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About Aries Kids & Young Ones

Know the little ones by their Sun Sign: Aries.

Aries kids are boys and girls born around 21 March to 20 April.
Aries kids are very enthusiastic and enterprising, and always eager to take new challenges, or start something new. Fearless in everything they do, these kids are not afraid to take risks, and usually do not abide by the rules. They are innovative and inventive, and there is never a dull moment for them. If they are not watched, they may climb the tallest tree, or leap off the roof, or jump fences and the likes - making them prone to accidents, especially hurting their head and face.
These children, born with Sun in Aries, would never sit still, or stop moving, and tend to leap before they look. Even as toddlers, they would burst in and out of doors, before others know what happened. These kids learn by experience and consequences, rather than advice or lessons. Their tendency to flaunt rules amount to arrogance, a misdirection of their energy. Parents need extraordinary patience, to make them respect rules and abide by necessary limitations. They love competitive sport and often excel in physical activities, which provides a great way for them to learn the importance of rules and structures. They also benefit from disciplined physical outlets, like ballet, gymnastics and martial arts.
Aries kids are born leaders, who neither care for the limelight, nor crave for followers. With some guidance, they have the makings of an inventor, and their daring attitude usually take them to high positions - from class president to the bigwig in any group. However, they move too quickly, and lose interest in everything pretty fast. Getting them to finish what they started can be a problem, and parents would need to prod them to complete their tasks. Teaching them patience is necessary, but tiresome - especially because parents are anyway too tired in dealing with their feisty ways.

From rage to ecstasy, they have a full range of strong emotions on their surface. These kids would instantly react, and think of consequences later. Parents should be watchful for extreme behaviours, especially violence. They are usually prone to hot-headedness and arguments. These kids can also be very competitive, especially if Mercury is also in Aries, which comes with a whole gamut of ego-centric behaviours. Although, they need recognition for achievements and correct actions, but parents should discourage their tendency to brag from a tender age. They are usually assertive, and get angry if they are made to wait, or if they are not first in something. They need to learn the humility to admit that someone else just may do or know better sometimes. They also need to be taught to balance their 'Let me do it my way' and 'Me-first' attitude, which can lead to difficulties with siblings and playmates, and in extreme cases, selfishness.
Baby and Toddler Aries
(0-5 years, approximately)

Aries kids are enthusiastic and fiesty. They are not afraid of taking risks, which make them prone to accidents. From birth to schooling age, here is how Aries kids grow:
Birth - 6 months:
They are delightful, friendly, alert, and active. They are also usually happy, and smiling most of the time. They tend to sleep in short bursts, and wake up easily - often without reason. They are also very demanding, and usually vocal and loud.
6-18 months:
They are very active, and may try to walk even before they learn to crawl. They are usually impatient, as much with others as with themselves. They also tend to get frustrated if they cannot achieve something as quickly as they would desire to.
18 months - 3 years:
They are increasingly inquisitive, and tend to ask endless questions to adults. They tend to be constantly on the move, and always busy. They also become argumentative, even a little rebellious, and may start questioning authority.
3-5 years:
They are volatile - angry and threatening one moment, and sweet and loving the next. They tend to be extremely sensitive, and take everything personally. They also tend to get frustrated on their own ability, especially when they fail to perform tasks.
School-Aged Aries Girl
(6-12 years, approximately)

Aries girls are confident and unconventional, and their thirst for adventure often lands them in trouble. Fierce about their independence, these girls usually walk on the wild side of life, open to taking risks inherent to their adventurous spirit. Parents have a difficult time supervising them, and usually find themselves on the receiving end of a very effective 'evil eye' that communicates their indignation - without uttering a word. They love to push their boundaries, including other's patience.

Although they never grow into conformist adults, these girls have a lot of potential. If their energies are positively directed, they tend to put their mind, and impressively fashion their ambition into any field. With a soul of an inventor, an Aries girl would find new and innovative ways of doing age-old things, and get everyone else to play along. These girls often come up with very successful concepts, and if provided with the time and tools for pursuing those concepts, they will happily and effectively harness their interminable energy without conflicts.
These girls expect to help with decision making around the household, and are known to be prideful. With their leadership skill, they usually know how to put people or tasks together to achieve the best outcomes.
Aries girls also love social settings, especially where they can direct others - and sometimes, can become rather domineering. These girls usually lead their peers, and reinforcing the concept of solid team spirit can help them stay in the good graces of their peer group. They may, however, go-off on lone escapades without any peers or parents to deter their natural need for speed - especially in the years approaching their teen-age, and moreso in their teens. It might be difficult, but parents should know when to put their foot down.
School-Aged Aries Boy
(6-12 years, approximately)

Aries boys are always initiating something, or inciting someone. With no respect for rules or strictures, these boys are not ones to stay idle for a moment. They are incredibly active, and crave for non-stop action - these healthy and strong boys hardly provide their weary parents any rest. Parents need to find healthy and competitive outlets to positively guide their energies. They love anything that offers a challenge, provided they have not done the same thing too recently.

These boys, however, have a problem in completing tasks, and grow weary of projects half-way through - to quickly move on to the next interesting or precarious adventure.
Aries boys are born leaders, and extremely conquest-driven. Every now and then, they enjoy a battle, but only if it is worthy of their intellect and skills. Parents usually end up in a tug-of-war with these boys - from having bed time on their terms, to getting the meals of their choice, to obtaining their preferred toys. These boys are never good followers, and parents soon realize that their instructions fall on deaf ears. It is best not to create power struggles, especially because they will seek to misdirect their energies into winning these 'minor battles'.
As they grow up, especially towards the teens, they undergo a motivational change, and start looking for an inspirational passion. With some guidance, they can shine in whatever vision they have, in whatever role they like.
Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Aries traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Aries behaviours.

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