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About Taurus Kids & Young Ones

Know the little ones by their Sun Sign: Taurus.

Taurus kids are boys and girls born around 21 April to 21 May.
Taurus kids are slow but steady, and thrive on order and schedules in every area of their lives - from eating to playing to sleeping. They have their own sense of time, and would always finish what they start - but only at their own speed. Usually quiet, and essentially stubborn, Taurus kids are very reliable and consistent. They always show up when and where they are told to do so, and always make sure to complete the tasks they are expected to do. As much as they are worth their words and promises, they expect family and friends to be as honest and consistent as themselves.
These children, born with Sun in Taurus, are sensorial. They love to touch, smell, listen, and taste. They appreciate the finer things in life, and display a love for good clothes and good food from an early age. Even baby Taureans will respond to a lovely voice, the sound of rippling water, or a lullaby. As they grow, they love and appreciate all fine and beautiful things. Taurus children seek comfort and security in material things. Lazy and stubborn as they are, these children may become indolent in the lap of luxury if over-indulged by parents.
Taurus kids are builders - patient, practical, and purposeful. Give them blocks and they will start right away, and go on to build bigger things as the grow. Clay is one of their favourite medium, as are polished stones, or anything that looks nice or feels good. It is not surprising to find Taurus kids keenly watching carpenters or contructors, with awe and wonder. They are also known to have 'green thumbs' and can get busy all summer if they are given their own vegetable patch and child-size tools. Gourmets of the zodiac, they love to cook or help in the kitchen, as much as they love to eat. However, their eating habits may need to be controlled, especially as some of them may over-eat to seek comfort through food. Give them proper materials and assignments to get them busy, and they will forget food when they are more comfortable building things.

Possessive by nature, Taurus kids usually identify themselves with their things - holding on to old habits and possessions way beyond their usefulness. They don't make friends, they 'possess' friends. This is the reason that Taurus kids do not want to share their things - be it people or property, and keep an anxious watch even when they do. Although this makes them loyal, they may be required to be taught to share things, avoid selfish attitudes, and let go of old things or habits.
As they grow up, Taurus kids are captivated by sounds, sights, and wonderful textures. They make elegant choices and selections in matters of beauty and comfort. But, they may not budge or become rigid on their choices. Locking horns with these stubborn kids should be avoided, and it is best to wait till their obstinacy passes. The more you push these children, the more unyielding they are likely to become. They are also slow to anger, but once they get mad, they do not get over it quickly.
Taurus kids are emotional and instead of confronting them head on, it is easier to use the back door and enter by love. Their stubbornness is the key to their tenacity, persistence, and determination - which is the bedrock of their future success. They are bound to be patient, responsive, and generally willing to listen to others, take cues, and then reflect and build upon that information. These gentle, steady, and even kind children can be provided with challenging tasks and interesting projects to explain the importance of rules and structures in keeping the balance of any outcome. Gently but firmly, and consistently, apply consequences for misconduct or violating rules. And remember, when everything else fails, emotional blackmail still works.
Baby and Toddler Taurus
(0-5 years, approximately)

Taurus kids are consistent, practical, and very careful. They love clothes, food, toys, and appreciate the finer things of life. From birth to schooling age, here is how Taurus kids grow:

Birth - 6 months:
They are placid, and prefer to be swaddled. They need to feel comfortable, and are very sensitive to physical discomfort. They love cuddles, and need physical closeness, especially for reassurance.
6-18 months:
They are likely to develop an attachment with their belongings, space, and especially to a 'special' cuddly toy. They usually appear to be a little slower than other children of the same age, but respond well to routine. They also enjoy discovering things with all their senses, and tend to 'mouth' everything that they come in contact with. They enjoy toys that allow a lot of tactile exploration.
18 months - 3 years:
They begin to display determination and stubbornness, and 'No' seems to be their favourite word. They do not like surprises or unexpected happenings, and need fore-warning of any change. They learn well using graphical representation, and enjoy plenty of 'hands on' experience. They usually enjoy working in the garden, or in the kitchen.
3-5 years:
They begin to become more active and instigative. At this stage, they are less easy to please than they were previously, and usually become competitive as an outlet to their determination and strength. They may also appear to become less happy, and selfish - especially if they do not get the fair share of something.
School-Aged Taurus Girl
(6-12 years, approximately)

