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About Gemini, the Twins

Traits, qualities & all about Gemini, the 3rd Sun Sign.

Gemini is the sign of the inventor, the artist.
Every year, the Sun enters the sign of Gemini on or around 22 May, and transits through it till around 22 June. Individuals born during this period are known as "Natives of Gemini", or "Sun in Gemini", or "Geminites", or simply "Gemini".
These natives are charming, friendly, and love to interact with people of all walks and learn from them. They can chat endlessly, but most of their conversations are intellectual talks and not idle chats. They are versatile, and usually have amazing grasp over subjects that they find interesting. However, they are usually not able to sustain their interest for long. These natives are curious, and are always looking for new information to feed their intellectual inclinations - making them lose focus and interest on particular subjects to explore something new.
Gemini is a mutable air sign, that is ruled by Mercury.

Symbol: The Twins
The glyph (or symbol) for Gemini depicts two lines joined together - a symbolism of duality, the twins. Gemini natives have dual nature, sometimes to the point of being two different personalities, and symbolized by the twins. Gemini natives are also adaptable and flexible. Duality also symbolizes exchange and interaction - much like the Gemini which is associated with exchange of ideas, communication and trade. The symbol denotes duality, communicative approach, keen and curious attitude, innovation and swiftness.
The Generic Gemini Backdrop: Personality Traits and Other Notes
A Geminite is nothing, if not expressive ... intellectually expressive! They have a strong urge for self-expression, and love to interact with others. They are very social, and usually have friends from all walks of life - lots of them. They are lively and enthusiastic individuals - and literally have a finger in every pie.
They are intellectually inclined, and their interactions with others are rarely "idle chats". Geminites are clever and quick-witted, and enjoy an intellectual conversation. Geminites tend to get bored if they cannot derive considerable mental stimulation. They gather as much information as they possibly can, from a given event or situation - and love to share their information, as much as they love to gather them. Their interactions are usually entertaining and stimulating. The company of a Geminite is seldom boring, as they are both interested and interesting.
They have an unquenchable desire to gather information about everything and everybody. Gemini is a sign of inventors - they are extremely curious, and inquisitive. And, they are driven by anything that demand new ideas, plenty of communication, and fresh, new approach. They do not usually prefer repetitive tasks. Herein lies their restlessness - the very need for new and fresh make Geminites a tad unreliable and shifty. Their changeability can be as dizzying, as their wit can be dazzling!

However, Geminites are skillful and talented - especially when it comes to work involving their hands and gross motor skills. They perform best in careers that keeps them busy, and ones that offer ample opportunities to communicate - like Journalism, Radio Jockeying, etc.
The Geminites are also versatile, and often quite adept at fitting in with others. They easily adopt to the moods of those around them, and quickly adapt to new situations. This makes them impressionable, but their flexible and changeable nature gains them plenty of friends and social contacts. However, they are not easily intimidated, and can get a little difficult to get close to. Their ability to detach themselves, especially when a situation or friendship stagnates, makes them very objective and observant. For this reason, although Geminites have a lot of friends, intimacy does not come easily for them. It is quite difficult to understand what or how a Geminite is feeling, at a given moment.
They are also accused of being low on concentration and listening skills. Geminites have relatively short attention spans, and often flit about - moving quickly but keeping themselves busy every step of the way. Due to their scaterred interests, Geminites tend to gain quite a bit of knowledge in many things, but fail to aquire specialized knowledge in anything. For this reason, they are known to have dual personalities or double-minds, which often makes them appear to waver in their desires and choices.
Geminites enjoy the "light" side of life, and do not tend to take things seriously. They are usually quite affable, and it is pleasing to have them around. But, this can be maddening to others who seek support on deeper issues of life. Herein lies their loyality - or the lack of it. It is often not wise or intuitive to expect them to be loyal, or trust them with secrets. As soon as they get hold of an interesting piece of information, they would straight away share it with their loved ones - without any hesitation. Geminites enjoy sharing information with their loved ones - irrespective of their significance.

