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About Pisces, the Fish

Traits, qualities & all about Pisces, the 12th Sun Sign.

Pisces is the sign of the dreamer-poet, the occultist.
Every year, the Sun enters the sign of Pisces on or around 19 February, and transits through it till around 20 March. Individuals born during this period are known as "Natives of Pisces", or "Sun in Pisces", or "Pisceans", or simply "Pisces".
These natives are generally spiritual, compassionate and empathetic. They are sensitive, intuitive and selfless, and are inclined to become overemotional at times. These natives are often caught up in their fantasy of perfect, idealistic world and fail to differentiate reality from fantasy. They lack sharpness and common sense - but, more often than not, have what it takes to reach their goals. These native are usually uncertain of their own feelings, tend to misinterpret criticism as a personal attack.
Pisces is a mutable water sign, that is ruled by Neptune.

Symbol: A pair of Fish
In ancient times, the symbol of the fish - Ichthys, was used by followers of Jesus Christ. Pisces natives are considered receptive, impressionable, spiritual, and open-minded. Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac is considered, to have a bit of all the other signs - making it easy for them to communicate with all types and walks of people. Pisces natives often fail to make concrete decisions as they are pulled in different directions. The glyph (or symbol) for Pisces is two fishes swimming n opposite direction to symbolize two crescents of receptivity pointing outwards, held together by the line of matter. The symbol denotes lack of clarity of mind, mood swings and emotional nature.
The Generic Pisces Backdrop: Personality Traits and Other Notes
A Piscean is nothing, if not compassionate ... selflessly compassionate! They are easily touched by human sufferings, and theoritically, wouldn't hurt a fly. Pisceans have a deep love for humanity. They are sensitive - both to criticism, and to other's feelings. They believe in people, and absolutely hate insensitive, compassionless human behaviour - as much as they are are hurt by it.
Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, is often known to contain a little experience (and different attributes) of all other signs. This gives them the ability to identify and get along with people of all walks of life, from all backgrounds. They have an open mind - that makes them changeable, adaptable, and tremendously understanding.
Often misunderstood, Pisceans abound with paradoxes. They spend a good portion of their lives in a state of divine discontent, where suffering is literally glamorized. Truth is, they are dreamy, and are tuned in to a higher purpose. They tend to live in a world of their own, and their dreams transcend the individual. They tend to be detached, spiritual, and quite focused on their inner journeys aimed at finding peace and harmony. Pisceans often yearn for understanding, as they come across as vagely directionless, spacey in nature, and often pegged as "wishy-washy". Fact is, they are very deep individuals, with real dreams - their dreams are much more than getting that picket fence, or making it up the corporate ladder.

However, it is a sad time for Pisceans when reality raises its ugly head every now and then. Either through escapist behaviour or self-delusion, they avoid harsh realities - and often retreat into their own world. Pisceans talk to themselves - often giving themselves "pep talks" like "I will never make this mistake again", "Why did I not take that into consideration", "I will never trust again", etc. They find these short bouts of self-pity useful, and derive a lot of energy from it. It would appear that they find pleasure in their sufferings. But, Pisceans pull a lot of energy from sadness, and they come back stronger from their short-lived periods of self pity - with a spring in their steps, ready to face the world again - as compassionate and trusting as they were before.
Pisceans are modest and calm. They hate confrontations, and prefer to take roundabouts - and would do all that they can, to avoid conflicts. They love to have and foster a feeling of security and cosiness around them. Although they have a hard time saying "no", the generous Pisceans are known to effortlessly ride the waves. However, most of them have a maniacal fear that the whole world is out to get them - strategically and vidictively aligned against them.
Pisceans are not known to aggressively throw themselves at anything, or of being cut-throat business types. But it will be a mistake to undermine their imagination. Given a chance to express themselves, they are extra-ordinarily successful. They are blessed with remarkable intuition - that endow them with enviable gifts of insight, anticipation, and creativity. They perform well in fields related to expression like arts, marketing, music, teaching, drama, healing arts, etc. Their natural ease of expression, and usually self-marketing, finds Pisceans swiftly climbing corporate ladders. They have a charming creative side, and make great poets, artists, and musicians - although this trait is more evident with Moon or other personal planets in Pisces. They are also greatly attracted to music, poetry, and other forms of creative and performing arts.
They also come across as irresponsible, but a Piscean will rather be shocked if they are told so. Nonetheless, they tend to be late for appointments, even allergic to shopping lists, maps, directions, and instructions. Their spaced-out behaviour and absent-mindedness amount to irresponsibility. Fact is, they prefer their free-flowing way through life, than to follow a plan. And, they frequently take their time out to retreat from ordinary life (into their dreamy world). They also tend to day-dream a lot.

