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About Taurus, the Bull

Traits, qualities & all about Taurus, the 2nd Sun Sign.

Taurus is the sign of the builder, the producer.
Every year, the Sun enters the sign of Taurus on or around 21 April, and transits through it till around 21 May. Individuals born during this period are known as "Natives of Taurus", or "Sun in Taurus", or "Taureans", or simply "Taurus".
These natives are extremely reliable, practical and grounded - nothing "moves" them. They have a calm, reserve force. These natives are content with themselves, very stable and committed, and have a positive approach towards life. They are sensual and tend to lazily enjoy the pleasures and comforts of life. These natives possess dogged determination, and their ability to stay focussed is perhaps their greatest strength. They are tolerant, and love peace and harmony. However, they are orthodox, tend to have fixed opinions, and any change in "status quo" can get them agitated.
Taurus is a fixed earth sign, that is ruled by Venus.

Symbol: the Bull
Since ancient times, the Bull stands as a symbol of strength, tenacity, virility, and power. When the bull is left alone, it will happily graze; but when bothered, it may charge without any warning. Taurus natives are calm, peaceful, and lazily bide their time - but if their anger is aroused, their temper can tear all defences. Much like the bull, the Taurus natives are disturbed by sudden changes, and prefer a stable and secure life. The glyph (or symbol) for Taurus depicts the bull's head and a pair of horns. Taurus natives are also sensual and self-indulgent "beasts", but are "bull-headed" with dogged determination when they have a goal in mind. The symbol denotes fierce energy, agression, and tenacity - but also stubbornness with a laid-back and lazy attitude.
The Generic Taurus Backdrop: Personality Traits and Other Notes
A Taurean is nothing, if not solid ... rock solid! Nothing seem to bother them, let alone move. They have a fair measure of tradition and steadiness, that keeps them rooted - and they absolutely disregard change. The very idea of 'change' can irritate them - unless, of course, the great builders are causing the change themselves.
They are headstrong and stubborn. But when extended to work, this is their boon. They are hard-working, dedicated, persistent, sincere, and can really slog to achieve what they have set out for. They are gifted with the ability to see a project to completion. With dogged determination and amazing stamina, Taureans will not rest until a task they have undertaken is complete in all sense.
When applied to their personal realm, their stubbornness is often considered a negative trait. Truth is, Taureans cannot get petty. They are tolerant, patient, and most importantly, steady. It is impossible to change the Bull's course or mind for small gains or temporary solutions. They will work, and work really hard - if and only if - the objective/change is long lasting, for the better (or has considerable payoffs), and promises a comfortable future. Their steadiness is rarely directed towards quick gains. And, this is what makes Taurus the "most dependable" sign of the Zodiac. Even their enemies know, they will not make petty moves or hit below the belt!

This does not mean that they are idealistic - they are not. They are simply not petty, and cannot stoop low. Taurus is a sign of builders - and they set their eyes on much higher goals and much constructive ideas (or much devastating revenges), than most of the other signs can envision. They are practical and are aware of their limitations, as much as they are confident of their talents, determination and stamina. All their actions are usually synchronized with a common objective - which is long term. They can work towards an objective for decades - with unbelievable focus and tenacity. But they would rather sleep, than work on something unconstructive. This is the reason that they are patient, tolerant, and simply refuse to work (or act) for petty interests or appreciations.
Taureans are connoisseurs of good food and good life. Ruled by Venus, Taureans are tremendously sensual - this includes sex, but extends to pleasures in all areas - including material comforts. Taureans are believed to live through their senses - and love to indulge in excesses. In addition to physical pleasures, Taureans are delighted by the aura of good food, the smell of flowers, the touch of rain, the view of nature (or at least an aquarium), comfortable furnitures (maybe even a warm blanket), pleasing melodies ... They do not hesitate in going an extra mile, or slogging at work, to achieve these pleasures.
Their fixed, comfort loving nature makes them appear lazy, and it is almost impossible to move them, once they have rooted themselves in comforts. Fact is, they efficiently separate work and leisure. When they work, they work hard. And, when they play, they don't really fool around but relax themselves in their well-earned and well-deserved comforts. Herein lies the secret to their stubbornness. If they are content with their comforts, it is impossible to make Taureans work!
At a mental level too, Taureans detest change and stick with things and ideas. They may create a hue and cry, whenever pushed to alter their schedules and priorities. It is extremely difficult to convince Taureans to change their minds, and their obstinate streaks make Taureans quite a tough nut to crack. Due to their stubbornness, they can be very orthodox, and tend to get attached to everyone and everything. They are attached to their loved ones, jobs, employers, projects, friends, houses, hobbies ... even gadgets and clothes. Herein lies their loyality. They are loyal to everyone and everything they are attached to, especially their loved ones.

