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Composite Charts Details

Detailed interpretations of composite charts.

The Composite Ascendant in the Signs
The composite Ascendant not only reveals energies that are most obvious to others (i.e. the couple’s overall “image”), but also the couples’ automatic response to the day-to-day environment. Do they jump right into new experiences, or are they more cautious? It also shows how the couple copes with daily ups and downs. Do they confront issues immediately? Do they talk things through logically?
In natal astrology, there is always a danger of over-identifying with the image one projects to others through the Ascendant. This is also the case with the composite Ascendant (as well as the composite Midheaven).
Here are some generalized descriptions of the basic energies of the different composite Ascendant signs.
Composite Ascendant in Aries. You are an especially active couple, and you come across as self-sufficient, confident, and strong. Reactions to each other and to the environment are immediate. There is little patience when it comes to dealing with issues. You are a take-charge, fiery couple with a “just do it” attitude. You are a couple that blazes new paths. You go your own way, and you could leave others feeling a bit left out! Frustrations in the relationship can be hard to tolerate, and you may find that you face off with each other frequently. Compromise can be a big challenge.

Composite Ascendant in Taurus. You come across as a somewhat traditional and practical couple. You tend to be reliable, and others know they can count on you. Your “image” to others is neither flashy nor glamorous, but you do come across as a solid couple. You tend to think in terms of constancy and the long term. You don’t appreciate sweeping changes, which can throw you off-center. Your relationship can too easily enter a rut, as the main focus is on security and stability.
Composite Ascendant in Gemini. Your immediate, instinctive responses to each other and to daily stimuli are largely mental. You are a couple that thinks, communicates, and analyzes. Together, you are somewhat restless–even nervous–as you inspire curiosity in one another. Adaptability is the hallmark of your relationship. You are flexible with one another, and you give each other much freedom. As a couple, you are on the move, friendly, and sociable. Rather than coming across as stable and constant, you appear to be changeable. Your responses to one another are rational and logical, and as such, you don’t come across as an especially intimate couple.
Composite Ascendant in Cancer. Your natural responses to each other and as a couple to your environment are instinctive and emotional rather than intellectual. You are a security-conscious couple, and sweeping changes make you feel insecure. However, you are capable of going through a lot together, and the longer you’re with each other, the stronger your relationship becomes, as you value longevity, familiarity, and comfort. Moody reactions to each other are something to watch for. Instead of directly dealing with issues as they come up, you tend towards keeping things inside and perhaps sulking. Commitment to each other comes quite easily.
Composite Ascendant in Leo. As a couple, you project a confident, proud, and warm aura. You have a greater than average need to be creative together. Generally, you are noble with one another. You tend to expect the best from one another, which helps your relationship along tremendously. You are gracious with one another, warm and loving, and compassionate. Still, you are possessive of one another. Pride can keep you from addressing very important problems in your relationship, so do watch for this. Generally, you tend to joke around with each other, make one another smile, and treat each other with respect and plenty of attention! Both of you need extra attention, romantic or otherwise, in order to keep things alive and vital. This is not a relationship that is impersonal, by any means. A bit of drama colors your interactions–always!

Composite Ascendant in Virgo. You come across as a rather unassuming couple. You project a practical and reliable image. No matter what makes up the “inner workings” of your relationship, you come across as undemonstrative. Others may think you are together for practical or intellectual reasons rather than emotional ones because of the image you project. You need to be careful not to pick away at each other when problems arise, as you tend to find fault rather easily in an effort to fix things. You are inclined to focus on details rather than the big picture, and this can make you quite susceptible to the tiniest of changes in your environment. Nervousness and tension can be the result. You may fuss over each other, and you do whatever you can to make the partnership work. You are one of the most helpful couples around.
Composite Ascendant in Libra. You are a likeable couple that projects an image of harmony, politeness, style, class, and balance. Your automatic responses to each other are diplomatic. You need to maintain a feeling of peace and balance, but the process involved in order to achieve this harmony can be lengthy! Weighing the pros and cons is natural to you. As a result, decision-making as a unit can be challenging, as you always see the other side of the coin. Watch that you don’t develop a tit for tat attitude towards one another. Your goal is to be equals, but too much emphasis on balance can become challenging, as life isn’t always fair. Another way of looking at it is that things do tend to balance themselves out over time, even if they seem imbalanced at the moment. You are a real couple. True partnership is a goal.
Composite Ascendant in Scorpio. As a couple, you project an aura of depth and intensity. By all means, this is not a superficial relationship! You have the power of determination and strength on your side, and passion is your middle name. Whether it’s passion, elation, sorrow, or desire, emotions are felt on a deeply personal level. Do your best to avoid the shadow side of this position: manipulative tactics, brooding, and suspiciousness. Issues of possessiveness, jealousy, attachment, and intimacy are faced almost on a daily basis. This relationship is sure to leave its mark on both of you as it challenges you to face your own inner power through your interactions with each other.
Composite Ascendant in Sagittarius. As a couple, you project an open-minded, fun-loving, and adventurous image. Together, you are perhaps more optimistic than you are individually. If you are not “on the go”, you can be quite restless. This relationship inspires you to move, learn, and search. There may be some resistance to commitment, as Sagittarius is a sign that demands a certain amount of personal freedom. With your sights set high, you may not be very good with the details of daily existence. Not the most reliable couple around, you don’t like to be bound by schedules and rules.