In love and relationships, Pisceans are often a treat to behold - caring, loving, loyal, tolerant, respectful and forgiving. They love their cosy nests, and make wonderful nurturers and parents. Sometimes, their partners may get irritated by their lazy, passive, and too timid approach - which also makes them subject to ill-treatments, betrayal, and being taken for granted. Love for Pisceans is more about giving, than receiving - unless they take to a negative manifestation of personality, or often irretrievable when jilted in love. In their extreme negative behaviour, Pisceans may be given to complete inaction, hedonism, vindictiveness and/or multiple relationships.
Physical Appearance:
The Pisces has an average height and built, sometimes on the plumper side. They have big, full and mesmerising eyes - often staring into the distance. They appear completely different in different situations, and do not usually have fixed features. Their overall appearance offer an impression of mystery, generosity and calm.
Specific Features:
House: Twelfth House, that focuses on: Limitations, hidden strength, frustrations, and the subconscious mind.
Season: Winter
Element: Water
Modality: Mutable (= Flexibility)
Ruler: Neptune
Detriment: Mercury
Exaltation: Venus, Neptune's Octave
Fall: Mercury
Characteristics: Watery, Mutable, Intuitive, Feminine, Emotional
Birthstone: Aquamarine, Emerald, Coral
Birth Colors: Aqua, Blue-green
Lucky Colors: Earth tones, Yellow, Yellow-orange, Red, Scarlet
Lucky Day Thursday
Likes/Dislikes: Pisces is a feminine sign, with an instinctive craving of: "We serve ...". The Pisces likes time to sleep and dream, mystery in all forms, romance, and music. And, they dislike know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, and being criticized. Professionally, they are happiest as/in seamanship and faraway travels, musician, social and emergency worker, doctor, writer and jobs in remote places ...
The best gift for a Pisces is something musical or poetic.
Qualities: Inspirational, hospitable, peace-loving, intuitive, methodical, compassionate, sympathetic, kind, creative, imaginative, sensitive.
Negativities: Pessimistic, lethargic, careless, indecisive, submissive, self-depreciation, timid, over-sensitive, self-pity, moody, negative.
The Pisces tends to get disorganised, unsystematic and indisciplined - which can cause a lot of clutter in their minds. They should form the habit of organizing things. Furthermore, they also have a tendency to get addicted to alcohol and other addictions. They should try yoga and/or meditation for the peace of mind that they seek. Generally, they are quite lucky and make money from inheritance or windfalls - but, they are hardly able to retain the money because they are not good in handling cash.
Finishing the Pisces Backdrop: Decanates, and Cusps
In order the further refine the above personality traits, the sign of Pisces (as any other) is divided into 3 Decanates (also known as Decans), based on the "triplicity" of signs. The subtle differentiating alterations for each decan of Pisces are explained below:
Pisces First Decan: 0° - 10°
Pisces/Pisces Decanate (Around February 19 - February 29)

Note: Stronger influence of Neptune, the ruling planet.
Generous, naive, romantic - amongst other Pisces traits.


Pisces magnified, these natives have enhanced Pisces traits, and are more "Pisces" than those in the other two Decanates. They are dreamers and can be visionaries. But they tend to be impractical, and live in their own philosophical and spiritual world. They are also generous, and are happy to share other's burdens - usually going out of their way to help others.
They are extremely lucky, and destiny usually smiles on them. They tend to become recipients of tail-spins, sudden power, windfalls, and gains.
They are also intuitive and can sense the mood and emotions of others. They are very good listeners, and make wonderful friends.
They are romantic by nature. Their imaginations run far and wide, and they tend to find beauty and music in everything. However, they have fixed purpose, and can get very stubborn.
Pisces Second Decan: 10° - 20°
Pisces/Cancer Decanate (Around March 1 - March 10)

Note: Influence of Moon blended with Neptune, the ruling planet.
Intuitive, sensitive, selfless, but also self-sacrificing - along with other Pisces traits.


