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Sun – Neptune Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Sun in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Neptune.
Hard aspects between the Sun and Neptune in synastry can be rather tricky, but certainly not unmanageable. In a very few cases, outright deception is involved with this aspect. However, in most relationships with this energy, conscious deception is not an issue. What can happen, however, is that the relationship starts off with a mystical and decidedly romantic air to it. You may have felt that you met “the one”, and the Sun person, in particular, may project too many qualities (often unrealistically wonderful ones!) onto the Neptune person. The Neptune person will likely be charmed by the attention, and may be inclined at times to feed the Sun person’s imagination in order to keep his or her devotion levels high. This is not a conscious attempt to deceive the Sun person!
As I have mentioned elsewhere, Neptune in synastry has often been associated with one person trying to deceive another person, but in reality, this happens much less frequently than the following, more probable scenario: the Neptune person tends to “play along” with the personal planet person’s image, and the intention is not to hurt that person. What can happen is that the Neptune person ends up promising more than he or she can give. If the Neptune person eventually backs out, or slips away slowly, the Sun person can feel saddened and even slighted, feeling that Neptune was misleading. Misunderstandings can be the result, and every attempt should be made to keep the dreams and visions of the relationship not only realistic, but also clear and defined. In most cases, Neptune does not want to hurt Sun, and this may be the motivating factor behind Neptune’s tendency to avoid bursting Sun’s bubble. The Sun person should attempt to avoid putting the Neptune person on a pedestal as well. Both of you should consciously try to avoid offering each other unrealistic hopes. They will come back to haunt you! (In the sense that they will undermine your relationship, and possibly to the point of little chance of recovery). The important thing to remember, with the square and opposition, is that although the Sun person seems to want to see the best in a Neptune person, people are not able to completely snow themselves. The Sun person will eventually feel a certain level of mistrust, and might even swing from seeing the Neptune person as completely wonderful to seeing that person as someone who is completely evil. The ups and downs can be taxing. The Sun person should remember that if he or she has to make excuses for the Neptune person (whether those excuses are made to others or to oneself), then they are not seeing the Neptune person clearly. They are truly not accepting that person, warts and all.
The focus should be on the tremendous spiritual connection that you might find exists between you if you are open to it. The Sun person tends to want to see the best in the Neptune person, and if the Sun person doesn’t go too far, and if the Neptune person avoids the trap of playing a game of “pretend” in order to please the Sun person, both of you can enjoy the freedom from judgment that this relationship offers.

The trine and sextile aspects between the Sun and Neptune in synastry are more likely to feature the more positive, stimulating interactions outlined above. There is a level of forgiveness and mercy in the chemistry between you. You may share your dreams together with a sense of freedom. Tolerance exists between the two of you, which is a very soothing and settling quality. The conjunction can go either way.
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