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Moon – Ascendant Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Moon in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Ascendant. If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme concerns the comfort you feel with emotional expression or its lack, in your relationship. You will be acutely aware of and receptive to each other’s emotional state, the feelings of others and your environment.
Easier aspects: Moon trine or sextile other person’s Ascendant
Emotional expression will probably be easy between you. In fact, warmth, closeness and physical demonstration of affection are desired and enjoyed by both of you. You are likely to attract others to you readily and may even be in a business where there is much interaction with the general public. Your preferred style together is naturalness, caring and sincerity in your dealings with people and it is exactly what endears you to others.
There is an easy outlet for the expression of emotions in your relationship and your partnership will have a strong emotional component. Expressing your feelings will be important and necessary in your relationship and will bring you closer. Sensing each other’s moods and being responsive to your partner’s moods and needs is greatly facilitated by this aspect. Simply being yourself, being accepted and feeling liked is the prevailing mood created by this connection between you. Provided you can handle the extra measure of emotional sensitivity, your relationship is enhanced by support of each other’s feelings. You are likely to enjoy many of the same activities and have a unique and intimate way of understanding each other that makes being in each other’s company comfortable. Interfacing with others and the public at large is an important additional way the two of you relate when you are together. People and social issues are of interest to you. Most people will find you caring, compassionate and sincere. The intent of this aspect is to increase your caring and nurturing capacities with each other and those whose lives you touch. Compassion and understanding in action are an important feature of your relationship.
Challenging aspects: Moon square or opposition other person’s Ascendant
Because you are so emotionally attuned to each other, you can become hypersensitive to your partner’s moods and, at times, can easily hurt each other’s feelings. Balancing your emotional expression by curbing excessive displays of negativity or refusing to use emotionality to gain inappropriate attention will be one of your tasks. Family concerns and various emotional situations can push your boundaries and prevent you from progressing. Be compassionate and helpful but also firm, to maintain your own emotional balance.

This aspect requires that you explore the dynamic of emotion and action or that you are willing to act on the emotional needs required of your life together. One or both of you may have difficulty with excessive displays of emotion. When you are together and either of you is overly sensitive due to tiredness or any sort of stress, the expression of emotions can become extreme. Feelings seem to burst from either of you almost unexpectedly and in a flood. After one too many emotional outbursts, one or both of you may be reluctant to fully express yourself for fear of negative reactions from the other. Unmet needs will quickly become damaging to your relationship. There may be times that you feel out of sync with your partner and feel misunderstood or not properly acknowledged. This can be quite frustrating. To prevent unwanted and unwarranted dumping of emotions, make time regularly in your relationship life for the venting of emotions or simply set aside a time when you are calm, to process and discuss your emotional life. This tactic will prevent feelings from being bottled up and reduce excessively emotional scenes or emotions expressed inappropriately.
Moon conjunct other person’s Ascendant
You will feel a strong and quite natural emotional connection with each other. Very likely, you will stimulate a wide range of emotions in each other. You are even likely to tap into the past and bring forth feelings long held in check. You may be so much at ease in each other’s company that you reveal personal information naturally, surprising both of you. Something about the other person makes you feel safe enough to allow this. Emotions arise readily but may not always be comfortable and easy to deal with. In the moment, you may feel free to tell all but after the fact, you may be concerned about what you’ve so readily expressed. There’s no way around it, this relationship will be a strongly emotional one. Be careful of projecting past experiences into the current relationship. The aspect asks you to deal with stored emotions and how you are using the past in relation to the present moment. You will find yourselves sorting through a great deal of sensitive feelings and the sheer flood of emotions can be overwhelming at times. Growing too dependent on your partner to satisfy too many of your emotional needs could be another issue here. You will each have to decide which emotions of the other you can integrate and how best to handle the inevitable extra sensitivity you generate when you are together. Sometimes the emotional reactiveness to each other creates misunderstanding or you rub each other the wrong way. Trust and caring will be vital in your relationship to calm the waves of emotion. Reassure each other but give each other a break. It is important that you find an outlet for your excess emotions. Giving to others in some form of joint community service could be one way that works for you. Creative outlets could be another.
When one person’s Moon sign is the same as the other person’s Ascendant sign
There can be a natural feeling of connectedness when people share the same sign of the Moon in one chart and the Ascendant in another’s chart. They may feel quite comfortable in one another’s presence due to a feeling of familiarity.
One potential problem with this combination, however, can come later in the relationship. While the Moon sign pretty much describes how a person is at their emotional core, the Ascendant sign describes how a person appears to be – their mask or armor – unless they happen to also have their Moon in the same sign as their Ascendant, in which case they are also that person at their core.

If there are considerable difficulties or imbalances in this couple’s synastry, the Ascendant-Moon sign connection can mask this for some time, drawing one another in. The Moon person feels that they are with a kindred soul, but if the Ascendant person’s Ascendant sign is a true mask and is in fact quite different on the inside, it can be difficult for the Moon person to see this fact for some time. A disconnect can occur, which can be similar to a difficult Neptune connection, wherein one person eventually feels let down or possibly even fooled by the other.
Otherwise, if there are significant other connections between the charts, particularly inner planet ones, then it is far less likely that an “unveiling” of a challenging kind will occur. (An unveiling is a term I use for a point, or many points, in a romantic relationship when people begin to see character traits in their partner/lover that are closer to reality, when illusions about a lover begin to drop. What happens after these unveilings occur can make or break a relationship – it can lead to many hurt feelings and resentments, or it can be a constructive step to a real connection).
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