Composite Ascendant in Capricorn. There is an aura of wisdom around you as a couple. You are willing to go the distance, and you are patient about it as well. You are a reliable, steadfast, and steady couple. You are not a demonstrative couple (in public) and others may think that your relationship may be more like a business than a romance as a result. You are not the types of people to fly off the handle at one another. You are more inclined to work things through with class and style. You act responsibly towards each other, and towards those around you.
Composite Ascendant in Aquarius. Your first and instinctive reaction is to be objective and rational towards each other, and towards others. There is an aloof quality to your aura as a couple. You are both intuitive and practical. Part of you embraces change, and another part resists it. Friendship is very important to you. You tend to give each other personal freedom and to treat each other as friends above all else.
Composite Ascendant in Pisces. You are warm, tender, and sympathetic towards one another, ultimately giving each other the benefit of the doubt. There is a dreamy aura about you. Others may even envy you as a result, but rarely do you inspire bad feelings. Kindness and good humor dominate the energies of this relationship. You are not ones to fight or put each other down when times are tough. There may be a secretive quality to your relationship. Idealizing each other is great unless it’s taken to an extreme. You easily put the blinders on and gloss over the bad stuff. Although you may dream a lot together, putting plans into action is your weak point.
Composite Planets & Points in the Signs
The Composite Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars can also be interpreted in the signs. The above descriptions can be used, but always keep in mind the nature of the planet or luminary involved.

For example, the Composite Moon represents the emotional nature of the relationship, and sometimes its expression is mostly through the woman or the person who is in a more receptive role in the relationship. A Composite Moon in Aries can point to a very emotionally expressive and open relationship, but there can also be quite a bit of impatience and the desire to air grievances right away, without allowing them time to be understood. Emotional impulsiveness can be exciting, but also problematic. Sometimes, if the Composite Moon is challenged, there can be a lot of emotionality but not a lot of understanding. Look to the individual charts to see who might have a hard time with this kind of emotional excitement and who might understand it and feed off it. A possible solution for this position if it is found to be a challenging one is to spend some time apart periodically so that you don’t burn each other out and it can feel fresh again.
Composite Planets in the Houses
The following interpretations are far from comprehensive. Some possible themes are discussed. How these positions will play out will depend on the aspects the planet makes, as well as which houses and positions the planet rules. Keep in mind, as well, that there are positives and negatives of every position. Please note that some of the interpretations are not yet available.
The Composite Sun in the Houses of the Composite Chart
The Composite Sun reveals the heart of the relationship—the primary reasons for your coming together. It represents the vitality of the relationship. Paying attention to the theme of the Composite Sun’s house placement is especially important. If the basic needs represented by the Composite Sun are not being met satisfactorily, the relationship will be in trouble. For example, with the Composite Sun in the fifth house, you have come together to have fun and to feed each other’s egos. There is much potential to have a great time with one another. However, if you stifle each other’s creativity and individuality, the partnership will suffer. Demanding too much attention from each other, becoming bossy and self-centered in your interactions with each other, and focusing on instant gratification rather than long-term happiness are all strong possibilities if the energy is misused—and can be the downfall of the union.
Composite Sun in the 1st House. This is a powerful, high-energy relationship that can easily sweep you off your feet! You may even feel stronger as a couple than you do as individuals. Your relationship is a stimulating, compelling one, and you easily attract attention as a couple. This union is quite resilient, although you may overestimate what you are capable of doing together. As a couple, you make things happen, and the direction of your partnership is out in the open and clearly defined. In fact, you feel a strong sense of purpose as a couple. You have come together for a feeling of strength. The main challenge of this position is potential dependency on the relationship itself, as it feels almost like a lifeline. You may also feel “on display”, as the basic dynamics of your relationship are noticeable to others.

