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Angry Cancer, and Revenge

Insight into Cancer: Displeasure, outrage and vengeance.

Cancer, the perennially five-year old mummy's baby, are an adorable lot and need to be pampered every now and then.
The Cancer's mood swings are beyond measure or expression, and their emotions have no filter or boundary and get overbearing. They can sob their heart out for every little thing and sulk until the world ends. They will throw a tantrum or a fit whenever things are not going their way. This is the reason that people find them spoilsport, irritating or annoying. But thanks to a wonderful memory, they have trouble forgiving or letting go. This loving, caring, seemingly harmless cry-baby can get extremely vindictive, if they are hurt beneath their shell (skin). With the makings of a passionate killer, a vengeful Cancer can be very unpredictable and will not stop till their revenge is over.
Want to anger a Cancer?
They are prone to emotional outbursts!

Angering Cancer can be easy if they are worked up emotionally. Nurturing and motherly by nature, they are born givers. They would give, and give, and give - and expect only your appreciation in return. Take their help, and pretend to be ungrateful to see them red. They will probably sulk. If you want to get low, talk dirty about their family - especially their mothers.
Also, they are extremely fussy about their space - room or house. They are very possessive of every little thing, especially those that they have fond memories of. Invasion of their space, and messing with their stuffs would definitely get you beneath a Cancer's skin.

Cancer's vindictive revenge
Ruled by the Moon, as much as the Cancer loves someone, their revenge is equally vindictive. But, the Cancer does not get vindictive easily, much like Taurus. Mostly, their anger takes the form of an emotional outburst - which will bring to fore many thoughts of past, present and future - and end with a lot of tears, overwhelmed with many emotions. If the Cancer is not pacified at this point, the "emotional outburst" is just the beginning.
This sign can change overnight into a lethal killer, due to their extreme mood swings. If they are really hurt bad, the Cancer will surely take their revenge - and will not stop till their adversary feels the pain and humiliation that they have gone through. And, that is a lot of feelings, mind you! Their revenge knows no emotion, logic or common-sense, and is usually very ruthless. They don't care about the possible consequences, either.
Devoid of all emotions, when exacting a revenge, they feel no remorse even after a ruthless act of revenge. It is best not to mess with a crab.
On the other hand, the Cancer's emotions may be used to pacify them. If you have unwittingly hurt a Cancer, their "emotional outburst" should be your first and last signal to act - and act fast, because the more they sulk, they more vindictive they will emerge as. Sending them an expensive gift, with a long letter/email of apology should start doing the trick - but the letter/email better be long, preferably reminding happy moments that you share together. Finally, you should follow them up with flowers and a phone call, and expect nothing. Depending upon the offence, it may take months for the Cancer to get the weights of their shoulders.

Testing the Cancer endurance
Small, irritating things that no Cancer can withstand
Try comparing your mothers, and exclaim how your mother does something better, or more properly, than theirs.
Try to keep them waiting in the car (or under the sun) to pop into a shop with "I'll be back in a minute" - and of course, you come back after an hour. You can also make sure they watch you chatting with a friend or a storekeeper, while they are waiting.
Try to start discussing their agony (or problem) - and quickly switch to your agony (or problem) - "But this is nothing, let me tell you what happened to me ...", and leave them to their grief.
Try to keep a secretive attitude, that shows them that you do not trust them with anything - while demanding that they trust you with everything.
Try putting a fork on their plate to "steal" a potato or something from their meal. They wouldn't mind giving you all, but you have to ask!
In general, any attempt to challenge their basic Cancerian traits, will anger or irritate them. For example: being insensitive, giving them the silent treatment, rejecting their love, threatening them, criticizing them, leaving them unsure about where they stand, etc.
Irritated Cancer
Best way to get them back in mood

For Cancer, the past was always better than the present. They have mysterious ways to connect with events of the past that made them happy. Make a Cancer remember enjoyable family events, or talk about some funny moments in the past (and laugh, even if you cannot act). Showing old pictures, or sitting with them with an old family album - would definitely make their day.
Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Cancer traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Cancer behaviours.
Also remember, anger is a basic human emotion and revenge is a reaction to anger. Each sign has a different response to anger, with differing approaches. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will explode in fury, then be hanging out with you again the next day. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will mope around for a while, but get over it if a sincere apology is offered (with the exception of Scorpio, who might never forgive you). Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) will distance themselves or resort to the silent treatment. Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) will not forgive so easily, these signs can hold a grudge for decades depending on the offense.

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