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Venus - Neptune Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When Venus in one person’s chart forms an aspect to another person’s Neptune.
The conjunction of Venus and Neptune in a romantic comparison implies a highly romantic bond between the two individuals. When they meet, there is a dreamy, other-worldly energy between them. The Venus person, in particular, finds the Neptune person inexplicably attractive – even ideal on a romantic level. There can be a tendency for the Venus person to assign the Neptune person traits of the Venus person’s ideal lover. The Neptune person is generally intrigued and wants Venus to keep that idealized image of him or her, at least at the beginning. Over time, the Neptune person might feel pressured to meet that ideal image, and vaguely worried that he or she won’t be able to measure up. There is a tolerant energy between the two, and that can be extremely pleasurable. If the Neptune person feels like he or she is not loved for who he or she really IS, problems can erupt. Even more problems arise when the Venus person begins to make excuses for his or her Neptune partner’s real traits, in order to reconcile and perpetuate the romantic ideal he or she assigned Neptune from the very beginning. The Neptune person generally doesn’t want to hurt the Venus native, but he or she may begin to back off in subtle ways if he or she feels too much pressure to fit Venus’ image of him or her. Neptune may literally “fade away” and leave Venus feeling unsatisfied, hurt, and wondering what the heck happened! The main problem with this configuration is projecting an ideal lover onto the partner, and feeling let down when reality enters the picture, or when Neptune “escapes” by retreating further and further away. If, however, this configuration is expressed more realistically, and Venus simply enjoys looking past Neptune’s faults without experiencing let-down, then this combination works best.
The square, quincunx, and opposition aspects of Venus and Neptune in synastry generally emphasize the vacillating and withdrawing theme of Venus-Neptune described above. Venus needs to be aware that if he or she falls in love with a romantic ideal instead of his or her real partner, Neptune will most likely retreat. Venus may go through periods of excessive trusting of the partner and swing to excessive fear that the partner cannot be trusted. The emotional rollercoaster can be unbearable if Venus rides on it for too long. Neptune must be extra careful not to promise more than he or she can deliver, in an attempt to make Venus feel better, remembering that “errors of omission” count as misleading. Neptune might have a hard time dealing with Venus directly, especially because it doesn’t seem that Venus will listen to reason or even wants to see reality.
The sextile and trine between Venus and Neptune in synastry implies a real tolerance between the two. Venus, in particular, is willing to overlook Neptune’s faults, and Neptune is generally very pleased to be loved in such a tolerant manner. This is a dreamy and romantic combination in which the two individuals feel like their partner enhances their lives spiritually.

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