Composite Sun in the 2nd House. The physical side of your relationship is accentuated with this position of the composite Sun. Physical expression of love for one another is especially important, and possessiveness can be an issue. As well, the need for tangible proof of commitment and security together may drive you to overspend. There is a distinctly practical side to your relationship. Do your best not to neglect more spiritual elements of your connection. The two of you value things that last, and you tend to think in terms of longevity. Breaking your bond can be difficult to do.
Composite Sun in the 3rd House. A light spirit of friendship, communication, and learning is at the heart of your relationship. A feeling of growing and moving together is fundamental to your union. Your relationship is spontaneous and light, and you are more able than most couples to remain objective about your relationship and the issues you face. Some may find the relationship lacking somewhat in depth or intimacy, as emphasis is on the rational world of logic and intellect. If other positions suggest a more emotional bond between the two of you, then this position adds a happy and friendly boost to your interactions.
Composite Sun in the 4th House. Your relationship is based on a very solid foundation. You feel “at home” with one another–and will likely want to spend a lot of time alone together. Security and stability is important to you, and the passion runs very deep between you. It is natural to feel very comfortable with one another, as if you have known each other long before you actually have. You may tend to alienate others because you are inclined to keep to yourselves. You bond deeply and tend to hold on to each other quite tightly. The chances of you achieving a truly bonded and stable relationship are high with this position, unless the Sun is severely challenged in the composite chart. Mutual support is essential to your relationship, and if you ever sense this basic “ingredient” is going by the wayside, do your best to get it back. You have a strong sense that this relationship was fated or meant to be. You also tend to enjoy spending plenty of time together on the home front.
Composite Sun in the 5th House. This is an excellent position for the Composite Sun when the relationship is a love affair. Romance, mutual appreciation and admiration, and a spirit of fun are at the heart of the relationship. You have come together to enjoy yourselves and to boost each other’s egos. You are a playful couple, and keeping this spontaneity alive is vital to the success of the relationship. If the Sun is seriously challenged, lack of fun can become a major issue. Because pleasure and enjoyment are what you expect from one another, deeper more intimate issues and responsibilities may be avoided or glossed over. The best way to keep this relationship feeling alive and vital is to give one another a lot of specialized attention, but also the freedom to express yourselves as individuals. Stifling each other’s creativity or individuality will be especially detrimental to this relationship. The creative urge is strong, and one possible manifestation of this is having children together and revolving your world around them. This is a classic “dating” or “lovers” position. Whether or not it moves towards a more committed, traditional partnership depends on other factors in the composite chart.

Composite Sun in the 6th House. This is a challenging position for the Composite Sun, as it suggests a basic inequality in your relationship that could undermine it over time. One of you may be in a helping or teaching role, for example. Other possible scenarios are a large age gap between you, an affair in which one of you is married to someone else, a boss/employee set-up, and so forth. Whatever the case may be, one of you may feel that your needs are not met, or that you are sacrificing something in order to be together. One person’s helpfulness may be welcomed at first, but resentments can build over time. The best way to handle this energy is to put your egos aside and avoid expecting too much from the partnership.
Composite Sun in the 7th House. This is a powerful relationship that has the potential of being a true one-to-one partnership. However, it also has the potential of being quite challenging, as it tends to pull two people together in such a way that either or both feel almost as if they have lost their personal identity. Equality is the goal in your partnership, and maintaining this balance (keeping things equal) requires quite a bit of ongoing effort. An underlying competitiveness between the two of you can develop. The seventh house is the natural house of marriage and one-to-one partnerships, but it is also the house of enemies! Be careful not to let this relationship turn into a score-keeping, tit for tat union. It’s always wise to remind yourselves that you’re on each other’s sides, not pitted against each other. In its most positive expression, this relationship is one in which both individuals feel supported and strong. Making a commitment to one another comes naturally, and personal issues and dynamics are out in the open rather than hard to define. As well, you instinctively consider one another as an equal, with equal say in your union.
Composite Sun in the 8th House. There’s nothing superficial about this relationship. You have come together to learn about your own deepest feelings and needs, and this may not always be pleasant! Intensity, intimacy, and meaningful sharing are themes of your union. It could be very hard to let go of each other, as you bond on a deep, perhaps inexplicable level. It may also be hard to distinguish between what is yours and what is your partner’s when it comes to emotions. Anger can be seemingly irrational, and you should do what you can to avoid blaming each other for the deep, sometimes ugly, emotions that surface as the result of your union. You may have felt a deep sense of knowing one another, or of fatedness, when you met. This relationship is life-changing in that if it were to end, you will take something from it and feel that you are somehow a different person.
Composite Sun in the 11th House. You treat each other as true peers. Both friendship and freedom to be yourselves form the basis of your relationship. This partnership has much potential to be a rewarding, lighthearted, and creative one. Although it may not ever feel like a true partnership or commitment with each other, the spirit of acceptance generated between the two of you makes you feel appreciated. Still, one or either of you may wish for more intimacy from each other and less freedom! In order for this partnership to function best, however, neither of you should try to force a commitment from the other.

