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Pisces Lovescope Predictions 2018

Amazingly true predictions of love, attraction & happiness for Pisces.

The inner planets and their transits, dear Pisces, deeply influence the matters of the heart within your overall play of energies from the outer planets. The lovescope predictions are not just about love, romance, attraction and sexuality, but also enlighten us of things that you enjoy and events that bring happiness to your heart. However, to truly relish the offers, all Pisceans must understand the overall scheme of fate that the primary outer planets have for you in 2018.
Jupiter has been in Scorpio from October 2017, your 9th House, your sector of philosophies and far countries - and will remain till November 2018, when it enters Sagittarius. This 13-month transit of the bountiful Jupiter indicates foreign travel, career opportunities in foreign lands, and happy educational opportunities. This is an excellent position of success for college students and those who are college bound. It also indicates travel to distant places (not necessarily other countries), and philosophical views or spiritual learnings influenced by these journeys.
On the other hand, Saturn, the planet of responsibility and duty, has been in Capricorn from December 2017, your 11th House, your sector of friends and acquaintances - and will remain till March 2020. This Saturn's transit for more than two years means testing of your friendships, alliances, and even partnership. Pluto has long been in your 11th House, and frienships are being tested for many years - you must have ended relationships and as well, started ties and alliances. In many cases, friends have died, quite literally, and there may have been near death experiences or hospitalization. Saturn joins the party, but this is by far a less stressful period - because the major burden has already been taken off your shoulders as Saturn has moved out of your 10th house of career when you had to work very hard to meet the demands and expectations of your profession, with very little results, even financially. Now, Saturn will consolidate your wishes, although there will be delays, please have faith that the slow-moving, sure-footed Saturn ensures that good things are bound to happen. Saturn can also bestow a long lasting friendship. Other features are: mood swings - elevation and depression, research and higher learning, long-distance journeys and connections, future plans and even mighty campaigns will be planned. As additional challenges to test your character and to distract you, there may be concerns of health and well-being of parents, elders and in-laws - who figure prominently in your scheme of things now. There may be incomes and gains of all types, fulfilment of desires, recognition and rewards, lost wealth, profits and returns. Success will only be theirs, who will exert patience and perseverance, take their own sweet time before deciding a major issue, and be open to making changes and course-correct.
Please refer Pisces 2018 Horoscope for details of Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets' transits impacting you, and Ephemeris and Astrological Calendar, 2018 for exact dates and times.
Within your (above-explained) overall play of energies for 2018, the noteworthy inner planet influences on all Pisceans in 2018 are highlighted below, with predictions for love, attraction, and matters of the heart for Pisces:
Venus will be in Pisces from 10 February to 6 March. Venus is the planet of love, luxury, comforts, and everything that is beautiful. It brings romance and aroused senses to you when it resides in your own sign. For Pisces, these periods favour trips, ties, communication, contacts, loans, funds, investments, raising capital, buying and selling.
Mercury will be in Pisces from 18 February to 6 March. Mercury is the planet of communication, travel, creativity, and pushes you forward when it is in your own sign. For Pisces, these periods brings greatness and glory your way, and helps you in marriage, collaborations, house, home, office, godown, parents, and in-laws.
Mars will be in Pisces from 15 November to 1 January 2019. Mars is the planet of vitality, adventure, and courage. It brings more powerful energy to you when it resides in your own sign. For Pisces, these periods indicate food, finance, family, journeys and ceremonies, and publicity.
The period from 18 February to 6 March is a double bonanza, and all Pisceans are advised to go for it. You will not be disappointed in almost anything that you seek - love, romance, career moves, money, you name it - but luck, as they say, favours the brave.
Other power periods are: 9 January to 13 February for group and social activities, 5-21 March is ideal for contacts, communication, love, pilgrimage, social activities, 13-29 June favours domestic scene, property, parental matters, 30 June to 13 July is a fun time, music time. 31 July to 6 October is a period of romance, relationships, finance, 25 October to 12 November for journeys, celebrations, festive occasions, and 3-31 December highly favours social functions and group activities.
Also, Mars and Venus make rare retrogrades this year - unlike other planets, they move backward only once in two years. Mars is retrograde from 26 June to 27 August, and Venus is retrograde from 5 October to 16 November. Although they do not occur in Pisces, these periods are good times for reflection and review, rather than overt action. Old flames, lovers or partners from the past, and past actions come to the fore, sometimes in imagination and at times, physically. These are delicate periods for the mind, and it is wise to stay away from all major decisions and commitments - from marriage to property, from buying to selling.
For Pisces, the above periods summarize the significant predictions for 2018. However, these are mere indicators based on solar-scopic readings, and not Natal Chart based real Horoscopic readings. Thus, the above observations are neither perfect nor accurate. The actual interplay of planetary energies is likely to be enhanced or diluted, based on individual Natal Charts. Nevertheless, we encourage you to direct your actions accordingly to take advantage of the energies at play, and contain yourself from avoidable temptations and altercations.
  • When Jupiter transits Scorpio (October 2017 - November 2018), we tend to value intimacy more than usual. This can be a time for embracing our sexuality, and exploring some adventurousness on intimate levels. We are not impressed or patient with flakiness, and care less about social or financial standing than we do for character and integrity. Thus, showcasing committed, passionate, magnetic, powerful, and sensual qualities bring greater success in love and relationship. Also, there can be more coupling and breakups during this period, and improvements to relationships now can involve some breaking down of existing structures and intensive work on self-improvement.
  • When Saturn transits Capricorn (December 2017 - March 2020), love and relationship may be either a little more business-like, or more traditional and defined. We tend to consider and value long-term viability - more than usual. Thus, being reliable, on time, and showing respect are appreciated among partners, and bring greater success in love and relationship. Also, we prefer a more conservative, classy, utilitarian or simply elegant fashion.
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