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Pisces Love & Sex Life

Insight into Pisces: Passions, desires and turn-offs.

Deeply romantic, love represents the ultimate ideal to the Pisces man. His heart is true and he loves others with a selfless purity.
Shy and taciturn, the Fish often does not approach a lover directly, preferring instead to swim in circles, scoping out the situation before taking the bait and diving in. A Piscean will never fall in love at first sight. Slowly, carefully, he will engage in love. He expects fireworks and magic, an ideal of Love as it is expressed in the greatest ballads, poems, and songs. Love is pandemonium and heaven to the Fish and he will expect the oceans to part when he finally falls for someone special.
Although there is plenty of fish in the sea, if you manage to hook a Pisces man, this is a catch that you probably won’t want to throw back. Dreamy, compassionate, and helpful, the Pisces man loves to cater to his partner’s needs. He will think up delicious surprises and treats for a partner, and a simple word of kindness or thanks is enough for a Piscean to feel appreciated. Relaxed and placid, the Pisces man makes for an easygoing partner. He will be faithful and loyal to his mate.
The quiet and unassuming Pisces man is a flash flood of passion in the bedroom. He loves fantasy and role playing. Games in between the sheets are his specialty and he is a creative, generous lover. He is sensual, surprising, and seductive. Again, don’t judge the Pisces man by his gentle outlook – – still waters run deep. In this case, still waters run to a whirlpool of desire with the Piscean who has had the flood gates unlocked. His intuition and eagerness to please mean that the Fish has a Casanova-like skill to give liquid, intense sexual satisfaction.

He is generally considered most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn.
Pisces in Love
Love in all its rose-tinted, glorious fantasy, is a Piscean’s playground. Romance and dreams take flight in her vivid imagination, swirling with colors and scintillating like light off the waves of the ocean. However, most fish find they have no land legs, so when the honeymoon period ends, this shy sign will engage in love slowly, and carefully.
A Pisces woman in love expects magic and mystery, like the watery, wonderful world of the deep blue. She loves being in love – to her it is a wistful daydream, a flight of fancy. It is a seduction of her senses, and there is nowhere else she would rather be.
Romance and the Pisces woman is like a summer storm, going from the warmth of a welcome rain, through clashes of thunder and lightning, then to the calm tranquility of its passing. She gives everything when it comes to love.

A faithful lover and devoted partner, nothing makes the Pisces woman feel more complete than being in love.
When it comes to attraction, Pisces’ secret weapon is evasiveness. There is an aura of mystery around Pisces, in addition to kindness, femininity, and softness. While you can’t exactly call her aloof, she maintains a subtle distance that keeps others intrigued. When in an emotional jam or argument, a partnered Pisces is likely to use a “who, me?” approach. Some have brought “playing dumb” to an art form, as they have discovered that this is the best way to avoid answering uncomfortable or awkward questions.
In love, Pisces gives a lot, but not everything. Most important to remember is this: it’s a mistake to assume Pisces is weak, but it’s also a mistake to assume Pisces is strong. She is both. The message is: don’t push her beyond her limits, because although it might appear that she has none, she does draw the line at some point. Avoid taking advantage of her good nature and willingness to make sacrifices. She sees her willingness to forgive and understand as a strength, and you should too. She is fully capable of re-inventing her life, even if that means a life without you. Nevertheless, you should also avoid labeling her as strong as well. She does need help sometimes, and can feel very lonely if the important person in her life leaves her alone to take care of her life when her life is a mess. She could easily interpret this attitude as a lack of concern and love on your part.
Relationships & the Pisces Man
A Pisces man is loyal to friends and family, putting their well-being before his own. He is an empathetic gentleman who can present sympathetic viewpoints when asked by friends and family – – and they generally take advantage of this trait, too much so in many cases.

Even though he doesn’t normally jump into the role of leader, the Pisces man possesses a powerful, yet restrained disposition and is often called upon by friends, family, and co-workers to lead them through a crucial situation.
Often called a daydreamer, nevertheless, the Pisces man is always there when needed!
Relationships & the Pisces Woman
Swimming with the currents, most Piscean women are relaxed and laidback, which leads to an easygoing, relaxed relationship. A Piscean woman is pacifist by nature and would rather not rock the boat if there is not much to gain from it. Her relationships are imaginative and sensitive and very emotional, and she will need a lover who can safeguard her and provide a sense of security. She is generous in her relationships, evoking the bounty of the oceans, and can run the risk of giving too much. Her best partner is one who can inspire her, protect her and, when required, ground her fantasies.
Pisceans are extremely sensitive to the needs of others. In a world of takers, they are givers. These compassionate women are here to help others – it’s their mission – but please don’t take advantage.

Romance & the Pisces Man
Love and the Pisces man is like a summer storm – going from the warmth of a welcome rain, through clashes of thunder and lightning, then to the calm tranquility of its aftermath. He gives everything when it comes to romance and holds nothing back.
The Pisces man wants to be madly in love. Once he finds the right partner he will be a devoted companion and faithful lover.
Romance & the Pisces Woman
Like all other aspects of her life, sex is an emotional matter for a Piscean woman. She is sensual and playful, prone to creating fanciful settings in the bedroom – enchanted forests, circles of candlelight, the scent of the sea – all these heighten her imagination. She loves sex, and likes to have everything fluid and a little erratic. The more surprises the better. The Piscean woman does not naturally or easily separate sex and love as these two factors indissolubly bound together for her.
Sexually, Pisces is naturally on the submissive side, very willing to please, will try most anything, and generally easily orgasmic. The desire to connect to something more through the sexual act is strong. This is especially true for those with Moon and/or Mars in Pisces.

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