These Pisceans, influenced by Moon (Cancer), are very intuitive and said to possess psychic abilities. They possess a unique ability to feel and gauge other's emotions - and they are seldom incorrect, as if they have their hands on other people's pulse!
They are very sensitive, and especially attached to home and family. A pleasant atmosphere at home is very significant for them, as is color, shape, form and design of everything they use. They can get moody and withdrawn at times.
They are natural givers, and do not like to take anything from anyone. They are usually selfless, and is always ready to walk the extra mile to do anything for anyone - often in a self-sacrificing manner.
However, they have a tendency to overindulge in alcohol, sex, and other addictions - despite their wonderful will power. They should actively stay away from drugs and all types of intoxicants.
Pisces Third Decan: 20° - 30°
Pisces/Scorpio Decanate (Around March 11 - March 20)

Note: Influence of Mars (and Pluto) blended with Neptune, the ruling planet.
Spiritual, intellectual, energetic, but also gullible - along with other Pisces traits.


These Pisceans, influenced by Mars and Pluto (Scorpio), are truly the spiritual beings of the Zodiac. They are passionate, intense, and love to live in their fantasy world of philosophy and spirituality.
They are also intellectuals, and envision many things. But, they lack the ability to express most of them.
They have awesome energy, and really know how to succeed in all spheres of life - and are usually exceedingly successful during their middle ages.
However, they love to dream and hallucinate, and tend to pile up mental anxiety and depression - especially when faced with reality that does not conform with their fantasy world. They also tend to be gullible, and are easily impressed by other's thoughts - sometimes taking it further in their fantasy world.

The Sun, being the most dominant of "planets", forms the core character of any individual. All the above traits and notes are based on the Sun (the Sun enter Pisces around 19th February and stays till around 20th March - is the basis of this Zodiac sign: Pisces) and, including the above "finishing touches" with the Decanates, provide the general "backdrop" of every Pisces. There are, however, other planets that alter some of the core traits. For example, Venus rules matters of the heart as does Jupiter to matters of optimism and hope.
The "complete picture" for each individual can only be "portrayed" by considering the positions of the other planets, at the time of birth of the individual. For example, compatibility in relationships according to the Sun is generic, it is the position of Venus and Mars (in addition to the Sun and Moon) that will actually "show" the individual's true preferences and compatibility factors. This is what makes each individual unique, and the Natal Chart important.
However, this does imply complete deviations from Pisces traits. Whatever alterations the other planets provide, more or less, act upon the core traits of Pisces provided by the "backdrop" of Sun.
Lastly, if the individual is born on the cusp (2 days at the beginning and end) of Pisces, they should note the time of birth and make sure when the Sun moved in or out of Pisces in that particular year (of birth). The Sun-Sign Table and Transit Dates section provides an easy reference to evaluate the exact zodiac sun sign. Even if the date and time of birth is not available, a brief analysis would solve the issue:
A person born in the cusp beginning Pisces has either very enhanced Pisces-like traits (falls in the Pisces/Pisces Decanate), or is an Aquarius. Similarly, the person born in the cusp ending Pisces is either Pisces, or has very enhanced Aries-like traits (falls in the Aries/Aries Decanate) and thus, is an Aries.

In other words, when considering cusps of Pisces, one should remember that no individual can have two different signs, or be a "hybrid" of two signs. There is nothing like a Pisces with Aquarius-like traits, or Aries-like traits. The only thing that matters is the position of the Sun. If the Sun has moved into Pisces, then the individual is Pisces, not Aquarius. And, if the Sun has moved into Aries, then the individual is Aries, not Pisces. The first light, like that of the ring of a solar eclipse, is intense - and creates a completely new individualism, leaving behind all traits of the previous sign.
Some popular people with Sun in Pisces:
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Pisces), Drew Barrymore (Sun and Venus in Pisces), Kurt Cobain (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Pisces), Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, Cindy Crawford, Billy Crystal (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces), Albert Einstein, George Harrison, Kato Kaelin (Sun and Moon in Pisces), Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Michelangelo, Aidan Quinn (Sun and Moon in Pisces), Rob Reiner (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces), Dr. Seuss, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces), Bruce Willis.
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