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Introducing Astrological Influences & Meanings

A brief introduction of astrology, its impact on terrestrial life.

For centuries, Man has looked up to the heavens - for faith, guidance and help - especially whenever he faced circumstances beyond his control or powers.
In an attempt to unravel the mysteries of life and the Universe, Ancient Man stumbled upon an amazing connection between terrestrial life and the Solar System - that life has evolved on Earth through millions of years of evolution, from amino acids to the millions of species found on Earth - including Man, himself; And that all life, including human beings, have optimally evolved in accordance to the environment of the Earth, which is itself governed by the laws of attraction of the Solar System, and thus, the Universe.
The simplest example is the fact that human beings are born to walk (with ease) on the gravitation of the Earth, whereas Moon's gravitational forces - being much weaker - makes us jump.
From the range of temperatures that we can survive in, to our internal temperature, to the kind of food and air that we need to survive - the human body has been optimized "for" Earth, through millions of years of evolution.

But the Earth, in turn, is governed by the laws of attraction of the Solar System. This means, that the human bodies have been optimally "designed" to accomodate the laws of attraction of the Solar System. For example, if the forces of attraction of the Moon can cause tides by impacting billions of gallons of water on Earth's oceans, it would only be foolish to assume that it has no impact on a human body - which is 50-65% water!
Escalation of arthritis pain during a full moon, is a simple example of how human bodies are affected by changes in barometric pressure, weather expression, and the ambient electromagnetic environment influenced by the lunar cycle (or for that matter, the solar cycle too).
For centuries, Man has believed that planetary attractions play havoc with the body fluids - especially those in the human brain - and influence our personalities, emotions, and judgements. During the transits, the planets are believed to attract, heighten and relieve fluids that are responsible for every pattern of brain signal that we call "feelings". Astrology is the study of these planetary influences on the human brain which plays a large role in any individual's life.
Modern science cannot deny the gravitational impact of other planets on Earth, on humans, and on evolution of humans. But, where science is yet to explain with facts, astrology digs deeper into belief and recognizes each planet's impact based on centuries of observation, research, and trials.

Based on their impact on specific parts of human brain, each celestial body has specific and direct role in an individual's character and behaviour. The Sun impacts our concious mind, while the Moon represents our deepest personal needs and is responsible for our spontaneous and instinctual reactions. Venus controls our romanticism, as Mars controls our vitality. In other words, the planets direct our feelings - how we feel them, and when.
Nevertheless, Man is not insane. We do not smile, or get angered, or fall in love, just because the planets want us to. Here is where, the art of astrology lies. Astrology helps in gaining insight of the possible terrestrial events at a particular time, based on the "emotions at play" due to planetary positions and transits.
Simply put, Astrology is the art of back-calculating possible terrestrial events based on astronomical behaviours of the planets. It is no black magic, or cult practice, and certainly not rocket science. It is an art, that requires knowledge, expertise and the intuition of a soothsayer, to gain insight or predict the future - based on planetary positions and transits.
This is also the reason that astrology never compels. We may "day-dream" about such an event, and feel the emotions that the planets have in store for us. Or, we may "act" and achieve the same emotions.

For example:
If we take the case of a birth chart with Scorpio as the rising sign and Mars, Mercury and Saturn occupying Virgo. The native could buy either a car or a house, in an appropriate period or sub-period as the Ascendant, which denotes the phantom self conjoins the 4th lord (who denotes an asset such as a car, house etc) in the 11th house (of wish fulfillment) with the 11th lord in exaltation.
Astrology can predict that the native will feel "exalted" due to a "wish fulfillment" that pertains to "gaining an asset" - based on "emotions at play" due to the planetary positions.
The native may day-dream about gaining an asset, and feel exalted. But in that case, the native has absolutely no other choice, and cannot stop himself from feeling exalted about a wish-fulfillment. There is no way, that he can put his mind to think of anything else.
This also means, that the native - if he "acts", the planets ensure that no force on Earth can disappoint him!

This is Astrology.
It is a different matter, that a multi-billionaire may feel exalted on gaining a castle, and a homeless native might be exalted by gaining just a shanty.
Thus, astrology provides us with rich tools for understanding human character, and offers us a platform for communicating our observations with others. It can be used as a powerful and fun tool for understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us.
Astrologers believe that the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of a person's birth have a direct influence on that person's character, and destiny. This snapshot is called the Natal Chart (or Birth Chart) and can be used as a "window" to gain insights of events - with time-tested interpretations.

We named our website 'Siddhantika', which is Sanskrit for 'Principles', because we believe that astrological (celestial) bodies govern the very principles of terrestrial life.
Although as perfect as astrology can be, no astrologer is perfect - and neither are the interpretations. Thus, we should never use astrological insights to pass judgements or to label people, or as an excuse for our behaviour. Most astrologers would want us to believe that all terrestrial events happen due to causative factors indicated by planetary movements - and that they are explanable or predictable. As explained in the above example, this is far from truth. Such "know all" astrologers (and even critics) can be irresponsible and misleading, and their predictions (and observations) can adversely affect the lives of those who believe them.
Astrology works. But, astrology should only be used as a tool to gain insights of possible events or outcomes - because no interpretation is fool-proof, and no astrologer is God!
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