Taurus girls are bullish, and everything is on their schedule and preference, not yours. Realistically, obstinacy is the most difficult Taurus trait for a parent to handle. Parents usually get persistent and are tempted to push, until they realize their child does not move a bit. It is advisable to avoid power struggles with them over little things - to save for what really matters, because Taurus girls would not only outlast your persistence, but also seem delighted by your unsuccessful attempts. Good food, however, can do the trick, and replication is comforting. Get them something tried-and-true, and all that defiance goes away as their hands start grasping. For a Taurus girl, food rules the world.
Taurus girls would simply not tolerate unexpected noise, unpleasant smells, and unpredictable scenarios. Giving them plenty of time to adjust beforehand, if a transition is expected, provides them a sense of security and stability. There may still be bumps, but it will soothe her spirit. Socially, these girls gel well with people they know, and enjoy listening to stories and exchanging hugs and cuddles from visiting family members. Taurus girls also have quite the knack for flirtation, and usually have a plethora of admirers, but rarely getting pouty or dramatic. A Taurus girl needs to be explained how to use her power for 'good' rather than a way to tease.
Physical activity and creative hobbies can be a great outlet for Taurus girls. These girls are not fragile, and can handle whatever they put discipline into. At studies, they usually move at a slower pace than their fellows but manage to maintain good grades nonetheless, due to their methodical approach. However, a Taurean girl may begin eating as soon as an activity stops. Parents need to keep an eye on her diet, balancing the temptation for sweets with healthy alternatives.

They usually have a calm maturity and stability beyond their years, except when their world of pleasure gets disrupted. Going through her things, changing arrangements, or even cleaning their places without their knowledge can have catastrophic effect.
School-Aged Taurus Boy
(6-12 years, approximately)

Taurus boys have an underlyng sense of calm confidence, tempered with deliberation. These boys will stand their ground, until you have no other choice but to resign the fight and try another route. You cannot bully the Bull - the sooner the parents understand this, the easier parenting gets. Taurus boys have their own minds, but are some of the easier children to manage at an age that is normally tumultous. Instead of crazy, these boys are dependable, practical, and mature. Time and again, a little affection and a little hug or snuggle improves their attitude. Joy for a Taurus boy comes from love, giving as much as receiving. He loves showing affection - particularly to his mother, and lends a helping hand in the kitchen or the garden.
If their distinctive biorythm is honoured, with a display of continuing love, these children are perfect gentlemen. They won't rush into anything, and they have a predictable, constant routine. In school, Taurus boys do well, but are usually too lazy for outstanding performance. As long as he is allowed to work at his pace, and has a comfortable study space, you don't need to nag about his homework. These boys have no problems with rote learning, staying focused, or following routines. As long as they are not forced into doing anything, they will happily tackle the day's tasks without much help.
Grounded as they are, Taurus boys do not like too much attention. These children are quite adept in physical activities, and stand sure and strong with a twinkle in the eye, where other children may look awkward. Nevertheless, they tend to veer to the sidelines. They are also attracted to music, as they are attracted to food and fragrance. This provides a creative outlet that helps tremendously to soothe their spirit. While he will probably never perform in public, but a Taurus boy naturally enjoys singing or playing musical instruments.

Taurus boys need earthy logic and sensibility in anything their parents and friends say or do. Disrupting their routine, talking down to them, trying to force a point, or giving them fluffy explanations can have catastrophic effect. They, however, readily accept rational counsel - which makes it relatively easy to broaden their horizons also.
Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Taurus traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Taurus behaviours.
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