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About Aquarius Kids & Young Ones

Know the little ones by their Sun Sign: Aquarius.

Aquarius kids are boys and girls born around 21 January to 18 February.
Aquarius kids have weird brains, which can be in dress, thought, or behaviour. They are inventive and innovative. Aquarian kids may be more interested in their world of thoughts and ideas, rather than sports and other physical activities. They are not interested in the time-tested tracks that everybody else follow. They are progressive, and enjoy putting into practice new ideas and reforms that help everybody else. These kids may grow into a scientist ready to open new frontiers, especially if Mercury is also in Aquarius.
These children, born with Sun in Aquarius, are intrigued by any type of technology. Electronics, computers, space travel and alchemy may capture their attention. It may be a good idea to introduce them to computers at an early age. Aquarius children are also spontaneous in nature, and love drama. When these children are bored with routine, they might stir up trouble or create circumstances, just to keep drama and excitement flowing in their lives.
Aquarius kids are friendly and like to socialize. They do not require much affection or attention, and might be quite alone if they cannot find someone to share their somehow unique, different, even perhaps eccentric visions. At the same time, it is not uncommon for them to have a few off-beat characters as friends. As friends, they are unwaveringly loyal. These children are known to be open-minded and democratic, but they are also known to become intolerant or aloof of what they perceive as lesser minds.

Freedom is of utmost importance to an Aquarius child. As much they are friendly and love to socialize, they also need space to be alone. They usually need a room, or space, of their own to think, create, and innovate. They might also be stubborn about their ideas, and insist upon doing things their way, or no other way!
As they grow up, they may keep abreast of the news, or start searching for a cause. Aquarius is a Humanatarian sign, and these children start thinking globally from an early age. They begin displaying their charitable instinct to all people and animals, and want to do good for the mankind. This somewhat makes them appear cold in nature, and rather impersonal and uncaring to people.
During childhood, it is important that they are discouraged of their 'know-it-all' attitude, and taught to be more sensitive to other children and peers - who are comparatively more emotional than them. They also need to learn to honour other people and their feelings, and not just honour group beliefs and norms only. Aquarius children need to be encouraged to undertake physical activities, and being progressive by nature, they take to cycling or running easily. They also need to learn the difference between freedom and rebelliousness. Historical accounts and anecdotes are found to be helpful to teach them that freedom entails responsibility, and that there are consequences of the right and wrong use of free will.
Baby and Toddler Aquarius
(0-5 years, approximately)

Aquarius kids are different, and exhibit strange, sometimes even weird, behaviours. Being different is their speciality. From birth to schooling age, here is how Aquarius kids grow:

Birth - 6 months:
They are bright, alert, and lively. They respond well to people and objects, but usually have a short attention span and get distracted easily. They love being talked to, interacting with others, and enjoy sensory stimulation. These gentle beings love surprises. They do not like physical restrictions, including those due to clothings or beddings.
6-18 months:
They are curious, restless, and become increasingly interested in surroundings. They usually have little sense of danger, and need to be watched to avoid accidents and mishaps from curiosity. They tend to walk and talk early, and need plenty of open space, stimulation, and supervision. They also need reassurance that there is someone near, either their parents or someone they are comfortable with.
18 months - 3 years:
They have increased curiosity, and need brief but clear explanations. They need to know, analyze, and understand how everything fits together. They usually enjoy games related to puzzles. Their behaviour may also become unpredictable, but would usually become more social and enjoy interacting with peers. At this stage, toilet training can be difficult, and a logical approach may do the trick.
3-5 years:
They are increasingly curious, and may become restless and unruly unless there is enough mental stimulation. They have heightened fear of restriction, confinement, and being excluded or isolated. They need to understand few but firm boundaries, and find brief explanations, or choices, or options more acceptable than restrictions. They need interaction with peer group, as they begin to get socially oriented.
School-Aged Aquarius Girl
(6-12 years, approximately)

Aquarius girls usually have an eccentric mix of friends that have parents worried, and on their toes. She is certainly not a leader, but has a natural charisma that attracts other children. She is the breath of fresh air that keeps other children in perpetual motion. Parental radar for this child and her friends is a neccessity, but trying to restrict their freedom is not going to help. When talked down, or attempted to restrict, this girl will shut down and stomp off. However, they respond well to intelligent and well-reasoned arguments, and are more likely to change their ways on their own.
From the moment they start walking to well into adulthood, Aquarius girls would look for the next great discovery in every corner of her reality. From a spider to a dust bunny, their thirst for the next grand adventure is unquenchable. They have imaginative ways to fill their hours, and are not likely to grab their favourite book or doll to bide time. History and science can have them interested, if explained to them in adventurous terms, rather than understanding or gaining knowledge. Needless to state, that the worst possible punishment for the Aquarius girl is grounding her.
These girls abide by no rules, and have a tendency to undermine the traditional family or school dynamics. They have their own sense of patterning, and routine is extremely important to the Aquarian mindset - but certainly not your routine. They follow a routine that provides them continuity and security, on their own terms, and woe to the parent who disrupts the flow. You have to find clever ways to make an Aquarius girl accept structures and rules, while maintaining her independent outlooks.

School-Aged Aquarius Boy
(6-12 years, approximately)

Aquarius boys are somewhat erratic and highly unpredictable that make parenting a rough job. He is certainly not a pesky little character, but has a power-pack attached to his mind that jumps from A to Z, leaving everybody wondering about the steps in-between. He may well be on the path to greatness, but it will be his own path and rules of his own making. Parental supervision for this child is a necessity, because his constant mental activity can manifest outwardly as intense curiosity - and he may jump into an adventure without checking in first. With their thoughts ahead of their bodies, parents usually have a problem in trying to keep up with their child's mental growth.
Bumps and bruises are commonplace for the high-paced Aquarius boys, and they may also come across as awkward and uncoordinated. They lose track of time, as their current fascination envelopes them, and hours simply slip by unnoticed. They truly cannot help being late, and are mostly too excited to sleep. It is important to set an evening routine that turns down his normally high frequency life, in order to gear him down for bed. These boys are stubborn, have a strong willful streak, and have little respect to rules, routines, or structures. Instead of forcing them, they need to be reasoned and more often than not, they will think things through and later do exactly what is instructed.
Aquarius boys are not cuddlers, but they are very personable and love to make new friends. While their natural charisma attracts a lot of friends, their intuitive knack draws them to the best companions. When in his company, you can expect other children to try crazy things that they normally would not. This means your house will rarely be quiet, and needs a well-stocked first-aid kit.
Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Aquarius traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Aquarius behaviours.

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