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Venus - Mars Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When Venus in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Mars.
Venus conjunct other person’s Mars
The romantic and sexual attraction between you is almost irresistible. This relationship is one that was probably “more than just friends” from the start. The intensity of your feelings for one another is unlikely to fade over time, and you find much fulfillment in your love for each other. Even if you go your separate ways, it is likely that both of you will always remember each other for the passion you once enjoyed. The Mars person epitomizes the sexual energy and body ego that the Venus person finds attractive. The kind of chemistry that you share is such that even if you did not match each other’s physical ideal, you would see each other as ideal nevertheless. This type of chemistry is fantastic when it is a short-term affair, and can get tricky when the relationship is longer standing. Although the chemistry always exists between you, the passion that it generates is harder to handle when all of the “other” parts of a relationship develop, because sometimes the energy is transmuted or mischanneled, and arguments over petty things are the result. This is an erotic aspect, however, and, regardless of gender, the Mars person is likely to assume the sexual role traditionally associated with masculine, and the Venus person with feminine. You know how to push each other’s buttons.
Venus opposition other person’s Mars
This is a relationship that is sparked by an irresistible sexual attraction and romantic desire. Your passion and desire for one another will always remain alive. If either of you is prone to possessiveness or jealousy, then you may find yourself feeling very uncomfortable by even subtle indications that you are competing with other suitors.
Venus square other person’s Mars
This is likely to be a stormy and fiery relationship. The romantic attraction between you is very strong, but your feelings are often not in tune with each other. One of you (typically the Mars person but sometimes the Venus person) may feel sexually aroused by the other and consequently be too aggressive in approach, while the other person feels great love and affection, but is not feeling as sexually attracted. The conflict here is all in the timing. The Venus person may sometimes find the Mars person comes on too strong, and is often offended or taken aback by his or her directness. Jealousy and possessiveness are also likely. Feelings can swing back and forth and you may not realize how much you love each other until you are away from each other.

Venus trine other person’s Mars
Romantic feelings are strong and you are very compatible sexually. It is unlikely that the feeling of being “in love” will ever fade completely, and it is likely that you will both see each other as someone very special and dear to you throughout your lives. Your relationship is definitely warm and romantic and very fulfilling for both of you. The Venus person is enthralled with the Mars person’s sexuality and “body ego”, and the Mars person is turned on by the Venus person’s loving nature. Appreciation on both a romantic and sexual nature is a real part of your relationship, and there is an easygoing energy between the two of you that is both long-lasting and positive.
Venus sextile other person’s Mars
There is a strong romantic attraction between you and you instinctively know how to please and make one another happy sexually. Both tenderness and passion are present between you, so this relationship can be immensely fulfilling to both of you! This is a subtle part of your chemistry, and must be appreciated and encouraged in order to be meaningful and active. The Venus person finds the Mars person very attractive and pleasing, and the Mars person thoroughly enjoys the attention.
If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is to understand the opposing forces and needs for both harmony and conflict in your relationship life. How you handle conflict is both the problem and the solution.
Easier aspects: Conflict is a fact of life, but the two of you seem to have learned quickly a way to deal with your differences in a productive and mutually satisfactory way. There’s always likely to be a little sparring between you and some healthy debate, but perhaps that’s something you enjoy. Finding a balance between the assertive and harmonizing qualities of relationship and life appear to come more easily to you. Others are charmed by the way you handle yourselves as a couple.

Challenging aspects: There’s more of an edge to your conflicts and sometimes your arguments can go too far, and you hurt each other. If you see frustration mount between you, do something about it immediately before you create negative patterns that are hard to break. You may want to seek professional help to find ways both to reduce and diffuse areas of conflict. If you’re going to fight, learn how to fight fair. Your conflicts will always be there to some extent, but you can diminish the escalation. It’s also worthwhile to recognize and appreciate the effort that both of you put into your relationship.
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