They are also loyal to their words. It is impossible to make them commit or promise something, if they do not mean it. Taureans can work hard, and even selflessly, to keep their words. This also adds to their stable and dependable nature - as exhibited by their instinctive habit, rather than generosity or helpfulness or idealism.
Taureans are practical, and security is immensely precious to them. While some of them actively seek material wealth, others are content with a "comfortable" life. But, in both cases, their primary driving force is to have a net of security around their personal lives.
This is also what makes Taureans possessive about everything. They love to own things, and even consider their loved ones as their prized possessions. This gives them a sense of security. At times, it makes them appear jealous, but 'jealousy' is petty and does not interest the tolerant Taurean. Possessiveness is quite different. They are attached and loyal to all comforts of their lives, and are proud to own them - as much as they will try to protect them. Flirting with their lovers/partners, would be as objectionable as trying to steal their favourite watch. They have an earthy kind of possessiveness, that is difficult to understand.
In relationships, Taureans make excellent lovers. They are loyal, attached, hard-working, and do not hesitate to shower their beloved with amazing gifts and pleasurable comforts. They are also great providers for the family, and especially children. They tend to value their loved ones, over everyone and everything. Nonetheless, their lazy, laid-back approach may sometimes irritate their partners.

Overall, they are happy, willing, patient and sincere - usually with a nice home, a modest piece of land, a paid-off car, a couple of pets, a solid business, ... and a loving family.
Physical Appearance:
The Taurus has a pleasing face, with plump features, and usually oval with a prominent middle part. They have full (pouty) sensual lips, and rounded, upturned nose - and they have thick, shiny hair. They have a well-proportioned body, but tend to put on weight. They take their appearance seriously, wear stylish clothes with good taste - but not too loud. They carry themselves with grace, and the entire physique gives an impression of elegance, with some degree of strength at the same time.
Specific Features:
House: Second House, that focuses on: Values, freedom, earning ability, possessions, and inner and outer resources.
Season: Spring
Element: Earth
Modality: Fixed (= Stability)
Ruler: Venus
Detriment: Mars
Exaltation: The Moon
Fall: Uranus
Characteristics: Cold, Feminine
Birthstone: Emerald and Jade
Birth Colors: Earth tones, green, orange, yellow
Lucky Colors: Pale blue, pale green, pink and all pastel shades
Lucky Day Friday
Likes/Dislikes: Taurus is a feminine sign, with an instinctive craving of: "I have ...". The Taurus likes being outdoors, working with one's hands, time with family, and crafting. And, they dislike instability, man-made or synthetic things, being pushed too hard, and being stuck indoors. Professionally, they are happiest as/in cook, artist, estate agent, banker, singer ...
The best gifts for a Taurus are perfume/cologne, something for the outdoors, or tools/gadgets.
Qualities: Steadfastness, trustworthiness, persistence, composure, self-reliance, constructiveness, practicality, humour, fearlessness, stability.
Negativities: Stubbornness, domination, obstruction, dogmatic attitude, conceit, self-centred behaviour, laziness, exacting approach.
The Taurus has a very bad habit of being surrounded with clutter. They are simply too lazy to keep everything organized. They should form the habit of using open shelves and handy storage facilities, if having all their possessions within hand's reach gives them a sense of security. Although they tend to save a lot of money, but their major cause of stress is liquidity. Furthermore, they tend to overindulge in pleasures (including food) and put on weight. They should apply restraint, cut down on their amounts of intake, and exercise regularly.
Finishing the Taurus Backdrop: Decanates, and Cusps
In order the further refine the above personality traits, the sign of Taurus (as any other) is divided into 3 Decanates (also known as Decans), based on the "triplicity" of signs. The subtle differentiating alterations for each decan of Taurus are explained below:
Taurus First Decan: 0° - 10°
Taurus/Taurus Decanate (Around April 21 - April 30)

Note: Stronger influence of Venus, the ruling planet.
Stable, determined, stubborn - amongst other Taurus traits.


Taurus magnified, these natives have enhanced Taurus traits, and are more "Taurus" than those in the other two Decanates. Stability is of utmost importance to them. They seek stability in all aspects of their life. However, they are very stubborn - and it is very difficult to make them see any other point of view, except theirs. They also tend to become too lazy.
They are very practical, and hold great reverence for material wealth. They are also very possessive, and have a fascination to own things (and sometimes people) - especially traditional, or those that provide them a sense of comfort or security.
They are very sensual and passionate - and love the pleasure, sensation, and experience of touch in everything. They are ultra-faithful in relationships.
They also have tremendous will-power and determination - and are dedicated to get whatever they desire of life. However, they can get pretty one-track-minded!
Taurus Second Decan: 10° - 20°
Taurus/Virgo Decanate (Around May 1 - May 10)

Note: Influence of Mercury blended with Venus, the ruling planet.
Charming, tactful, honest, but also obstinate - along with other Taurus traits.


