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Angry Scorpio, and Revenge

Insight into Scorpio: Displeasure, outrage and vengeance.

Scorpio, the most intense of zodiac signs, is cunning, sly, manipulative, aggressive and super vindictive. The infamous "Scorpio Sting" has rightfully earned its respect and attention.
The Scorpio is a sign that relishes a revenge, and does not want it to end, ever. They enjoy other people's suffering, and derive a delight out of it. This might sound like Scorpios are frighteningly petty, perverse and evil - but they are not. Their intensity is rarely directed towards exacting a revenge. However, they have very high opinion about themselves, and do not think anybody even comes close to their standards. When hurt, betrayed or double-crossed, they have no other choice but to feed their appetite for dominance. More often than not, Scorpios exact revenge to satisfy themselves rather than to inflict pain.
Want to anger a Scorpio?
They will always seek revenge!

Angering Scorpio can be easy, but beware! Tread carefully, because this sign will surely strike back with a vengeance. Belittle this ego-savvy sign, or accuse them of being a poser or fake to see them red.
The Scorpio also has a god-complex, and making them feel that they are below average is bound to incite their anger. Lying to this "psychic" sign is not going to be taken well either - they simply "know" the truth. Even if you have not hurt them, the manipulative scorpion often gets entangled in their own web of manipulations - and who is to be blamed, is anybody's guess!

Scorpio's excruciating revenge
Scorpios are not sadists, and don't dream of ways to inflict pain on others. But if the Scorpio is hurt, humiliated or double-crossed, they will instantly and abruptly shut their adversary out - without a word, explanation or hint - as if the adversary had always been a stranger. However, their appetite for vengeance will endure and most of the time, an angry Scorpio will only shut someone out to take time in plotting a revenge.
Traditionally ruled by Mars - the God of war, this fixed masculine sign is destructive and unforgiving. They carry a confidence like no other sign - and, they know who they are and what they are capable of. A vengeful Scorpio is completely detached from all emotions, or humanity - and would not spare even children or old people.
The Scorpio loves a psychological revenge, if they can. They would rather torment an adversary's psyche and relish in destroying them - one brain cell at a time. They would draw their adversary into a psychological game, and deliver "gradually escalating stings" till the adversary doubts his/her sanity. Every time their adversary wants out, the "magnetic" Scorpio will use their charms (or whatever needed) to draw them back in their manipulated game. All along, they will feed their adversary with riddles, undecipherable hints, and ambiguous circles of thought. Initially, an unsuspecting adversary would only assume the Scorpio as eccentric - until their adversary realizes that they are being dealt with a "slow stinging death", when it is probably already too late.
If they cannot get their adversary into a psychological game, this master of subterfuge delivers a series of "invisible stings". The Scorpio will poison their adversary's life, sabotage his/her social status, and crucify his/her sense of self-respect - till the time they continue to derive enjoyment.

On the other hand, the Scorpio responds positively to expensive gifts, money and opportunities to climb the social or corporate ladder. If you have unwittingly hurt a Scorpio, try to invite them to the right parties, introduce them to right people and open the right opportunities - and don't forget to be by their side all along. That might lessen your punishment, but forgiveness is too high an expectation. The Scorpio neither forgives, nor forgets.
Testing the Scorpio endurance
Small, irritating things that no Scorpio can withstand
Try to take pictures of them, when they are not aware of it. It gets worse, if you upload the picture in a social networking site, and it doesn't get any "likes".
Try to do something wrong and force them to feel pathetic about you - like, tear a page (of a book) and pretend that you are very sad about it - to force them to tell you that it doesn't matter; or overcook/burn your dinner and pretend sadness till they tell you it doesn't matter.
Try to take responsibility and do nothing about it - like saying "Leave it to me", and never do it.
Try to make suggestions when they are driving, or doing something that has exclusive control - like, "That is a red signal. You will need to stop".
Try to force compliments or assurances out of them - like, "Don't I look more attractive in this dress?", "Isn't this a lovely day?", etc.
In general, any attempt to challenge their basic Scorpio traits, will anger or irritate them. For example: making them feel like a second option, giving them reasons to not trust you, dismissing their ideas, challenging their manipulative moves, confront them, etc.
Irritated Scorpio
Best way to get them back in mood

For Scorpio, bad mood is often packaged with emotional detachment. An irked Scorpio is angry with everyone and everything! The only alternate is to turn their attention to conspiracy, intrigue, and back-stabbing that is the cause of their current distress. Put on your fantasy, and make the most satanic scenarios when you talk to analyze the situation. Don't forget to mention how they can "destroy" their adversary, if they feel like revengeful. The Scorpio is going to love it!
Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Scorpio traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Scorpio behaviours.

Also remember, anger is a basic human emotion and revenge is a reaction to anger. Each sign has a different response to anger, with differing approaches. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will explode in fury, then be hanging out with you again the next day. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will mope around for a while, but get over it if a sincere apology is offered (with the exception of Scorpio, who might never forgive you). Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) will distance themselves or resort to the silent treatment. Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) will not forgive so easily, these signs can hold a grudge for decades depending on the offense.
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