In relationships, however, they are loyal and faithful to their loved ones. They take good care of the needs of the family, and are alert and watchful of them. They stand for equality, and more often than not, Geminites pursue their career at all levels of marriage, even after having children.
Physical Appearance:
The Gemini has a thin nose, pointed chin - with bright eyes, and light hair. They can easily change their expression in their best interests. They are articulate, with a swift speech. They have supple and slender muscles, and their limbs are often long - like fashion models. Their long arms give an expression that they are relaxed and in complete control of their situation. Their overall appearance offers the feel of shiftness and finesse, with a seemingly controlled yet laid-back attitude.
Specific Features:
House: Third House, that focuses on: Short trips, communication, conscious mind, brothers and sisters, and early education.
Season: Spring
Element: Air
Modality: Mutable (= Flexibility)
Ruler: Mercury
Detriment: Jupiter
Exaltation: The Moon's North Node
Fall: The Moon's South Node
Characteristics: Positive, Masculine, Duality
Birthstone: Agate, striped stones and topaz
Birth Colors: Blue, yellow, yellow-orange
Lucky Colors: Yellow, especially the paler shades
Lucky Day Wednesday
Likes/Dislikes: Gemini is a masculine sign, with an instinctive craving of: "I think ...". The Gemini likes reading, writing, having a lot to do, being on the go, and variety. And, they dislike being alone, boredom, being forced to be silent, and mundane assignments. Professionally, they are happiest as/in journalist, lawyer, presenter, dancer, salesman, travel agent, teacher ...
The best gifts for a Gemini are media-related items like music and books.
Qualities: Intelligence, expressiveness, eloquence, idealism, resourcefulness, courage, tolerance, generosity, responsiveness.
Negativities: Restlessness, verbosity, effusiveness, trickiness, shiftlessness, waywardness, impulsiveness, lack of concentration, exaggeration.
The Gemini tends to develop an inclination of continuously biting their nails. This habit can make them seem nervous or anxious, or may make them quite self-conscious. They can adopt an activity to keep their fingers busy, like knitting or hitting the keyboard. Getting periodic manicures done, can also help them overcome this habit. They also have the habit of complaining at month ends that they get stressed by not being able to pay their bills on time - but they hardly spend any time in sorting out their finances. They should actively plan their finances.
Finishing the Gemini Backdrop: Decanates, and Cusps
In order the further refine the above personality traits, the sign of Gemini (as any other) is divided into 3 Decanates (also known as Decans), based on the "triplicity" of signs. The subtle differentiating alterations for each decan of Gemini are explained below:
Gemini First Decan: 0° - 10°
Gemini/Gemini Decanate (Around May 22 - May 31)

Note: Stronger influence of Mercury, the ruling planet.
Confused, intellectual, witty - amongst other Gemini traits.


Gemini magnified, these natives have enhanced Gemini traits, and are more "Gemini" than those in the other two Decanates. They are articulate, reliable, and witty. Their wit and amazing ability to communicate efficiently, make them very social. They are usually very popular in their social circles, and they have a good number of friends.
They are also blessed with brilliant intelligence, with a creative bend of mind. Their friends and family usually stand to benefit from their ideas and suggestions.
They are also humanatarian at heart, and are usually inclined tp work for social causes.
However, they are prone confusion due to conflicts within, and often do not know which voice to listen - the heart or the mind. They also tend to be perfectionists, and may get overcritical of themselves.
Gemini Second Decan: 10° - 20°
Gemini/Libra Decanate (Around June 1 - June 10)

Note: Influence of Venus blended with Mercury, the ruling planet.
Charismatic, charming, analytical, but also superficial - along with other Gemini traits.