These Taureans, influenced by Mercury (Virgo), are gifted communicators. They can easily communicate their ideas and thoughts to others. They have an open and honest mindset - and will speak their mind, only when they have gathered all facts regarding a person, situation, or subject. They have an easygoing, pleasant and charming personality. However, they are obstinate - once they make up their mind.
They would be extremely talented in the fields as varied as arts to chemicals, and are born perfectionists - who would leave no stone unturned to do a job well. However, most of them are happy to work behind the scenes.
They are very sensual and passionate - and bring extra intensity and stamina into everything. But, they are known to take time when establishing acquaintances.
They are also tactful, and possess an uncanny knack to manoeuvre their way with skill and finesse. When pushing ahead, they have an in-built sense of caution - which always leaves a leeway for negotiation. They know how to get their work done, and can literally charm anyone to have their work/favor done. They also tend to become too punctual, and often too choosy.
Taurus Third Decan: 20° - 30°
Taurus/Capricorn Decanate (Around May 11 - May 21)

Note: Influence of Saturn blended with Venus, the ruling planet.
Ultra-loyal, disciplined, hard-working, but also inflexible - along with other Taurus traits.


These Taureans, influenced by Saturn (Capricorn), are more ambitious and professionally connected than those in the other two Decanates. They are also very practical. Financial security is of utmost importance to them, and they work hard to achieve it. They are very hard-working and take their assignments or tasks very seriously - and leave no loose ends.
They are disciplined and inflexible - which empowers them to follow their goals/tasks with single-minded devotion. However, their inflexibility (and rigidity) becomes a hurdle, when it comes to new people, or newer ideas and technologies. They also tend to become too serious and strict.
They are very sensual and passionate, but orthodox - and can get very revengeful when hurt.
Their loyality and patience knows no bounds. They hold their near and dear ones close, and would go to any lengths for them. They make one hell of a loyal friend, and a great provider for the family.

The Sun, being the most dominant of "planets", forms the core character of any individual. All the above traits and notes are based on the Sun (the Sun enter Taurus around 21st April and stays till around 21st May - is the basis of this Zodiac sign: Taurus) and, including the above "finishing touches" with the Decanates, provide the general "backdrop" of every Taurus. There are, however, other planets that alter some of the core traits. For example, Venus rules matters of the heart as does Jupiter to matters of optimism and hope.
The "complete picture" for each individual can only be "portrayed" by considering the positions of the other planets, at the time of birth of the individual. For example, compatibility in relationships according to the Sun is generic, it is the position of Venus and Mars (in addition to the Sun and Moon) that will actually "show" the individual's true preferences and compatibility factors. This is what makes each individual unique, and the Natal Chart important.
However, this does imply complete deviations from Taurus traits. Whatever alterations the other planets provide, more or less, act upon the core traits of Taurus provided by the "backdrop" of Sun.
Lastly, if the individual is born on the cusp (2 days at the beginning and end) of Taurus, they should note the time of birth and make sure when the Sun moved in or out of Taurus in that particular year (of birth). The Sun-Sign Table and Transit Dates section provides an easy reference to evaluate the exact zodiac sun sign. Even if the date and time of birth is not available, a brief analysis would solve the issue:
A person born in the cusp beginning Taurus has either very enhanced Taurus-like traits (falls in the Taurus/Taurus Decanate), or is an Aries. Similarly, the person born in the cusp ending Taurus is either Taurus, or has very enhanced Gemini-like traits (falls in the Gemini/Gemini Decanate) and thus, is a Gemini.

In other words, when considering cusps of Taurus, one should remember that no individual can have two different signs, or be a "hybrid" of two signs. There is nothing like a Taurus with Aries-like traits, or Gemini-like traits. The only thing that matters is the position of the Sun. If the Sun has moved into Taurus, then the individual is Taurus, not Aries. And, if the Sun has moved into Gemini, then the individual is Gemini, not Taurus. The first light, like that of the ring of a solar eclipse, is intense - and creates a completely new individualism, leaving behind all traits of the previous sign.
Some Popular People with Sun in Taurus:
Cher (Sun and Mercury in Taurus), George Clooney (Sun and Mercury in Taurus), Joe Cocker (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus), Adolf Hitler (Sun, Venus, and Mars in Taurus), George Lucas (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus), Rene Zellweger (Sun and Mercury in Taurus).
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