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About Gemini Kids & Young Ones

Know the little ones by their Sun Sign: Gemini.

Gemini kids are boys and girls born around 22 May to 22 June.
Gemini kids are chatterboxes, usually exceptionally witty and humorous, and good entertainers. They love to communicate - by all available means: talking, writing, broadcasting, learning foreign languages, and even to themselves in the mirror. Born with acute curiosity and a never-ending thirst for information, they love to investigate, search, and explore. These kids are intelligent, love to learn, and practically come up with a thousand questions - leaving adults dumbfounded, not only with the research required for the answers, but also pondering at the source of the queries.
These children, born with Sun in Gemini, are always observant to the minutest details, and follow no pattern. Therefore, their queries arise from all sort of topics that they come across. In this age of Internet, parents get to research their answers with ease, but their tendency to collect bits of information rarely leads to accumulation of knowledge. They need to learn to concentrate on one topic at a time, develop good study habits, and avoid dissipating their energy. These kids learn at a fairly brisk pace, and are often the teacher's pet because they love to read, and enjoy learning a broad range of subjects. These kids are avid readers, treat a good book like a treasured friend, and need many, many books on many diverse subjects to keep themselves happy.
Gemini kids are extremely good with speech, are never at a loss for words, and they possess serious potential in sales and marketing even at a young age. However, the fact that they can talk so much, can drive everyone else away. They need to learn to listen to what others have to say, and also to move their bodies as often as they move their mouths. While these kids love phone, walky-talkies, and computers, parents may have problems in limiting their involvement on Internet, especially Social Networking. On the other hand, boredom can turn them into a hyper, nervous, antsy kid. It is important that they be provided with various activities. They are naturally attracted to all manner of transportation, from bicycles to whatever, anything in which to get around. Getting them involved in dance lessons, gymnastics, or track and field can also be beneficial.

These kids are also natural mimics, and need good role models. Their ability to quickly pick-up, amounts to a high degree of impressionability. Parents are advised discern in their selection of books and movies, because these kids tend to copy (often verbatim) what they see or hear.
Gemini kids seek variety in everything, from clothes to food to books to everyday experience. They also tend to get into too many projects at the same time, and never get to complete them, or learn to be good at anything. If not guided from a tender age, their affinity for variety can keep them from being faithful to friends, and later to spouse, and even lead to their inability to stick with one career. Their future success depends on the ability to steady their restless mind, and to focus and complete the task at hand. They largely benefit from maintaining a diary, and keeping a list of their tasks. Parents should strive in teaching these kids to fulfill their commitments, and focus on their tasks till they are complete.
Baby and Toddler Gemini
(0-5 years, approximately)

Gemini kids are witty, humorous, and good entertainers. They are avid readers, and enjoy reading many books, on many subjects. From birth to schooling age, here is how Gemini kids grow:
Birth - 6 months:
They are very alert, and respond well to laughter. They usually enjoy interaction, and make immediate contact with strangers using eye-contact and vocalisation. They also play well with mirrors. They like being talked to, and to hear the sound of a human voice.
6-18 months:
They are curious and verbal, and constantly in motion. They find everything exciting and challenging, but have a short attention span and need plenty of variety. They are likely to talk and walk early, and usually learn through repetition and conversation.
18 months - 3 years:
They are always in a state of perpetual motion, and begin to perform multiple tasks at the same time. They look for honesty from those around. Their mercurial personality begins to show, and they become unpredictable.
3-5 years:
They are restless, curious, and continue to be changeable. They begin to test different roles and truths, even testing their parents to check if they mean what they say. Usually, 'Why' and 'How' seem to be their favourite words. They also begin to display good conversational abilities, mimicry, and skills in debating and negotiating.

School-Aged Gemini Girl
(6-12 years, approximately)

Gemini girls are driven by curiosity, and their inquisitiveness does not end with exploring - they have questions after questions about everything and anything that grabs their wandering sight, or mind. Finding answers to their questions can be frustrating, especially because adults are left wondering where they possibly heard or saw things to come up with such questions. But these girls are magnets for information, and seeking information keeps them engaged, focused and happy.
From the moment that they become mobile, these girls live life like a game of treasure hunt. From climbing out of the cradle using a pillow or teddy bear, the world is their playhouse, and they would want to try everything at least once, and even twice if they like it. At any given moment, they will observe something that captures their imagination, and run with it. Most of them have trouble staying still, or concentrating on a single task. No two days would be alike for them, or their parents, and not one hobby or form of play can keep them engaged. Particularly in the early years, parents will have a tiresome job, until they grow enough to be introduced to science, nature, and books rich with imagery and stories that twist and turn.
Books fulfill an important role for these girls, and it is never too early to begin reading them stories. They are naturally attracted to storytellers, and later becoming storytellers themselves, or begin acting in school plays. These girls love to communicate, are extremely good with speech, and can unwittingly convince others of nearly anything - sometimes, to the point of manipulation. Their knack of presenting themselves in a wide variety of roles, make them love the center stage. However, without being taught the essence of silence, enduring 'quiet time', and listening to others, these girls tend to become self-absorbed as they grow up.
Gemini girls can also find it difficult to make good companions. Apart from all the talking that can drive others away, and their need for variety, these girls also become impatient with peers who cannot see both the global picture and the minutia of any given situation. Peers can find them as extremely talkative and haughty, causing a fair share of hurt feelings, where parents would frequently need to soothe the ache with a hug and some sound advice.

School-Aged Gemini Boy
(6-12 years, approximately)

Gemini boys are excellent communicators, and smart as a whip - with a wit to match. They have a highly active mind, which requires a continuous supply of information - be it stories or facts. These boys have a propensity for jokes and gags, and love coming up with little tricks or twists of a phrase. Apart from fulfilling their thirst for information, parents may find it challenging to deal with their good intentioned chicanery - which catches others quite unaware, and traps them knee-deep before they know it - while these boys laugh like crazy.
These boys are practically 'two boys in one body', both of whom seem completely divergent. One moment, a Gemini boy may agree to something, while in the very next moment he might adamantly decline - and both standpoints usually have sound reasoning. As they grow-up, they begin to multi-task, and handle two or more completely different tasks at the same time - for example, read a book and watch a movie at the same time, and remember details of both.
Gemini boys do not respect routines, and cannot be expected to remain at one place, or do one task, for a substantial time. Their restless minds are here, there, and everywhere, and so are their bodies.
As the grow up, they realize that there is a lot to life beyond the back yard, or for that matter, the neighborhood. At this point, these boys get hit with a strong bit of wanderlust. Any positive effort to fulfill their thirst for knowledge and adventure goes a long way toward a successful adulthood. On the other hand, restricting them could make them hyper, and even nervous.

Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Gemini traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Gemini behaviours.
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