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Moon – Saturn Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Moon in your chart forms an aspect to your partner’s Saturn.
The hard (conjunction, square, and opposition) cross-aspects between the Moon and Saturn are powerful ones. Either one (or both) of you may have made it clear right from the start that this relationship was to be a serious or committed one. Whether or not it was verbalized, the air of responsibility is explicit. Although the relationship may begin with some element of enthusiasm, over time, you may feel the need to censor your feelings of dependency on the relationship and on the Saturn person for some reason or another. You, playing the role of the Moon, may sense a certain level of seriousness and even harshness or narrowness in the Saturn person that may not even exist in absolute terms. Your partner may not even be aware of this unconscious reaction to you. Whatever it is, you can feel somewhat constrained by the relationship, and unable to express the “child” within, simply because of the expectation that your partner may not approve, may not be capable of understanding, or may not be equipped to handle these expressions. The sense that you get is that your Saturn partner’s needs for commitment are paramount, and that “frivolous” expressions of neediness or dependency wouldn’t be appropriate. It may also be that situational factors are such that true emotional intimacy is blocked, even though both of you want to get closer to each other.
The caution here is to avoid too much “censoring” to the point that you feel emotionally isolated, misunderstood, or blocked. Does your Saturn partner truly benefit from this kind of “censoring”? Certainly not in the long run, because if it gets out of hand, your partner will lose touch with your deepest needs, fears, and desires. Emotional distance doesn’t benefit either of you. Your relationship brings out the individual need for security and safety in you both, and you will certainly find a basic sense of safety with each other. Although you, in particular, may feel emotionally frustrated at times, there is a feeling of constancy and dependability in your partner that is very attractive. This relationship stands much chance of being a long-lasting one. However, it can have its fair share of ups and downs. Periods of emotional distance and subsequent feelings that the relationship may be too “heavy” to maintain are often followed by tearful and emotional “reunions” when both of you realize that you need each other desperately, and that your attachment runs deeper than is always apparent. It is easy to see, with this kind of pattern, that either or both of you could feel “trapped” together at times! But the truth of the matter is, given the depth of your attachment to each other, there is much to gain from working on the intimacy issues described above.
The trine and sextile aspects between the Moon and Saturn are likely to possess some of the characteristics described above, but the flow between the two is more likely to be manageable. The Saturn person is more supportive of the Moon person, who, in turn, finds Saturn to be a reliable and steady partner. Longevity is more likely with the trine or sextile, as frustrations are less apparent and clashes less frequent. The conjunction may be easier than the square or opposition, but it has a tendency to go either way.

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