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About Leo Kids & Young Ones

Know the little ones by their Sun Sign: Leo.

Leo kids are boys and girls born around 23 July to 22 August.
Leo kids are outgoing, overflowing, and generous, and radiate warmth and affection. They demand attention and strive on compliments. These boys seldom fail to attract attention, and may retort of negative attention, often in a dramatic fashion, if they feel left out or unnoticed. They also seek opportunities to place themselves in the limelight, and usually shine with their confidence and performance. These kids delight in showing others their accomplishments, and how proud they are of themselves. They may even tell others, or drop cues, of the compliments they would like to hear.
These children, born with Sun in Leo, are creative, and given an opportunity, excel in performance - especially with amusements and recreations. Parties and social gatherings offer fun time for them to shine, and show off a special skill such as singing, charades, or skits. They enjoy telling tales, and hearing colorful stories, and also like to act and try on roles of older people. Usually successful in everything that they do, they would rather not do anything they feel they would not be the best in, than try and fail.
These kids expect to be treated like royalty, and demand no less than the best in comfort and luxury. As any king or queen, these born leaders love direct others, from playmates to siblings to even parents. These kids can literally get anyone to do almost anything, because others do not mind them taking the lead. They are fun, and have great ideas, but they can also become self-absorbed and unwilling to share the stage of life with anyone. Parents should restrict their tendency to control and dominate everyone for their egoistic gains. They usually have a way with younger children, because it naturally feeds their leadership tendencies. Parents should keep a watch to disallow them bullying younger or weaker children, and taking for granted the good things in life. They should be taught from a tender age, to appreciate what others do for them, and that true leadership is never without humility. These kids often do well in programs such as the Scouts and Guides, where merits can be earned and true leadership developed.

Behind their noble bearing, Leo kids exhibit strong emotions, and tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are open, warm of heart, and gregarious, as long as they are treated with respect and honour. They hate to be wrong, and when criticized or proven wrong, they are likely to attack, and never listen to what needs to be changed. These kids have strong egos, that they must protect at all times, by whatever means. Parenting can get tricky, and any unacceptable behaviour that needs change, should be explained in such a manner that they come out with their pride intact - most of the time, starting with their good aspects, and discussing how the changes would enhance their praiseworthy aspects.
Leo kids are also outspoken and independent. They must be taught the importance of working cooperatively with others. They also learn well if learning can be made fun, but tend to deviate from tasks or lessons if they lack fun-factor. They must learn that life is not all fun and games, and the need to finish a task, simply because it has to be done.
Baby and Toddler Leo
(0-5 years, approximately)

Leo kids are warm, entertaining, and generous. They love compliments, and to be treated with royalty, respect, and honour. From birth to schooling age, here is how Leo kids grow:
Birth - 6 months:
They are loving, amusing, and charming. These healthy beings are physically and emotionally strong. They do not like to be ignored, and enjoy being the centre of attraction, attention and laughter. They tend to be vocal and demanding - moreso, if their needs are not met.
6-18 months:
They are alert, curious, and love discovery - and further, like to share their discoveries with others. They enjoy showing off for people, and look for approval. They do not like being ignored, or put on limits, and need appropriate responses, socializing, and sharing.
18 months - 3 years:
They are bright, delightful, and generous, but also tend to be dramatic and exaggerate. They also tend to be entertaining and cheerful, but also may become cranky and bossy - especially with other children. They are usually loving and tender, and may mimic caring adults with dolls or animals.
3-5 years:
They are loving, generous, social, and outgoing. They enjoy drama, and begin to develop the skill to use exaggeration for entertainment. They usually mirror the behaviours of adults around them, and enjoy playing at 'grown ups'. They like to win all contests, and also tend to tease or boss other children as an outlet of their leadership skills.

School-Aged Leo Girl
(6-12 years, approximately)

Leo girls laugh loudly, live fully, and love passionately. Typical to 'queen of the jungle', these girls have lofty goals, and a natural self-confidence that helps them to successfully achieve their goals, if guided well. They also have a regal fanfare, which makes them very high-spirited, and sometimes overly intimidating to their peers, particularly those less knowledgeable than them.
They not only make friends easily, but are also extremely good to their friends. Their approachability is infectious, as is their loyalty, and their friends find them particularly forgiving - in everything except lies. These girls do not like spiritual quests, and rather enjoy earthly feelings. They can be pretty amused if given something they can touch and feel, which does not necessarily need to be an extravagant gift.
However, hidden behind their royal demeanor, these girls are very sensitive. They can be rather clingy, especially if exposed to unhealthy relationships. When things go wrong, they often pick something askew, and think it is their fault. Parents who display love and affection towards each other, as well as to these girls, go a long way in securing their emotional commitments later in life.
Leo girls, however, have a tendency to vocalize, often loudly, when they have something on their mind, or to enforce a standpoint. They also know how to use their physical strength, if need be, with the same swiftness as their wit. If angered, these girls need some space for cooling down, before they or their problem, can be reproached. These girls are open to sound, consistent reasoning but not instantly. They would need to cool down and think, and have a sudden change of behaviour - as if hit by a sensible streak that responds to rational arguments.

School-Aged Leo Boy
(6-12 years, approximately)

Leo boys adore the center-stage, and respond with glee to any opportunity to be in the spotlight. They crave for attention, and have both the charisma and confidence to make themselves the centre of attraction. They love the feeling of nearly endless stream of peers who hang on their every royal pronouncement. Humility is not one of their traits, and all the charisma can make them bossy or arrogant, without strong parental correction and on-going tampering of their behaviour, that is specific yet unpretentious. Parents should particularly observe their communications with peers to discern signs of exasperation by others who are intellectually or physically not as strong as them. With life's experience and proper guidance, these boys do learn the essence of a humble leader.
These boys have an extremely sensitive heart, and need honest and well-deserved attention from their parents. They have great appreciation in return for this attention, particularly about their mother's cooking when they are served something full-flavored. They relish a kitchen - fully stocked with snacks, a fancy treat now and again, dinning at restaurants - obviously wearing nice clothes.
Leo boys have a big heart, typical to their royal nature, and are amazingly loyal and caring about their friends, but some may use their generosity. Not always good in judgment, these boys may not recognize trouble when it is afoot - but when they discover any deception, they have no respect for diplomacy. When wronged, these boys are notorious for holding a grudge, and forgiveness will be very long in coming.
It is not surprising for a Leo boy to bump into a support pole when looking at pretty girls at the mall or park. Particularly in the teen years, and the years approaching teen, parents should watch out for their amorous tendencies. Usually gallant, jealousy can get the better of these boys, especially when they are dating early on, and do not feel in control or wholly secure.

Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Leo traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Leo behaviours.
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