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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope 2018

Amazingly true yearly predictions for Sagittarius, with detailed annual trends.

2018 Horoscope for Sagittarius reveals that, among other things, Jupiter (in Scorpio) transits your 12th House of privacy, spirituality and spheres of life that is beyond our control - until early November, after which Jupiter transits Sagittarius, your own sign - until early December 2019. Jupiter is the plentiful planet of hope and joy that boosts and blesses the respective areas, while Saturn (in Capricorn) transits your 2nd House of money, possessions, and values - until late March 2020 - when the planet of responsibilities and duties slowly but steadily streamlines your finance, and material and spiritual belongings.
Your Sagittarius Horoscope for 2018 further affirms Uranus (the planet of ideas, change, modern technology and innovation) in Aries transits your 5th House of pleasure and creativity. Uranus enters Taurus, transiting your 6th House of health and work - from May to November, and returns in Aries to complete its cycle. Finally, it enters Taurus in March 2019 for a long haul. Furthermore, Neptune (the planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion) in Pisces transits your 4th House of home and family, roots and origins; and Pluto (the planet of self-empowerment, radical changes and transformation) in Capricorn transits your 2nd House of money, possessions, and values.
Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope Overview:
Your horoscope this year, dear Sagittarius, portrays a relaxed year for building strength and balance. 2018 will find you taking your time to learn what you truly want, and look within to understand your innermost needs. You have emerged as a stronger, more realistic, and more mature "you" - after a few years of stressful Saturn transit in your own sign - when you had to fend for yourself, and in the process, you may have been a little aloof and introspective, and certainly less spontaneous. You should already feel that a weight has been lifted - which is likely to make you feel freer and more relaxed this year. You are finally "yourself" - only improved - and as you move forward, you have fantastic support and a fabulous period from November.
You must already have felt the influence of Saturn leaving your own sign - in December 2017, and Jupiter entering your 12th House of privacy, spirituality and spheres of life that is beyond our control - in October 2017. That must be a huge relief - as if a blockage on a part of your brain has suddenly been taken off. You do not like being restricted or disciplined, but the lessons learnt and maturity earned will last a lifetime. The changes should be more apparent in January-February, 2018. July onwards will be important for romance, collaborations, conferences, and connections. In the second half of the year, you are likely to be more outgoing than you have ever been before; and from November, your happiness knows no bound.
In October 2017, Jupiter entered your privacy sector, and this transit will continue till November. Home and family matters are likely to improve in beautiful ways, and you will have more faith in your support system now. Especially after a Saturn transit in your own sign - when you have been more introspective than usual, you will now feel much less inhibitions. Moreso as the year progresses, and by the second half of the year - you are likely to be more outgoing than you have been before. In 2018, you will find it easy to face and lift the fears and anxieties that may have weighed you down with guilt or pressure in the recent years. This transit prepares you internally and works magically, when it comes to a sense of inner peace and the ability to take things in your stride. Even though you may be working behind the scenes or a little more withdrawn than usual, this transit helps you to find comfort in some level of solitude. You will feel more connected with your natural instincts, but your introspection in this period is not a lonely sort of self-absorption. If you need help during this period, it tends to come just in the nick of time - even from unanticipated or hidden sources, particularly when Jupiter forms harmonious angles to Neptune and Pluto in the coming months. This year, you are likely to have a great time exploring the hidden elements of life, or developing your spirituality.
Saturn has already moved out of your sign, and this can feel like a relief or release from pressures. You may still be crystallizing lessons learnt, and seeing the real benefits of the work you have done in the past few years. However, Saturn in your resources sector, 2nd House of money, possessions, and values - is bound to pinch you financially - till March 2020. Even as you feel as if a weight has lifted off you when Saturn left your sign, it will continue to belt-tight you for financial orderliness. This period will motivate and teach you to work harder and save more. It will try to restrict your natural instinct to overspend, and force you to go traditional with money and business. 2018 is a good year to restructure your spending and saving habits. This transit will make you more responsible and realistic, in your approach to money and possessions. It will also challenge you to "get real" and consider essential details - especially when you try to reach for the stars, as nudged by Jupiter from November forward. This is also a time to declutter, reduce waste, and make good and efficient use of your time and resources.
Uranus will be changing a long-term theme for you, on your approach to your daily life, but this move will not be over till March 2019. You will get hints of its energy, from May to November, when you will be motivated to find effective time management in order to balance your health and work. You are likely to find new regimens for health and wellness, to incorporate in your life. Some of you might experiment with new schedules or working from home, which can point to more flexibility, because nine-to-five is unlikely to bring much satisfaction. Altogether new routines will become absolutely essential in 2018. This is an entirely different energy, that mingles with your Jupiter and Saturn transits - and will stay with you for the next 7 years.
From November onwards, Jupiter will transit your own sign for 13 months. This is an exceptional position to be proud of who you are, update your image, and to build personal confidence levels. This is a period of positive new beginnings, turning over a new leaf, and expressing yourself without apology. The year 2018 is powerful for self-development, and by November, you will be in the right frame of mind to push some boundaries and reach for a little more for yourself. You will emerge confident and mature - at the same time, reveal a humble side, with a realistic sense of what you can accomplish and the limits of time and energy.
This is an overview of what the planets have in store for you in 2018, dear Sagittarians. Astrology never compels, but you can use your free will to tweak the energies of the planets to your advantage.
  • Note that Saturn is a slow-moving planet and transits through a sign for approximately 2.5 years. This means, that the challenges and/or rewards that Saturn offers are distributed over a long period, and not concentrated - as it opens our eyes and wisdom to long-term lessons, over an elongated period. Saturn is a teacher, and philosopher. Saturn transits may get tough, but never bad - and it streamlines the areas of our life that it touches, which lasts a long time. Uranus is also a slow-moving planet that transits through a sign for approximately 7 years, but Uranus is no teacher - although it does enforce change and transformation - but through innovative ideas.
  • When Jupiter transits Scorpio (October 2017 - November 2018), being committed, intense, perceptive, and passionate about what we do brings greater success in business and career. More focus on change, improvement, and passion in our promotional materials and products or services can be successful. Investing in our resourcefulness works better, particularly as we are able to employ others' talents and resources creatively and effectively. Teaming up with one or more partners whose talents and/or resources complement ours well can be beneficial.
  • When Saturn transits Capricorn (December 2017 - March 2020), we want to get the most for our money, and tend to be more economical. High-quality items are likely to be most popular, although we're also quite concerned with economics at this time. This is the time for putting more effort into doing something well. In business and career, specialized products/services and specializations work best during this period. Overall, live the truth - be who you are, be honest, be straightforward, and most importantly, be ethical - otherwise, things will most certainly fall apart. During this transit, we should take no, or very few shortcuts - as they don't work in our favour. However, we must draw boundaries - keeping personal and professional lives mostly separate, as they tend to get blurred.
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