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About Libra Kids & Young Ones

Know the little ones by their Sun Sign: Libra.

Libra kids are boys and girls born around 23 September to 22 October.
Libra kids are charming, polite, and born diplomats. Most people feel good in their company because of their ability to make others feel wonderful and comfortable. These kids crave for praises, and also often attention, and always put forth their best - from appearance to behaviour, to win appreciation and feed their tendency to please. They excel in social situations, need to be around people, and usually have many friends. They also have a strong sense of fairness, and are able to analyze both sides before reaching a decision.
These children, born with Sun in Libra, look for their identity through the eyes of others. Throughout their childhood, these kids spend so much time in trying to be charming and looking good, that they may remain indecisive of what they really want. They look to others for clues to know themselves, and may even act negatively to please others. Friends and close relationships mean a lot to them, and would generally go to any extent for them to see the best in them, and measure up their appreciation. From a tender age, these kids need to learn and develop self-confidence and a strong sense of identity. Parents should nip dishonesty and their habit of making promises they do not intend to keep, that they tend to do to make others happy. They need to be taught the importance of trust and honesty in all their interactions. It is important that they dare to be true, and not hide their feelings or emotions behind their 'mask of charm' to please others.
These kids may also have trouble making decisions, and cannot make up their minds when weighing all sides of an issue. Their unique ability to consider and compare all eventualities make them slow, and if confused, can lead them to wild outburst of anger. Parents must proactively avoid comparing them negatively with their peers, but shower praise and encouragement when they make up their mind decisively and quickly. They need to learn that not everyone can be liked by everyone else, and not everyone can be made happy. In their efforts to seek a fair solution, parents should teach them that there may not always be a perfect solution to satisfy all stakeholders in the real world.

Libra kids are naturally attracted to artistic and musical pursuits, which can be helpful to eliminate their natural inclination to become lazy. Also, theater can be an interesting medium for them to try different hats, and develop a greater understanding of different roles. They love to dress well, and greatly benefit by early training in social skills and graces. These kids can make perfect hosts (or hostesses) and anchors at parties and school functions.
These kids are attracted to beauty and peace. Even babies respond to flowers, color and other touches of beauty and harmony in their surroundings. However, they usually get noticeably disturbed by an ugly or discordant environment, and would resort to lying to avoid confrontation. These kids need to learn how to confront and handle unpleasant situations, and to say 'No' rather than trying to make others happy. By all means, parents should stress honesty and openness in the household for them to learn by example. With some guidance, these kids are sure to speak out against perceived injustices, and have the makings of great lawyers, diplomats, arbitrators and peace-makers - ready to be explored.
Baby and Toddler Libra
(0-5 years, approximately)

Libra kids are indecisive and diplomatic. They are charming and polite, and love beauty and art of all kinds. From birth to schooling age, here is how Libra kids grow:
Birth - 6 months:
They are charming, delightful, and easy to please. They do not like to be alone, and enjoy being with people. They are very attentive, and need plenty of visual and auditory stimulation. They like to feel comfortable, and usually need a routine to feel comfortable.
6-18 months:
They prefer neatness and calm around them, and start becoming more and more social. They tend to begin verbal communication early. They prefer strong physical support, but do not like any form of physical restriction. They need clothes that look nice, but also allow freedom of movement. They learn to make choices, and need their sweet time to make them.
18 months - 3 years:
They have increased desire for social interaction, and would increasingly become aware and curious about relationships. They are concerned about their appearance, and may begin to compare self with others. They also develop a sense of values, and what is fair. They usually have their own stock of favourites: clothes, toys, stories, songs, etc.
3-5 years:
They begin to explore and experiment with different social roles, and display a keen interest in social rules and correct way of doing things. They also begin to become aware of the dynamics in relationships, and tend to classify things and people as better or worse than each other. They usually look to others for decision-making, and needs assistance with making choices. They need to understand firm boundaries, and help in distinguishing the grey areas in life.

School-Aged Libra Girl
(6-12 years, approximately)

Libra girls are inordinately adorable, and love to make their family members and people in their inner circle happy. These girls also crave for attention and affection to the point of becoming difficult. No amount of affection is enough to please them, and they generally find it difficult to believe that they are loved, particularly in their tender ages. With a knack for fetching pictures, they seem to instinctively know when the camera turns their way - and tends to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right posture that will draw the maximum attention.
These attention-seekers are not attention-grabbers, and would rather walk away than retort to forceful or unethical means. These girls walk a very narrow line, and would not purposefully act or do anything (even remotely) 'wrong'. Even if they accidentally do something 'inappropriate', they deserve to be pardoned - especially because they feel terrible anyway, and would unfailingly go overboard to get things back on track.
Libra girls love to talk, and parents and siblings would do well to keep some handy time (with some cookies and shakes) when these girls return from school, or anyplace else, and share their events of the day. Knowing that their inner circle would attentively listen to things that others may dismiss, they treasure spending this private time, which helps in making the bonding even stronger. Their private space should be pretty, with appealing colors and decorations, and should comfortably accomodate plenty of friends. A washable wall or a chalkboard that they (and their friends) can draw upon, and later 'clean up', would inspire their creativity. On the other hand, nothing excites a Libra girl more than a party. In addition to their amazing socializing skills, they possess serious potential as party planners even at a young age. If provided with the opportunity to help with any special celebration, they can get happily occupied for months - preparing detailed guidelines for proper attire.
These girls are generous, often to a fault. They understand neither greed, nor scarcity. In this regard, parents need to teach them some boundaries, especially those that constitute safety with strangers. They also have a keen sense of justice, that may sometime bring frustration and tears when they come face to face with life's ugly realities. Parents should have long, detailed conversations in explaining how and why the world is anything but just. It might be a heartbreaking exercise to teach a Libra girl that her generocity and sense of justice are burdens in real life, and parents are advised to make it a continued process for a long period.

School-Aged Libra Boy
(6-12 years, approximately)

Libra boys are natural pacifiers around the entire household, and truly want the best for the people whom they care about - including peers. When something disrupts harmony, inside or outside the family, these boys work diligently in finding a resolution. Even as babies, when they have no other way of expressing their need for peace, these boys would cry if they sense stress in the home, or people raise their voices. Rather than their assertive approach in taking an active role in creating harmony, these boys sometimes watch things unfold from the sidelines until it seems safe to come out. This is their alternative, but a mindful choice, to protect themselves from any disharmony that they do not fully understand.
They have grand social skills, a natural 'gift of gab', and also make extremely good friends. Picking their companions is a mindful choice for them, which these boys honour diligently. These boys also have an amazing aptitude for creating compromise and getting people to work together. If anything goes awry - particularly bias or injustice, these boys become fast, supportive friends even after everything resolves itself. However, they strive so hard to look at both sides that they may internally struggle with the decision-making process, and stall out completely - feeling lost in confusion.
From a tender age, they may need to learn to 'agree to disagree'. Parents need to teach them that life is not always perfectly equal, and it includes conflicts and differences of opinions. This is a long-time exercise and parents need to be patient with them, especially because they find it difficult to understand and need a trusted ear to talk through their quandary. These boys also love praise and reward, and it shows in how they respond. However, parents are advised not to get tempted in spoiling them because of their sweet demeanor, and implement a balanced approach - for them to better learn and develop their true personality of equality and justice.
Libra boys also exhibit artistic interests, a nearly neurotic love of organization and cleaning, and a gravitation toward music. Parents will do good to include some of these themes in preparing private spaces for these boys.

Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Libra traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Libra behaviours.
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