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All About Eros in Astrology

Detailed interpretations of Eros, the irresistible.

Asteroid 433 Eros is one of the Near Earth Asteroids, also known as a planet crosser . He orbits between Venus and Mars, taking 1.76 years to complete a cycle. Tumbling silently end over end, Eros has now caught the attention of scientists by hosting the first satellite ever to reach, orbit and land on an asteroid. Given the known link between finding a planet and the awakening of social values corresponding to what that body represents, this is the time for us to study the astrological aspects of Eros as well.
Situated between love planet Venus and sexual Mars, Eros is an asteroid worth looking at in your chart as well as your lovers chart. It will illuminate how a person experiences the most erotic and soul depth type of love. Knowing your lover’s Eros placement can help you tune into ways you can be a better lover, providing all that his or her soul yearns for in a transcendental, divine and passionate love union.
In astrology we first look to our planetary placements to gauge information about dating, love, sex and relationship potential. Then, we look at special points and angles in a horoscope to gain greater insight into anyone’s romance and sexual prospects. But did you know that there are also countless asteroids that provide valuable symbolic meaning as well? One of the most significant asteroids as it pertains to love and attraction is Eros.
Love is definitely the province of this little body. Find Eros in a person's twelfth house and you almost always find someone who wants love, wants to be loved so much, yet who finds themselves always either without someone to love, or in a love situation that brings them great pain. Find Eros in a person's first house, though, and you find someone who has a lot of love to give and who meets each new person with the desire to share this feeling. Initially at least this type has a non-discriminatory approach to people and wants to be close to everyone.

Eros is definitely love, touch, and affection, but it also has a great deal to do with physical love. If the rest of the chart does not contradict, a strong Eros gives a strong need for physical contact with others, especially sex. It can also add charisma, and the ability to charm almost anyone. (This is especially noticeable with Eros conjunct the ascendant. Such a person charms instantly and has what seems to be almost total emotional openness.)
The word 'erotic' comes from Eros, and this is a big factor in the lives of people with close Eros aspects. It is not uncommon to find that a person with a close Eros conjunct Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars is quite promiscuous, or has been for a partof his/her life.
Mythologically, Eros (love) was in love with Psyche (soul). Eros shows a longing for completeness, and gives clues to finding one's 'soulmate.'
Eros can often be the force of love which changes someone's life. For example: John's Eros is exactly square to Mary's ascendant. She had been trying to break a particular bad habit all of her life but with no success. Shortly after she met him, he told her he would be happier if she no longer gave in to the temptation. She was able to break her habit very quickly, and never started up again during the whole very intense relationship.

In transits, what Eros tends to bring are sudden attractions, erotic feelings, thoughts and dreams. But unless other factors also come into play, nothing significant will usually result.
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