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Sun – Moon Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Sun in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Moon. Sun-Moon aspects in synastry are highly touted, with good reason. The Sun and the Moon are natural companions in the sense that they complement each other. When they come together in synastry, yin meets yang, day meets night, the subconscious mind meets the conscious mind, and so forth.
The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in synastry is a powerful connection. How it plays out will have much to do with the condition of these luminaries in the individual charts. Attraction to one another is usually there regardless, perhaps felt most by the Moon person initially. As a relationship develops between the two, a dynamic inevitably emerges in which the Moon person plays a supportive role (sometimes a dependent or submissive role) to the Sun person, who tends to lead the relationship in some manner.
A note should be made about gender and whose Moon and whose Sun is involved. Although both ways is powerful, in some cases when the man’s Moon conjuncts the woman’s Sun, problems arise. This happens when the man feels uncomfortable in his role as the moody, sympathetic, and somewhat dependent Moon — a role that he might assign to women. In this day and age, however, either male or female playing the role of the Moon to the Sun may feel some kind of resentment over time. Just as the Moon reflects the Sun’s light, the Moon person is naturally inclined to play a supportive and sometimes submissive role to the Sun. It doesn’t need to be submissive–instead, it can be considered supportive. How comfortable the Moon person is with this role is critical. In the same vein, the Sun person’s comfort levels with playing the role of the Sun should be considered as well. Not everyone wants to be the leader in a relationship!
With the conjunction, sextile, and trine, the Moon person generally comes to rely upon and trust the Sun person’s wisdom, spirit, and personal style. The Sun person, in turn, depends upon the support of the Moon person.

With the trine and the sextile between the Sun and the Moon in synastry, discomfort is less likely. Instead, there is a natural and flowing compatibility. The individuals naturally cooperate with each other–a characteristic that is very welcome in most any romantic relationship, as much energy can be squandered when individuals compete with one another. The only real problem with the flowing aspects here is a certain level of complacency. For individuals who prefer a more aggressive and active atmosphere in a relationship, the flowing aspects between the Sun and the Moon may not be stimulating enough. There is a real feeling of being able to rely and depend upon each other, however, that most will appreciate.
With the conjunction, sextile, and trine, the Moon person generally comes to rely upon and trust the Sun person’s wisdom, spirit, and personal style. The Sun person, in turn, depends upon the support of the Moon person.
The square between the Sun and the Moon in synastry is challenging, and is compounded by the fact that attraction between the two is quite possible. The Moon person eventually finds the Sun person overbearing, too rational, self-involved, and insensitive–even if the Sun person is not generally thought to possess these traits. The Sun person eventually finds the Moon person too dependent, temperamental, emotional, and sensitive. The Moon person, in his or her attempts to support the Sun person, can feel resentful. Disagreements on how to spend shared finances, how to raise children if there are any offspring, and how to spend leisure time are all strong possibilities. Even if both individuals work towards the same goals in their partnership, the method by which they go about getting there clashes with their partner’s “style”. Bickering, nagging, and general discontent can plague this relationship. Both parties must consciously work on avoiding putting each other in the position where they feel the need to defend their habits, opinions, and individual identities. Much energy can be wasted in little battles that are generally a reflection of each person’s inner battles. Competitiveness may be stimulating for awhile, but it can also be very draining, especially if the individuals share a lot of time and space with each other.
The opposition between the Sun and the Moon in synastry is less problematic than the square, simply because there is a ping-pong effect and some kind of promise of potential balance. The attraction is strong and mutual, and the ties can be quite binding, as both people involved are drawn to the relationship. However, many of the problems described for the square aspect potentially apply, although the desire to stay together might be stronger with the opposition.

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