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Venus - Uranus Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When Venus in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Uranus.
Venus conjunct other person’s Uranus
This is one indication of a powerful, sudden, and electric attraction. It is often indicative of a situation where one feels “love at first sight”. If you get together, a sexual relationship may begin quickly, before you truly get to know each other. A mutual sharing of unusual interests is indicated. The attraction to and fascination with each other may be erratic or variable; or it may subside as suddenly as it started. It is vital that each gives the other freedom in order for this relationship to work. Attempts to give this relationship too much structure can drive a wedge between the two. It is likely that the Venus person will eventually crave more constancy from the Uranus person than he or she is willing to give.
Venus in hard aspect (square, opposition, semi-square, or sesquiquadrate) to other person’s Uranus
Electric attraction characterizes this pairing. However, both will have to deal with an inability to truly count on one another over time. The Uranus person may resent any hint that the Venus person wants more of a commitment from, or structure in, the relationship. Affection may be inconstant, or the two may often be separated from one another at key moments. In order for this relationship to work, both parties need to expect the unexpected. This relationship can be an emotional rollercoaster ride, particularly for the Venus person. When the Venus person is feeling especially romantic, the Uranus person may be just out of reach somehow, whether it is a physical reality or takes the form of mental or emotional distancing. This relationship has an erratic, unstable, but exciting quality.
Venus in flowing aspect (sextile, trine) to other person’s Uranus
This aspect is a supportive one. Life is naturally exciting when you are with each other. You share some perhaps unusual interests, and you are usually accepting of one another’s social life, tastes, and hobbies. There may be something pleasingly unconventional about your set-up. Love doesn’t easily become routine for the two of you. The Venus person is romantically drawn to the Uranus person’s more unusual and unique qualities. The Uranus person feels appreciated and finds the Venus person particularly charming and attractive. This interchart aspect also encourages creative expression in both partners.

Additional Interpretations:
^All Venus-Uranus aspects: You were attracted immediately. There was something unique about each other that caught your attention. You sensed a special insight into your deepest-felt values and this inspired in you feelings of warmth. You may share unusual or advanced interests.
*If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is being a good friend, accepting differences in yourselves and others, being truthful, living your truth and enjoying a creative and original lifestyle.
Easier aspects: You have your own individual style and values that you adhere to. Friends and those who know you will respect your integrity, as well as your obvious acceptance of differences and eccentricities in others. You will likely have many diverse friendships since you value creative, original, innovative and self-styled people. Your controversy has charm, and when you stand up for a cause, others will listen because they’ll sense an innate truthfulness. You have the ability to encourage others to look at the bigger picture.
Challenging aspects: You will never be completely conventional and, to some extent, you enjoy shocking others with your unusual behavior. Some will find you refreshing, but others will find you offensive, because of a hard edge you present and your seeming lack of consideration for others’ feelings. Your counter-culture values can sometimes be extreme and brand you as unpredictable. Standing up for worthy causes is one thing, but creating needless disruptions is another. It’s important to learn the difference.

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