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Sun – Saturn Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Sun in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Saturn.
Sun conjunct Saturn in synastry:
One strong factor that attracted you to each other (perhaps unconsciously) is the feeling that you can have a deep, stable, permanent relationship and settle down together, facing life’s responsibilities in a mature way, tackling challenges together such as raising children, becoming financially secure, etc. These concerns can gradually cause your relationship to become too absorbed with “serious” matters, causing both of you to feel limited and stifled by the relationship. Saturn has a strong tendency to criticize and judge Sun’s actions, sometimes accurately and sometimes unjustly. Saturn should guard against this tendency to dampen Sun’s enthusiasm, and Sun needs to avoid being overly sensitive to Saturn’s suggestions and criticisms. Saturn’s tendency to dominate, control, or even repress Sun makes Sun feel resentful at times, and Sun may feel lowered vitality and self-confidence after being with Saturn for a long time. You must make room for lightness and play, or you both will feel burdened by the tone that is set between you. Remember that there is a solid sense of being able to depend on one another, and this is a precious gift. Saturn may not be aware of the limiting effect Saturn has on Sun, and Sun would do well to understand that Saturn has this influence due to insecurities. There can be some haughty and judgmental exchanges between the two of you at times, and it is wise to step back and examine exactly why this happens! Saturn can easily feel threatened by Sun’s expressions of growth and individuality, because Saturn feels much more safe when Sun stays the same! Growth on Sun’s part does not mean growing apart from Saturn, and Saturn would do well to understand this.
Sun opposition Saturn in synastry:
In the early stages of your relationship Sun is likely to feel attracted to the mature, steady, disciplined, and responsible qualities of Saturn, but over time these same qualities can begin to feel restrictive, limiting, even oppressive. Saturn can fall into the role of being the parent, teacher, or taskmaster of Sun, causing Sun to feel inhibited and confined by Saturn’s seriousness and inflexibility. If Sun can benefit from the responsible and concerned attitude of Saturn and Saturn can refrain from taking problems or concerns too seriously, then the positive sense of maturity, responsibility, and stability of the relationship can overcome the negative tendencies.
Sun square Saturn in synastry:
Although it’s not usually apparent at the beginning of your relationship, certain patterns and dynamics are likely to develop between you over time. Saturn must be very careful not to harshly criticize or judge Sun. There is a strong tendency for Sun to feel blocked, frustrated, and discouraged by Saturn. Typically, Saturn will feel surprised by Sun’s feelings of frustration and anger, and feel that Sun is just being overly sensitive to criticism. There is an element of truth to both viewpoints: Saturn tends to be too critical of Sun and Sun tends to be too sensitive to the criticism; the combination can be disastrous! Sun may try to ignore the problem, but ignoring the problem will not cause the problem to disappear. This is a relationship that can help both of you mature a great deal; you are able to build a secure, stable life together and face many challenges and responsibilities together that you have been trying to avoid. However, the tendency to become overly concerned with your responsibilities and be too conservative, cautious, and restrictive towards each other must not get out of hand, or you will both feel severely confined and restricted by being together.

Sun trine Saturn in synastry:
Saturn is very dedicated and loyal to Sun, with a strong desire to fulfill the responsibilities and demands of this relationship. Saturn is willing to go the extra mile and make sacrifices without complaining, for the benefit of Sun and the relationship. Sun is encouraging and supportive of Saturn, inspiring a sense of security and well-being. If the two of you engage in business activities or marry, you will find that you work well together on meeting the problems that arise and you can count on each other to be responsible and trustworthy. There is a deep sense of mutual commitment and dedication that holds your relationship together, even when you go through difficult times together.
Sun sextile Saturn in synastry:
There is a deep sense of mutual commitment and dedication that keeps the two of you together, even when you face difficult times. Saturn is very dedicated and loyal to Sun, sincerely interested in being responsible to Sun, and willing to make sacrifices when necessary. The two of you work well together on practical matters and business affairs. If you marry, you will find that you can rely on each other to be helpful and responsible.
General notes about Sun-Saturn connections in synastry:
The Sun represents our “inner adult” (the Moon symbolizes our “inner child”), and Saturn represents our inner parent. When Sun meets Saturn in synastry, there can be a “war” not unlike one that can exist when an adult lives with a parent! Management of these interchart aspects requires stepping back from the situation and asking yourselves why you are reacting as you are to each other. The Sun person can easily feel picked on and can resent the “interference” of the Saturn person. The Saturn person can feel unjustly criticized as well.
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