Composite Sun in the 12th House. This position can bring challenges that most people find very difficult to deal with. In this relationship, many facets of your personalities that you would rather keep private may be revealed. Your relationship itself may be hidden from view or others may not know it exists at all. In fact, if they do know it exists, they are unlikely to understand what it is all about. This is an especially sensitive position of the Sun in the composite chart, and it calls for you to keep your eyes open. Many relationships with this position are unequal in power in some manner, where one person does more sacrificing to be with the other, where there is a significant age difference, where there is a secret affair, for example. This can take its toll over the long term. Dealing with imbalances is an inescapable part of your relationship, and it’s best to use strategies to do so without inflicting or absorbing guilt.
The Composite Moon in the Houses of the Composite Chart
Composite Moon in the 1st House. How you nurture each other and express emotions with one another is a major element of your relationship. Both the good and the bad in these areas are especially prominent, as this position of the Composite Moon magnifies the emotional attachment you have with one another. You react quickly, directly, and spontaneously on an emotional level to one another. You tend to make impulsive emotional decisions when together, and this gives an intimate and personal quality to the relationship that is intense and pronounced. Towards others, you are protective and defensive of your relationship. As well, others see you as quite protective of one another. A potential problem of this position is the magnification of little problems and everyday complaints such that you end up complaining a lot with one another! As individuals (when separate) you may not react with such emotion and drama to normal everyday irritations. There could also be an undercurrent of guilt running through this relationship. If the Composite Moon is conjunct Ascendant: This relationship touches you deeply. It will be especially important to manage emotions in your relationship. Emotional expression tends to be spontaneous, which can be a benefit. However, emotions flying all around you can cause some chaos.
Composite Moon in the 4th House. The feelings you have for each other, and the emotions generated between the two of you, run deep. This is a potentially very intimate union, and care must be taken to nurture one another. You are bound to depend on one another. The responsibilities that go along with this dependency may be challenging at times, but the depth of commitment and intimacy you are capable of can be most rewarding. You may tend to exclude others, preferring to be alone together much of the time. You may find that you feel insecure when either of you connects with others or expresses independence. There is a powerful theme of protectiveness in this relationship. You naturally lean on each other for support and encouragement.
Composite Moon in the 9th House. You tend to agree with one another on most issues, and you are enthusiastic about sharing your personal philosophies with each other. A feeling of warm familiarity surrounding your personal belief systems is likely when you come together. There is a shared feeling of growth and support of one another. It will always be vitally important that you give each other room to grow, and that you keep communication alive and thriving. You feel most supported and nurtured by one another when you feel understood. This position indicates that intellectual rapport is at the heart of your emotional connection to one another.