These Geminites, influenced by Venus (Libra), are charismatic and charming. They easily attract others to themselves, and tend to make others happy - and enjoy it. They thrive in social situations, but are equally good in one-to-one situations - and make perfect hosts.
They are analytical, and perform well in a legal system. They would always get to the root of matters, before judging or forming any opinion about a person or situation.
They are also creative and artistic, and have well-developed communication skills. They usually attain any goal they set for themselves, primarily due to their astute minds.
However, they usually have confused thoughts, and end up being superficial. Sometimes, their tendency to make others happy, start ruling their own lives.
Gemini Third Decan: 20° - 30°
Gemini/Aquarius Decanate (Around June 11 - June 22)

Note: Influence of Uranus blended with Mercury, the ruling planet.
Flexible, original, leadership, but also commitment-phobic - along with other Gemini traits.


These Geminites, influenced by Uranus (Aquarius), are quite flexible and optimistic. They do not get tied down to a particular place - because their minds are always open to newer ideas and interests.
They possess an unconventional outlook, and are brilliant thinkers. They are creative, innovative, and their original minds make perfect "out of the box" thinking.
They are natural leaders, and others are easily attracted to their natural charm. They are usually found in groups, and have a lot of friends - and hardly have any quarrels with anyone. They also possess a certain vigour, that allows them to stand against all onslaughts.
However, they tend to pursue too many things (thoughts), and their attention gets diluted. They are also easily distracted, and thus usually have a "phobia" of commitment.

The Sun, being the most dominant of "planets", forms the core character of any individual. All the above traits and notes are based on the Sun (the Sun enter Gemini around 22nd May and stays till around 22nd June - is the basis of this Zodiac sign: Gemini) and, including the above "finishing touches" with the Decanates, provide the general "backdrop" of every Gemini. There are, however, other planets that alter some of the core traits. For example, Venus rules matters of the heart as does Jupiter to matters of optimism and hope.
The "complete picture" for each individual can only be "portrayed" by considering the positions of the other planets, at the time of birth of the individual. For example, compatibility in relationships according to the Sun is generic, it is the position of Venus and Mars (in addition to the Sun and Moon) that will actually "show" the individual's true preferences and compatibility factors. This is what makes each individual unique, and the Natal Chart important.
However, this does imply complete deviations from Gemini traits. Whatever alterations the other planets provide, more or less, act upon the core traits of Gemini provided by the "backdrop" of Sun.
Lastly, if the individual is born on the cusp (2 days at the beginning and end) of Gemini, they should note the time of birth and make sure when the Sun moved in or out of Gemini in that particular year (of birth). The Sun-Sign Table and Transit Dates section provides an easy reference to evaluate the exact zodiac sun sign. Even if the date and time of birth is not available, a brief analysis would solve the issue:
A person born in the cusp beginning Gemini has either very enhanced Gemini-like traits (falls in the Gemini/Gemini Decanate), or is a Taurus. Similarly, the person born in the cusp ending Gemini is either Gemini, or has very enhanced Cancer-like traits (falls in the Cancer/Cancer Decanate) and thus, is a Cancer.

In other words, when considering cusps of Gemini, one should remember that no individual can have two different signs, or be a "hybrid" of two signs. There is nothing like a Gemini with Taurus-like traits, or Cancer-like traits. The only thing that matters is the position of the Sun. If the Sun has moved into Gemini, then the individual is Gemini, not Taurus. And, if the Sun has moved into Cancer, then the individual is Cancer, not Gemini. The first light, like that of the ring of a solar eclipse, is intense - and creates a completely new individualism, leaving behind all traits of the previous sign.
Some popular people with Sun in Gemini:
Mel Blanc (Sun and Moon in Gemini), Drew Carey, Courteney Cox (Sun and Mercury in Gemini), Johnny Depp, Melissa Etheridge, John Goodman (Sun, Moon, and Venus in Gemini), Steffi Graf (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Gemini), Elizabeth Hurley (Sun and Mercury in Gemini), Nicole Kidman, Anna Kournikova (Sun and Mars in Gemini), Lenny Kravitz, Kylie Minogue (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Gemini), Marilyn Monroe (Sun and Mercury in Gemini), Prince William (Sun and Mercury in Gemini), Brooke Shields (Sun, Moon, and Venus in Gemini), Pete Wentz (Sun and Mercury in Gemini).
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