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Sun – Mars Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Sun in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Mars. With Sun-Mars aspects in romantic synastry, the partners can’t help but “feel” each other’s physical presence. The aspect between the two planets tells much about how coordinated each individual’s energy cycles and goals are.
Sextile, Trine
When the aspect is a flowing one, the timing and rhythm in your relationship is natural and flowing. The sextile and trine of Sun and Mars in synastry is very much a blessing, as neither of you gets in your partner’s way very often, and there is a distinct feeling of “going somewhere”. When it is a challenging aspect, however, a lot of time is wasted on arguments. You tend to get on each other’s nerves and each of you can easily feel blocked by the other, and annoyed with your partner!
No matter what the aspect is, the relationship is a very stimulating and dynamic one. There is a certain level of intensity in your partnership that can best be described as passion, although Sun-Mars alone does not make for the ecstatic type of romantic excitement that would occur if, for example, the Moon, Venus, or Pluto were involved. With challenging aspects, such as the square, opposition, and quincunx, sparks can certainly fly. What may start out as an overwhelming sexual and physical attraction can degenerate, over time, to petty arguments and real annoyances with each other. “What did I see in you?” may be the dominating thoughts (or the uttered phrases in a heated argument). There is an element of competition between you that is unmistakable, but must be channeled properly. You challenge one another, and there can be a fine line between finding this stimulating and feeling completely drained as a result. In arguments, the Sun person has a tendency to be self-righteous, and the Mars person tends to be very touchy, defensive, and combative.
With Sun conjunct Mars in synastry, there is a real physical connection between the two that generally presents itself as sexual attraction and physical chemistry. There is a true feeling of progressiveness and energy between the two of you. The potential to both challenge each other and frustrate each other, as discussed above, is somewhat high, but generally you both feel that you are headed somewhere with each other, and your personal energy cycles are boosted as the result of interaction with your partner. Sexual attraction is very high. Both feel the other person is their “type”, and each tends to get a real ego boost and energy buzz from their partner. Arguments tend to be highly personal and subjective. The biggest complaint from the Mars person is that the Sun person is too judgmental or self-righteous, while the Sun person finds Mars overly defensive. Touchiness is probably the biggest problem between the two of you. Each of you knows how to push the other’s buttons, and the attraction between you is spunky.

As noted above, the sextile and trine between Sun and Mars in synastry is a real blessing in any relationship. Neither of you feels blocked or drained by your partner. You somehow manage to stay out of each other’s way and promote each other’s goals and drives. As with all sextiles and trines (but especially the trine), the couple should stop to consider the energy and to appreciate it. What comes to mind is a couple who consulted me for a relationship analysis who had a very tight and strong trine between the Sun and Mars. When I mentioned that they would be likely to promote each other’s goals, allowing each other to do and to accomplish what they want as individuals without blocking each other, they agreed, but were somewhat surprised. They didn’t quite realize how positive this energy was between them. They gave each other space and respected each other’s personal goals. If they had experienced a partnership with, for example, a tight Sun square Mars, they probably would have noticed this flowing rhythm to their partnership and appreciated it more. In their case, despite the challenges of looking after a large family, including many kids and in-laws, the couple always seemed to naturally develop strategies that supported one another’s basic goals and activities. Although they had distinctly different hobbies and activities, they had developed routines wherein each was able to carry out these individual endeavors without frustration and annoyance from their partner.
With the sextile, trine, and the conjunction, you express yourselves straightforwardly with each other, on both non-sexual and sexual levels, which is extremely empowering and refreshing. You can turn to each other to pull yourselves out of ruts or periods of despondency. The Sun person could admire the Mars person’s spunk, drive, and courage. For example, one woman whose Sun trines her husband’s Mars admits, after years together, that she is completely infatuated with him. He is a construction worker, and she says her heart still goes “pitter patter” when she sees him at work, physically laboring. She says that before she met him, she had no special interest (positive or negative) in manual labor as a specific turn-on. Surely, this is the Sun trine Mars aspect at work!
The square, opposition, and quincunx can be very challenging and tricky–and decidedly draining! The tendency to become highly annoyed with each other is highest with the square. The opposition tends to be the least problematic of these three aspects, and has the potential to be really quite invigorating. The quincunx tends to really nag at a couple over time, as they must make what seems to be constant adjustments to each other. The tendency to interrupt each other, argue, and to be annoyed with each other’s natural rhythms and manners is very high.
Alternate interpretations:
When Sun is conjunct Mars in synastry, there is a wonderful feeling of being “in sync” with each other’s natural body rhythms and cycles. This is a very physical contact, and physical attraction is likely. You feel that your partner is exactly your “type”. This is the kind of chemistry in which you simply look at a person and feel turned on. The energy between you is unmistakable. Sometimes, you feel invigorated by each other, not unlike stepping out of an overdue shower. Other times, the urgency of the energy between the two of you may feel a little too intense for your mood. What is most apparent is that neither of you seems to need to waste time adjusting to your partner’s cycles of activity. You make an enthusiastic pair.

When Sun is sextile or trine Mars in synastry, you feel a wonderful sense of harmony in terms of your individual rhythms. Neither of you gets in each other’s way, and your partnership is characterized by a certain amount of independence and some real productivity. While other couples waste a lot of time adjusting to each other’s natural rhythms, you find it easy to move in the directions you want to head without stepping on each other’s toes. You motivate each other in simple ways, if only because you accept each other’s ambitions, drives, and cycles of activity. This is one of the best supportive aspects a relationship can have, as the two of you don’t face off as often as many couples do, and you accomplish your goals much as you would on your own. This way, you don’t feel like you prevent each other from producing or doing the things you want to do.
The square and quincunx of the Sun and Mars in synastry is a bit of a challenge. More often than not, you feel out of sync with each other. You feel the need to explain why you are doing something a bit too often to be productive. You step on each other’s toes. Turning it all into a graceful dance can be challenging, but not unheard of. You need to accept that you have different natural rhythms, and you should try to avoid becoming annoyed with each other for these differences. Confrontations can be stimulating and even invigorating, but too many of them are draining. The last thing you want to do is sap each other’s energy, but it seems almost par for the course that you do. The sexual energy between you can be intense, but again, somewhat out of sync. Defensiveness and haughtiness can be themes of your relationship. Accept that you have markedly different styles of going about things, and try not to focus on the little things. There is passion between the two of you, and, as they say, a fine line between love and hate. As the result of your relationship, you may live out this expression.
The opposition of Sun and Mars in synastry brings a touch of defensiveness and competitiveness into your chemistry. The Sun person may find the Mars person’s way of doing things somewhat annoying from time to time, and the Mars person reacts with defensiveness. There is an energy of “I can do things better than you” or “This is the way things should really be done” in your relationship, particularly coming from the Sun person. There is physical attraction between the two of you, no doubt, but sometimes you waste your time getting on each other’s cases. You are also prone to stepping on one another’s toes because your cycles of activity are not in sync.
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