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Venus - Saturn Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When Venus in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Saturn.
Venus conjunct other person’s Saturn
This contact can represent a binding tie, but not without its share of challenges. The Saturn person tends to have the effect of stabilizing the Venus person’s emotions, and much will depend on how the Venus person reacts and the how maturely the Saturn person acts upon the Venus person. Commitment, loyalty, and responsibility are vital defining factors of this relationship. Both persons will need to be aware of a tendency to be too insistent on attention from one another, and well as of the tendency to restrict each other’s sense of freedom. The Saturn person needs to be wary of a too cool approach towards the Venus person’s loving gestures, particularly as time passes. The Saturn person tends to feels responsible for the Venus person, but should avoid becoming too parental with him or her. The Venus person may feel restricted or downright repressed by the Saturn person. This combination is one indication of mutual dependence. If there isn’t an inordinate number of challenging aspects in the rest of the compatibility analysis, this is a good indication of a long-term, highly significant relationship. The Venus person may appreciate the Saturn person’s guidance and loyalty, but could also see the Saturn person as too conservative and socially restrictive. There can be a depressing effect. As well, the Saturn person may see the Venus person as delightfully cheerful. On the other side of the coin, if the Saturn person is feeling insecure, he or she could find the Venus person to be childishly emotional or extravagant. It is quite natural for you to commit to one another. As time passes, the Saturn person could feel threatened by changes or growth in the Venus person’s love nature, and needs to avoid criticizing the Venus person for any new behaviors. Individual growth does not necessarily mean growing apart.
Venus in hard aspect (square, opposition, semi-square, or sesquiquadrate) to other person’s Saturn
Although this relationship may begin with a strong feeling of comfort and compatibility, over time, some very challenging dynamics are likely to surface. The Saturn person, fearing the Venus person’s withdrawal of affection, loyalty, or respect, can easily become critical or demanding of the Venus person. In response to Saturn’s critical demeanor, Venus may withhold affection. A vicious circle can quickly occur. The Venus person could begin to view the Saturn person as unsympathetic, and the Saturn person could come to view the Venus person as childish and undisciplined. Care should be taken to avoid getting into this negative cycle. It will be important for you to maintain an adequate social life, as the tendency with this interchart aspect is to appease one another’s jealous nature by cutting oneself off from hobbies, social activities, and pleasures outside of the relationship. You may be critical of one another’s tastes and hobbies, but at the root of this is some form of jealousy over the attention that you give to outside interests. Commitment and loyalty to one another will be vital, but also the source of some friction.
Venus in flowing aspect (sextile, trine) to other person’s Saturn
The Saturn person acts to stabilize the Venus person’s emotions. One another’s devotion to the relationship is generally respected. Mutual dependence, mostly in a positive way, characterizes this relationship. This is one indication of a long-term, significant relationship. While this aspect does not indicate romantic attraction in and of itself, if a relationship does develop, there is likely to be a strong commitment and a feeling that each person can rely on the other. Structure and security in your relationship will be important. You can count on each other, and you both take the relationship seriously. You are likely to make sacrifices for one another without even thinking twice.

Additional Interpretations:
^This is a serious relationship. The Saturn person inspires in the Venus person the kind of love and respect which makes you want to live up to the standards you both share. This could never be just a casual love affair. It either becomes committed or it ends. You admire strength.
*Easier aspects: You are cautious when getting involved and look for trustworthiness and quality in others, but these are also what you are willing to give. You feel most content with familiar repeated patterns or habits and with creating financial and emotional security. The stability of marriage or formal business contracts appeals to your careful and methodical nature. You are well organized and reliable and tend to keep your word. Others will seek out these admirable abilities. You will be offered positions of responsibility and leadership, and your sense of timing is excellent.
^Venus in hard aspect to Saturn: Sometimes the Saturn person puts too much pressure on the Venus person, which can be a turn-off — especially when that pressure becomes too demanding, too jealous or, in some way, too inhibiting of your pleasure. A natural response to withdraw only makes it worse. The Saturn person secretly longs for the Venus person’s approval.
*Challenging aspects: It’s possible there are obstacles to being committed in love or in business that will frustrate both of you. Timing can be an issue – you may wait too long and delay your decision until the opportunity has passed by. You will learn by trial and error your own rhythm of timing, and when making a move or taking action feels right to you. Avoid negative criticism of yourself and others, because it is counterproductive. It’s also only part of the whole picture.

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