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Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2018

Amazingly true yearly predictions for Scorpio, with detailed annual trends.

2018 Horoscope for Scorpio reveals that, among other things, Jupiter transits Scorpio, your own sign - until early November, after which Jupiter (in Sagittarius) transits your 2nd House of money, possessions, and values - until early December 2019. Jupiter is the plentiful planet of hope and joy that boosts and blesses you with luck, goodies and happiness, while Saturn (in Capricorn) transits your 3rd House of communication and intellectual interests - until late March 2020 - when the planet of responsibilities and duties slowly but steadily streamlines your communication skills and competitiveness.
Your Scorpio Horoscope for 2018 further affirms Uranus (the planet of ideas, change, modern technology and innovation) in Aries transits your 6th House of health and work. Uranus enters Taurus, transiting your 7th House of relationships and love - from May to November, and returns in Aries to complete its cycle. Finally, it enters Taurus in March 2019 for a long haul. Furthermore, Neptune (the planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion) in Pisces transits your 5th House of pleasure and creativity; and Pluto (the planet of self-empowerment, radical changes and transformation) in Capricorn transits your 3rd House of communication and intellectual interests.
Scorpio 2018 Horoscope Overview:
Your horoscope this year, dear Scorpio, portrays a banner year for finding more personal joy and opportunity, and for projecting yourself with increased confidence, humor, and authority. 2018 is a once-in-twelve-years period for feeling more respected. You will manage to express yourself both warmly and authoritatively. However, you may be guarding what you communicate a little too closely to the point of self-censorship, and if moderated, this might work very well in your favour. Also, it would be wise to watch for a tendency to come across scathingly, or to think and act negatively or cynically at times. This is also a good time, more so from November, for financial matters, through most of 2019. Be humble and not arrogant, to take full advantage of the times.
You must already have felt the influence of Saturn leaving your 2nd House of money, possessions, and values - in December 2017, and Jupiter entering your own sign - in October 2017. Restrictions on your finances are finally over, and you must have identified your innermost needs. The changes should be more apparent in January-February, 2018. Although it is not time to take off your guard yet, nobody dares restrict your fun, joy, luck, and happiness. Be duly warned, that May is a month when relationships are both sweet and sour, spicy and bitter. A lot of things happen in July, and a wish fulfilment is also possible. But do not push people too hard, or it will booemerang in August. This year, journeys and interacting with people have added importance.
In October 2017, Jupiter entered your sign, and continues to move through your sign until November. This is an exceptional position to be proud of who you are, update your image, and to build personal confidence levels. This is a period of positive new beginnings, turning over a new leaf, and expressing yourself without apology. You may be bringing more of your personality to your work or projects, and this is particularly rewarding and successful. This is also a good time for financial matters, and this theme will only increase later this year and through most of 2019.
However, the scheme of planets this year, as explained below, require new beginnings or slate-cleaning in your home, family, and career matters. The big theme of 2018, will depend on how well you balance your personal life with outside interests or professional responsibilities. The rewards are great if you can rise to the challenge with your duties, career, or public life.
Saturn in your 3rd House of communication and intellectual interests, comes with increased daily responsibilities or commitments. You will no longer be satisfied with small talks, and have less time for idling, personal interests, and the likes - with the possibility of decreased interactions, choosing your words more carefully, and limited social activities. You could feel quite a bit of pressure to make better and more efficient use of your time. You will be challenged to do some critical streamlining and simplifying in your daily life - working harder or smarter. While you are likely to take things more seriously than is warranted, you might also find out where you stand on a matter, and this helps clarify your next step. After thinking things through, you are likely to recognize that everything can be managed - given time. On the positive side, you are also communicating with more authority, after holding back your opinions or concerns until you have truly processed them, or honing your knowledge in a particular trade or area of knowledge or expertise this year.
In many ways, this a "me" year, and the "we" part is likely to move away from status quo. The period from June to November will be a period of slowdowns, retro callbacks, and apparent backtracking when it comes to desires, feelings, and affections. Mars, your ruling planet, will be retrograde in June-August, Venus will be retrograde partly in your sign in October-November. This is a period of review - and to understand your needs, particularly related to love and money, more intimately. Take more time with decision-making, and it would be wise to defer all major decisions till 15th November. Uranus in your 7th House of relationships and love - from May to November, is more of a hint of things to come at this point, but it is introducing a longer-term theme of excitement and a non-traditional approach to close relationships - for the next 7 years from March 2019.
This year, and the next couple of years, the central message is to specialize in your studies or work, hone your skills, and lay the groundwork for future projects. Besides putting yourself "out there" and expressing yourself with confidence, one of the best things you can do for yourself in 2018 is to fine-tune your routines, projects, and studies. You are in need of more structure when it comes to these things, and while it involves effort and persistence, you will thank yourself for doing it. Orderliness will be empowering, and paying closer attention to deadlines, details, and rules will help tidy up your own mind and emotions so that you feel freer to enjoy yourself when pleasure calls - which it is likely to do frequently. Some of you will get involved in daily responsibilities or obligations to siblings, studies, and acquaintances - you are doing important work for future security and success. Those who coach, teach, guide, or write, are in a great position to improve and advance in 2018.
From November onwards, you will feel a stronger desire to feel comfortable, secure, and rooted. It is a great time to build on existing projects and businesses, and if you have played your cards right - a raise, bonus, substantial gift, or some other material increase can come into your life. Even if material benefits are not apparent, it will be a time of indulgence and abundance.
This is an overview of what the planets have in store for you in 2018, dear Scorpios. Astrology never compels, but you can use your free will to tweak the energies of the planets to your advantage.
  • Note that Saturn is a slow-moving planet and transits through a sign for approximately 2.5 years. This means, that the challenges and/or rewards that Saturn offers are distributed over a long period, and not concentrated - as it opens our eyes and wisdom to long-term lessons, over an elongated period. Saturn is a teacher, and philosopher. Saturn transits may get tough, but never bad - and it streamlines the areas of our life that it touches, which lasts a long time. Uranus is also a slow-moving planet that transits through a sign for approximately 7 years, but Uranus is no teacher - although it does enforce change and transformation - but through innovative ideas.
  • When Jupiter transits Scorpio (October 2017 - November 2018), being committed, intense, perceptive, and passionate about what we do brings greater success in business and career. More focus on change, improvement, and passion in our promotional materials and products or services can be successful. Investing in our resourcefulness works better, particularly as we are able to employ others' talents and resources creatively and effectively. Teaming up with one or more partners whose talents and/or resources complement ours well can be beneficial.
  • When Saturn transits Capricorn (December 2017 - March 2020), we want to get the most for our money, and tend to be more economical. High-quality items are likely to be most popular, although we're also quite concerned with economics at this time. This is the time for putting more effort into doing something well. In business and career, specialized products/services and specializations work best during this period. Overall, live the truth - be who you are, be honest, be straightforward, and most importantly, be ethical - otherwise, things will most certainly fall apart. During this transit, we should take no, or very few shortcuts - as they don't work in our favour. However, we must draw boundaries - keeping personal and professional lives mostly separate, as they tend to get blurred.
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