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Mercury - Mars Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When Mercury in your chart forms an aspect to another person’s Mars. When Mercury in your chart forms an aspect to your partner’s Mars, exchanges of ideas are stimulating and vigorous. You are inclined to challenge each other’s ideas. Whether this inspires you to think more sharply or degrades into mental sparring and one-upmanship depends on the aspect Mercury and Mars form and how you handle the energy.
Square, Opposition, or Quincunx:
When your Mercury forms a challenging aspect (square, opposition, or quincunx) to your partner’s Mars, the exciting exchange of ideas may eventually be the source of some conflict. The Mars person may often lack patience with your communications, perhaps interrupting your or goading you. Conversations are certainly lively, but can often lead to arguments if you are not careful. Avoid trying to force an opinion onto each other, or attempting to one-up each other on a mental level. Different points of view can turn into full-fledged arguments all too easily with this combination. Words may be sharp and destructive.
Sextile, Trine:
When the aspect between Mercury and Mars is a flowing one (sextile or trine), your Mars partner fuels your thoughts and ideas, stimulating you to put them into action. Conversations can be lively and productive. There can be a healthy competition between you on a mental level, which encourages you to improve yourselves.
The conjunction of Mercury and Mars between charts is a powerful one, as is any conjunction. Some of the traits from both challenging and flowing aspects are experienced, and how it plays out really depends on the individuals involved, the condition of Mercury and Mars in the individual natal charts, as well as other aspects of planets.

General Notes:
The two of you are inclined to mentally spar with each other, challenging each other’s ideas and aggressively confronting weaknesses, inconsistencies, or superficialities in each other’s thinking. While this can sharpen your wits and improve your mental work, it may also lead to arguments, making you feel attacked and ridiculed by each other. Be wary of hurting each other’s feelings or being overly zealous in challenging one another’s ideas. Although you are compatible in many areas, you can sometimes feel like you are overly prone to arguments over various issues and opinions. However, the two of you have come together to challenge each other’s manner of thinking, and you have much to learn from each other mentally. When you are in good moods, you might enjoy the playfulness between you and the good humor.
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