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Horoscopes & Lovescopes 2023

Amazingly true horoscope predictions for the entire year.

In common parlance, a horoscope represents the astrologer's divination, an attempt to gain insights or foresee, based on the positions and astrological influences of an astrological chart. The horoscope is thus, a representation of the art of foretelling by predictive astrology, based on celestial influences in relation with the zodiacal placement of the Sun in a person's month of birth.
List of horoscopes for 2023:
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Please also read our Introduction, to understand why and how astrology works - although, astrological predictions are never compelling.
Technically, the horoscope is a diagram or astrological chart that represents the positions of the planets, luminaries, astrological aspects and sensitive angles at a particular time of an event (a person's birth, for example). The term is derived from horoskopos, a Greek word derived from hõra and scopos, meaning 'time' and 'observer'.
This astrological chart, the horoscope, is used to gain insight or foresee events relating to the point of time it represents. However, in common usage, this astrological chart is referred as Natal Chart, amongst many other names - and the horoscope refers to the astrologer's interpretations of the astrological chart - on the basis of horoscopic traditions of astrology.
It should be further noted that the horoscopes presented in this section, are according to 'Sun-Sign Astrology' that is most common in newspapers, magazines and online articles. Natal Charts provide detailed positions of each planet, which lead to complex but accurate astrological predictions. Sun-Sign Astrology, is a simplified version that considers only the position of Sun at birth - in one of the twelve Signs, and generic predictions are concluded by relating the current movements of all the planets. And, the Moon is used to indicate weekly trends. This technique, although popular, provides generic and comparatively less accurate predictions.

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