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Moon – Jupiter Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Moon in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Jupiter. If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is the enhancement and expansion of positive feelings through learning, teaching, traveling, sports or risk-taking. Choosing wisely from among these many possibilities will also be important.
Easier aspects: Moon sextile or trine other person’s Jupiter
There is a natural joy, generosity and good fortune that comes with this aspect. You tend to give freely of your feelings and are able to express gratitude openly and willingly. There are times when you are excessive or too effusive, but most of the time people love your infectious and vibrant energy. You tend to be fortunate in attaining and generous in giving of the resources you have.
This is an aspect of abundance, generosity, and exuberance. Your giving nature will easily spill over into every project you are involved with and the people you contact as a couple. Others will enjoy your company because you exhibit a “can do” attitude that is allowing, supportive and creative. You will feel happy in each others’ presence and find that your joy is doubled. Keeping a sense of adventure and continued learning alive is an important feature of your relationship. You can easily take greater emotional risks with each other because there is a great capacity for openness and goodwill between you. Honest and candid communication is easier with this combination. Abundance and opportunity seem to flow from you and equally toward you, quite naturally. The way to maintain that flow is to give back on a regular basis to causes and charities of your choice. Because you so often take the positive position, good things will come easily into your life. Excessiveness is an issue that must be tempered or else you will find yourself overwhelmed with either too many things to take care of and overextended by too many promises to people and projects. Learning to say no, after carefully considering your level of commitment, is an important lesson for you.
Challenging aspects: Moon square or opposition other person’s Jupiter
Your nature is generous and optimistic but your inclination toward mood swings or going to extremes is a bit more difficult to balance with this aspect. Still, it is important that you do this. Poor judgment arising out of excessive optimism can get you into trouble or open you to being taken advantage of. Be careful whom you trust and, if something looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Be joyful but not naïve. Check all claims for accuracy and veracity and you will be much happier and keep more of your resources. Resist gambling or excessive boasting about your accomplishments. Be sure to balance the advantages offered you by giving back.

This energy between you expresses the endless possibilities available and encourages the freedom to express your emotions. At the same time, the aspect leans towards excessive expression. Whether an expression is excessive, over the top or fitting for a particular context, is something the two of you will have to decide. How much is too much and the resultant consequences, is the learning curve you will be testing together. This aspect requires that both of you determine how you are exceeding your boundaries and whether that’s a good thing or not. Emotions will go out of control from time to time particularly when one of you is overwhelmed with too much to handle. The intent of this aspect is to teach you better judgment and encourage wisdom from the many and varied experiences you actively seek. There will be times of poor judgment when you will discover that you failed to take an important element of a situation into consideration. Resist saying “yes” until you’ve evaluated the conditions or slept on the idea or proposition. Exaggeration and failing to keep promises will create problems for you and so will overoptimism without full knowledge of the facts. If you experience too much “bad luck”, re-evaluate your choices and be sure to be generous wherever you can to maintain the balance between taking and giving in your lives together.
Moon conjunct other person’s Jupiter
You evoke joy, hope, goodwill and a sense of adventure in each other. So much so that you could also be easily induced to overdo and overextend yourselves in various ways. You are likely to stimulate a wealth of feelings in each other and a generally open-minded attitude. You probably want the good life and all that it implies for you. Abundance or excessiveness is part of this aspect, which is certainly not always a negative. It’s up to the two of your to decide how far to reach and how far to extend yourselves. Essentially a positive influence of opportunities, and an expression of generosity, the energy you generate together can bring you all kinds of good fortune. As a team, you can be a beacon of encouragement, hope and positive influence wherever you go. Your most important lesson is balance and wise choices that not only enhance joy but also maintain a level of stability. Looking on the upside is easy for you but be sure to consider the downside and the consequences of your risk-taking and expansion. Make certain you can afford it energetically, emotionally, spiritually or financially. Look for a strong Saturn aspect between your charts to counterbalance the overly optimistic tendency of this aspect. Take the necessary time to assess expectations which may be unrealistic. Then again, the two of you can break records and surpass goals by the sheer force of your willingness to move ahead and try something new. Your enthusiasm will open doors and create opportunities. More than that, the natural positive energy between you can provide endless resources and options when times get tough.
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