Composite Moon in the 10th House. The Moon in a prominent position in the composite chart suggests that emotions are dealt with quite promptly and directly. Others see you as a bonded, caring couple. You may often feel that the emotions between the two of you are “on display” in some way. They’re hard to hide. Commitment to each other and dedication to your relationship are important for your sense of security as a couple. Be careful not to let others dictate the course of your relationship by allowing yourselves to be overly swayed by others’ opinions.
Composite Mercury in the Houses of the Composite Chart
Composite Mercury in the 1st House. You may be nervous and restless as a couple, or always on the go. The mental component of this relationship is strong, and you are very much involved in one another’s daily affairs. If challenged, you may be very wrapped up in your own relationship, or you could nag each other endlessly.
Composite Mercury in the 5th House. Conversations between the two of you are generally playful and lively. You joke around with each other a lot, and tend to keep things light and airy. Your ability to have fun is one of the things that bonds you together. Communicating with one another is one of the ways you keep things alive between you.
Composite Mercury in the 6th House. Your conversations tend to revolve around practical and material concerns. There is an inherent inequality in the way you talk to one another, and this is something that needs to be handled or else you may end up picking away at each other with criticisms and nagging. One of you may talk down to the other, or there can be a heavy emphasis on talking about problems, burdens, and responsibilities instead of more light-hearted and happy conversations.

Composite Mercury in the 9th House. You likely enjoy conversing about everything under the sun with each other. You are unlikely to get into a rut when it comes to conversations, as you don’t focus only on talking about the basics–what needs to be done, how things should be done, etc. Instead, you are able to communicate creatively and spontaneously. The only potential problem with this position is the tendency towards glossing over the details in favor of the “big picture”. Idealism runs high between you, and it feels good, but day-to-day affairs shouldn’t be neglected completely.
Composite Mercury in the 11th House. This is a strong placement for Mercury, and suggests a basic feeling of companionability in your relationship. Communications between you are friendly, clear, and mostly unbiased. You are more able than most couples to work through problems objectively by talking things through and not flying off the handle. Either or both of you may sometimes crave more intimacy or romance in your communications with each other, but, at the end of the day, it likely feels good to count on each other to be fair in your dealings.
Composite Venus in the Houses of the Composite Chart
Composite Venus in the 1st House. You may be quite romantic or demonstrative with this position of Venus. As a couple, you come across in an especially pleasing and attractive manner. Problems can arise if you over-identify with your image of being the “perfect” couple who is living happily ever after. High expectations can be the result (especially if Neptune or Pisces is also involved), or the tendency to gloss over problems. For the most part, however, you truly enjoy each other’s company. You may have expensive taste, or you might encourage each other’s indulgent side.
Composite Venus in the 2nd House. There is an earthy sensuality to your relationship that is unmistakable. Physical proof of love for each other may be demanded, as the second house is a practical, tangible, and earthy house. You may be inclined to spend more as a couple than what you may spend independently. Feeling secure with one another puts you in the mood and strengthens your affections for one another. This position can also indicate feelings of affection for each other that are dependable and that can withstand the tests of time.

Composite Venus in the 5th House. You need lots of attention from each other, and you are generally willing to give each other just that. Your main drive is to have fun with each other, and this feeds the love you have for one another. This is a strong placement for Venus. Self-expression is vital for keeping the chemistry alive. Stifling one another’s feeling of freedom of expression is one of the worst things you can do. This relationship is bound to teach both of you to open yourselves up, as there is a generosity of spirit present that helps each of you feel free to let your hair down and have a little fun.
Composite Venus in the 7th House. With Venus in a prominent position in your composite chart, your affection for one another is likewise a principal theme in your relationship. Venus represents areas of life where you derive the most pleasure, and the seventh house represents the relationship itself. You are likely to do whatever you can to work on making this a harmonious partnership. Concern for equality in your partnership is a motivating force. You admire one another and easily forgive each other when things go wrong.
Composite Venus in the 8th House. The affection and love between you is not light and airy by any means. It runs deep, and your first reactions to one another could have just as easily been intense attraction as hatred! This is because you stimulate strong feelings in each other. A classic “love-hate” relationship may be an expression of this position. A compulsive quality to the relationship is also possible, as are shared secrets, some element of mystery, and a strong emphasis on privacy in your romantic life.
Composite Venus in the 12th House. The love you have for one another may be secret or private, and/or you are called upon to take a leap of faith in order to be with one another. Much of the time, putting faith in one another brings you joy. However, humans are imperfect, and complete faith is hard to keep up all of the time. Herein lies the main challenge of this position. Being in a position where there is mystery or confusion surrounding your partner and/or your relationship can be trying over time. It can be hard to feel clear about the direction of your partnership, and there is a resistance to such clarity. Uncertainty, or a feeling of inequality between the two of you (such as a large age difference, an affair, and so forth), are themes of your relationship. Do your best not to make so many sacrifices for one another that you end up ignoring your own needs for happiness.

