any group or social circle. Goals and ambitions for you are idealistic. You crave your ideals and may not be willing to compromise them to fit in with others. Thus you go around life feeling slightly superior to, and perhaps disdainful of people who compromise their ideals to just “fit in”. Your personal charm and wit will mesmerize many. While interacting in a group situation you are likely to come across as a bit aloof and erratic. In the short term this can cause misunderstandings. People will appreciate your simplicity and honesty in the long run. You pride yourself a loner in many ways. However you are likely to connect really well with people who share your ideals and these relationships will last a lifetime.

Uranus in Twelfth House:
A burning need for freedom and a deep altruistic desire to change the world you live in underlie your actions but you will shy away from articulating this need and desire. Depending on your situation this might play out in various ways. As an example, if you are a successful business person, you might join or start a program to encourage young entrepreneurs. Or, you might simply choose to quietly give young entrepreneurs breaks when you can. You will always search for personal freedom and ways to make the world a better place for everyone. In close relationships you will often tend to search for freedom loving and creative people. Keeping the company of creative people will be comforting for you. A career in the sciences or technology may suit you well. You could be artistic and creative as well. No matter what you do, you will find yourself drawn to all that surpasses the limits placed by the world we live in.
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