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Break-ups & Divorces

Using astrology to predict hardships in relationships.

There is no clear-cut way of determining when a couple might break up or divorce. However, times of possible strain on a relationship can be identified by looking at the natal charts of the individuals involved, the marriage or first meeting charts, and progressed synastry and progressed composite charts.
Listed below are some troublesome times for relationships in marriage charts, first meeting charts, progressed composite charts, and individual charts.
Uranus transiting the Sun, the Moon, Venus, or the Ascendant in hard aspect (conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, and to a lesser degree, semi-squares and sesquiquadrates)
During these transits, if a relationship feels too restraining, we may break away from it, temporarily or permanently.
Hard Pluto transits to the Moon and Venus
These transits may not point to times of actual breaks in relationships, but can point to times of facing fears of losing a relationship, of holding on too tightly to a person (because of this fear), and of dealing with the threat or reality of betrayal.

Progressed Venus-Pluto
These transits are similar to the above. This can be progressed to progressed, or progressed to natal – both are significant.
Saturn transits to personal planets
This transit don’t typically figure strongly at times of break ups, but they can point to some strain on a relationship, when we deal with a feeling of loneliness, increased responsibility, and a sense that a relationship or person can feel like a burden.
Saturn transits, progressed Moon cycles
These point to strain in relationship charts. Every seven years, when Saturn and the progressed Moon form a square to their original positions, couples may be taking stock of their relationship.
Venus turning retrograde in progression
In a marriage or first meeting chart, Venus turning retrograde in progression can be a significator of a loss of interest or a loss of the feeling of being in love. This is one reason we might avoid scheduling a marriage in the weeks before Venus turns retrograde.

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