Composite Mars in the Houses of the Composite Chart
Composite Mars in the 1st House. The energy of this relationship is apparent right from the start. You are excitable when you are together, and the sexual chemistry between you is so apparent it’s almost tangible. At times, the relationship may lack a sense of peace, as there is a surge of energy generated when you are together that can be hard to ignore. Anger is expressed immediately and with little hesitation, but so is passion. Your relationship may have started out with gusto. You handle everyday demands with emotion, directness, and perhaps even anger or irritability. Together, you tend to take more risks and to make decisions more impulsively than you would as individuals. A negative potential of this placement is making your arguments everybody’s business, perhaps because you can’t seem to control yourselves in public. Of course, this can undermine your faith in one another.
Composite Mars in the 2nd House. The desire to take action in the practical, material world is strong with this position. Possessions may be a source of conflict between you. Sexuality between the two of you is very physical and you can be possessive of one another. You are more able than most couples to persevere together and maintain a comfortable level of energy and chemistry.
Composite Mars in the 3rd House. Your communications with one another can be very animated and even heated. You might find that, as a couple, you harp on petty issues (arguments over directions, what to do, where to go, words chosen to express yourselves, personal habits, leaving the toilet seat up, and so forth!), rather than address the deeper anger issues, which can easily become areas of irritation and anger. There can be a nervous energy present in your relationship that, if not handled well, can lead to bickering and nagging. You might want to examine whether addressing real problems makes you nervous, and that could be the reason why anger is expressed over petty things.
Composite Mars in the 5th House. The drive to enjoy yourselves is strong in this relationship. Expressing yourselves sexually and creatively comes naturally, and inhibitions in these areas are unlikely unless Mars is seriously challenged. Sexual attraction to one another runs high and is unlikely to burn out. Together, you are enthusiastic about life itself. It’s important to let each other express themselves spontaneously. Limiting this area will only lead to arguments. You want attention from each other.

Composite Mars in the 6th House. You may have a lot of energy for completing tasks, routines, and work done together. On a personal level, this is a somewhat challenging position for Mars, as one or both of you may feel put upon by the other. You may feel that there is an imbalance of responsibilities, where one of you puts out more effort than the other. Your sex life may be sporadic or there could be a feeling that one of you makes more sacrifices than the other. One of you may end up feeling used or less than satisfied. In general, one may be more aggressive or demanding than the other. In order to make this position work, there needs to be a feeling of mutual devotion and your individual egos need to take a back seat, as inequality is a theme of this position.
Composite Mars in the 7th House. A lot of energy can be put into trying to maintain a balance of equals in this relationship, with both parties coming on strongly. Neither person will want to be dominated. While grievances tend to be out in the open, and this can be very helpful, you will need to try to avoid competing with one another. Keeping busy together is important, as you might feel that idle time together makes you feel a little restless or impatient. Or, you might find that giving each other space helps as well. Sexual chemistry is likely overt.
Composite Mars in the 8th House. Sexual attraction of a mysterious, intense, and deep nature is indicated here. The need for security together is emphasized, but not always easy to fulfill. Jealousies and possessiveness can be a real issue between you. Arguments over these matters are quite possible, or these matters can be at the root of petty arguments. Defining what’s yours and what’s mine is a challenge, as there is an attempt to merge together on a deep level. You may become quite frustrated with each other if you don’t feel a strong, intimate connection. A love-hate relationship is very easy to slip into with this aspect. Do your best to avoid mind games and power struggles. Fears of betrayal or loss of the partnership can lead you to very negative states of mind and even underhanded tactics with each other. As easily as you can plumb the depths, you can also reach great heights together if you allow the inherent passion in this relationship to express itself positively.
Composite Mars in the 10th House. The goals and aims of your partnership are generally clear and well-defined. You need a sense of purpose in order to thrive together. You pour a lot of energy into building and maintaining your connection. You could focus on success and accomplishment while together. Be careful not to put too much weight on how you come across to others, as this could place undue pressure on your relationship. There is a whole lot of energy generated between the two of you, and you could feel pressed to stay active together. Without clear-cut plans and activities, this dynamic energy can easily become restless and impatient energy.

