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Gemini Love & Sex Life

Insight into Gemini: Passions, desires and turn-offs.

Charming, flirty, and irresistible, he has incredibly high standards and may throw up a smoke screen or act unpredictably to hide his deepest emotions. The intellectual Twin is not always comfortable with the great passions that lie within him which are unleashed when he falls in love. For this reason, the Gemini man does not fall in love easily or often. Thoughts, not emotions, influence him the most, so get him talking about his opinions. He is a fun loving and roguish lover, with bold romantic gestures. Don’t read too much into them, though, because for a Gemini, this is just normal behavior. Game, set, and match – love is sometimes pure diversion for the Gemini man.
In relationships, Gemini men will often exasperate their partners with their objective reasoning in arguments. He isn’t being cold and unemotional; he’s just trying to be logical about it all. Luckily, because he is so good at communicating his thoughts and listening to his partner, arguments don’t happen often. Routine is anathema to the Gemini man, so the biggest threat to a relationship with a Gemini is boredom. His partner will have to keep up with his mental gymnastics or risk losing his attention. The perfect partner for a Gemini man is one who is practical, stable and won’t mind his madcap fancies. A partner must also be extremely intelligent and secure enough to provide him with plenty of space to roam.
Playful in the bedroom, sex is an adventure for the Gemini man. He wants to try new things, new toys, and new positions. Like all the other signs ruled by Air, the way to a Gemini man’s libido is through his mind. Mental games, rapid-fire riposte, sexual banter – all these things turn him on more than satin lingerie or candlelight ever will. His is a cerebral kind of sexuality, and he will use all the information at his disposal to please his partner satisfactorily in bed. The Gemini man is a generous lover, and seldom possessive or jealous.
He is generally considered most compatible with Libra, Aquarius, Leo, and Aries.

Gemini in Love
A Gemini woman is very romantic and if there are any doubts, she will keep looking. Always mercurial, she falls in and out of love perhaps more often than others, seeking perfection. However, this does not mean she is a femme fatale – most do not come up to scratch to a Gemini woman’s standards. She needs conversation, fun, and mental stimulation. Gemini women very rarely fall in love completely, preferring instead to test the waters first. Fickle dreamers, Geminis often feel that complete love is essentially utopian; therefore, she may treat love as nothing more than sport, albeit one that she excels in.
Once she does meet a perfect partner, however, a Gemini woman will completely open up all aspects of her personality to that lucky person – and there are quite a few of them! Woe betide any who starts getting complacent about winning such a prize, however, as Gemini needs to grow when she is in love, and the phrase “catching is not the same as keeping” comes to mind when Gemini women are involved.
The Gemini woman is waiting for her ideal lover to sweep her away. But her idea of the perfect mate isn’t necessarily about being tall, dark and handsome. It’s more about the ability to make her laugh with their witty sense of humor and showing her a bit of their romantic heart.
Relationships & the Gemini Man
The Gemini man’s innate charm makes him quite popular and he is never lacking for party invitations. Being a good listener and possessing sound judgment, friends will often call on him for advice.

He can sometimes be logical to the point of being irritating, but his rationalization of an argument does allow him to see both sides.
Relationships & the Gemini Woman
Enchanting, exasperating, challenging, exciting, and complex – the Gemini woman is all this and more. The duality of the Twins requires a light touch and fine balance in relationships. She needs a partner who can keep her entertained and mentally stimulated. If you can’t keep up, a Gemini will not hang around waiting for you – don’t take it too personally, but it’s not her, it’s you. It’s just that there is nothing a Gemini woman likes more than a sexy, witty exchange of word and if you cannot hold her interest, then, like a puff of wind, she’s off seeking bigger, better conquests. She wants to be nurtured and catered to, yet her nature also demands independence and movement. A Gemini woman loves small, sentimental gestures that keep the romance alive and kicking in relationships. She appreciates original effort and in return, can play many roles in a relationship. She is the best friend, tennis partner, race competitor, cheerleader, critic, lover and fighter, all in one. When in a good relationship, Geminis are dynamic and loyal partners.
Logic powers the Gemini woman’s mind, so her instinct to rationalize an argument will often allow her to see both sides of any issue. This is good, but you still don’t want to argue with her. A skilled adversary, the Gemini woman can argue that black is white – and when she’s convinced you of that, she’ll flip it around and argue the reverse. You can try to keep up, but don’t expect to win.
Always flirtatious and forever enjoying the romantic chase, this woman does not find settling down with a single partner easy – but once that special someone is found, she will be completely devoted to the relationship.

Mercurial, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “characterized by rapid and unpredictable changeableness of mood.” Gemini ladies are unpredictable! One day she can be singing and dancing and the next she’ll barely speak a full sentence. Best of all – the Gemini woman is never boring.
Communication and sharing dreams are important to the Gemini woman. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions regarding your hopes, wishes, and regrets. She likes to delve into her partner’s mind. This is because she cares and she can’t feel close to someone without knowing their innermost thoughts.
Romance & the Gemini Man
The adventurous Gemini man enjoys variety and constant stimulation which means that his bedroom behavior will keep a partner continually surprised and always pleased. More often than not, he will put his companion’s satisfaction before his own and this unselfish trait makes him an ideal lover.
This gentleman is a flirtatious one and enjoys the romantic side of dating and new connections. Although he may find it difficult to remain with a single partner, once he finds that special someone he becomes totally devoted to the relationship.

Romance & the Gemini Woman
Geminis are the most versatile of signs, and sex is more than just a physical activity with a Gemini woman – it is also a mental sport. She loves the chase, and is always in search of the perfect lover. She wants a complete experience, a total stimulation in all the senses – sight, sound, and touch. Her lovers must excite her mind and especially, her imagination. Gemini women love to experiment and to try new things. This is not a sign for faint hearted lovers! Open minded and extroverted in the bedroom, Gemini women love being stroked on the hands and arms.
True to her Zodiac sign, the adventurous Gemini woman enjoys variety and constant stimulation, so her bedroom antics will keep you on your toes. With her Gemini ‘twins’ being active participants, this woman wants to please as much as she desires pleasure.
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