Composite Mars in the 12th House. The goals of your partnership may not be clear or defined, and there can be anger issues surrounding inequality (including sexual inequality, where one partner feels unfulfilled, for example). The couple will have to work on communicating what it is they want from the relationship, but this can be challenging. This position can point to a secret affair or a very private sexual relationship, and even to a relationship that is never consummated on a sexual level. Sexual fantasies might play a large role in this relationship. It can be a relationship that suffers from a lack of rules, boundaries, and goals, wherein confusion reigns; however, it can also be a relationship that benefits from these very same things, especially if Mars is well-aspected if as a couple you feel you have a higher mission, or delight in the mysteriousness of your connection (you might, for example, feel that you are together against all odds). There may be some suffering on sexual levels (inequality, wherein one serves the other sexually, for example, one person having an affair that brings suffering to the other, a love triangle, mistress setup, and so forth), or one partner feels dominated by the other. A lot of energy can be put into maintaining a balance, and one partner might eventually tire of this energy drain. Both might eventually find that maintaining the relationship is draining. Disillusionment is a possibility if resentments for the inequality in this partnership are left to accumulate and grow, or if one person ends up feeling used or thwarted.
Composite Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the Houses of the Composite Chart
Composite Jupiter in the 1st House. You are an interesting couple that projects an image of being fun to be around. You are likely very eager to learn and grow, and generally ready to laugh. There is a strong tendency to encourage each other to be self-indulgent. At worst, the energy of your chemistry encourages you to be negligent or unreliable. Generally, however, you are optimistic and generous towards others and towards each other.
Composite Saturn in the 1st House. This may have been a relationship that had a hard time getting off the ground. Initial reluctance, self-consciousness, or general reticence may have characterized the beginning of this partnership. Another possibility is having had to deal with real roadblocks in order to be together at all. You may both be somewhat shy as individuals, for example. In some cases, the relationship begins just fine, but there is a sense of being blocked by the outside world or by circumstances. As well, the relationship could have started off almost as a business arrangement. Whatever the case may be, Saturn in the house of beginnings and initiative suggests some awkwardness, simply because Saturn is not very comfortable doing the initiating when it comes to close, intimate relationships. You are unlikely to be demonstrative towards each other in public, and this could be due to self-consciousness or the result of the extenuating circumstances of your partnership. Saturn here inhibits natural expression, such that the inner workings of your relationship are kept private. Others simply don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, and you may do your best to keep things proper on the outside or you naturally present a reserved image. Whenever Saturn is strong in the composite chart, there is the potential for a long-lasting relationship. At the same time, however, there is the potential for a feeling of being blocked or censored. Fear of losing one another should be addressed directly. Otherwise, there may be a tendency to come down on each other or to restrict one another’s individuality and sense of freedom. If Saturn is very close to the Ascendant, natural enthusiasm and spontaneity may be lacking.
Composite Saturn in the 9th House. Your combined philosophy of life tends to be quite realistic and practical. You are not big risk-takers together, perhaps because you fear you will lose security if you venture into the unknown. There may be conflicts in your relationship that revolve around travel, adventure, and personal belief systems, where one or both of you feel restricted or limited by the other in these areas.

Composite Saturn in the 12th House. Saturn represents, amongst other things, restrictions in a relationship. Found in the “buried” twelfth house, vague feelings of discontent that are hard to pinpoint can undermine your relationship. Problems and frustrations between you are hard to define and therefore hard to resolve as they are effectively swept under the carpet. Insecurities and hurts can seem to apparently come out of nowhere. The fact is, they have been eating at you for some time, but you haven’t been able to bring them to the light.
Composite Uranus in the 6th House. It can be a real challenge to develop predictable routines in this relationship. Schedules and routines are rebelled against, and it can be hard to feel organized with one another. You are not inclined to serve each other, and any demands to do so will be turned down. Expect unpredictability in your daily lives together, and you will do better together. In fact, you can develop nontraditional and even breakthrough ways of living and working together.
Composite Pluto in the 12th House. Power struggles between the two of you tend to be buried instead of dealt with spontaneously. When they do emerge, they may surprise both of you, as they have been brewing for some time and are well-developed. This “slush” that can take the form of resentment can undermine your relationship if you’re not careful. Do your best to watch for the tendency to eat your words when you feel dominated or when your needs are pushed to the side. These feelings have to go somewhere, and matter that is swept under the carpet will emerge at some point.
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