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Eros in Houses

Detailed interpretations of Eros in the different Houses.

Eros represents our deep awareness of mortality. Eros makes us recreate feelings that makes us confirm our vitality - through sexual objectification, passion and desire, bearing children, and creativity.
More often than not, Eros overpowers the mind with love and sex - which sheds light on some of our erotic turn ons.
Eros love, however, is less romantic and more about sexual objectification. It is self-centered, and even the idea of arousing a partner is fed to confirm our need to feel alive and vital.
It is, therefore, useful to explore the house that Eros occupies in a person's Natal Chart.

Eros in First House:
When Eros resides in the first house, it gains additional significance and contributes towards the general approach to life. This does not mean that these natives have an erotic approach to planning and initiation, but that they tend to encounter erotic ways of execution or enjoyment when taking actions or working out dilemmas.
Eros in Second House:
When Eros resides in the second house, it takes a resourceful essence and how we value ourselves as a unique individual. These natives have an inborn perception of what they are worth. They usually have a subtle undertone of what they deem estimable, and expect tangible longings, desires and aspirations of their worth. For some, it may also overbear an urgency or brash display of their worth.
Eros in Third House:
When Eros resides in the third house, it plays a conscious role in our communications. These natives derive erotic experience through expression. They may create an erotic transformation of words, transmission of information and even the act of learning and teaching. They usually enjoy making a speech, chatting, writing letters and keeping a journal or a diary. Some may even love journeys - especially to new places.
Eros in Fourth House:
When Eros resides in the fourth house, it takes erotic links in home and family. These natives are very emotionally attached with home and family, even with external home and extended family members. They often take a secretive approach to erotic love, within domestic affairs. Some may even have a special room or space for erotic pleasures - as they like to hide from others.

Eros in Fifth House:
When Eros resides in the fifth house, it encompasses a playful heart and creative spirit. These natives are self-expressive in romance and creative artwork, with a craving to activate the heart and the feelings that makes them feel special. Their playful, child-like qualities may even inhibit their judgement of the harsh reality. For some, the latent child-like, rock-star behaviour may emerge frequently - even if in bathroom, or alone.
Eros in Sixth House:
When Eros resides in the sixth house, it assumes proficiency in romance and passion. These natives are inclined to perfect their ability to give and recieve erotic pleasures. They usually view their body (and that of their partner's) to be a vessel to provide erotic delights, and work on a routine that includes the means to accomplish erotic pleasures on a daily basis.
Eros in Seventh House:
When Eros resides in the seventh house, its risk-taking, changeable nature is contradicted. These natives prefer close partnerships - romantic, marriage, and even business. They tend to transform one-to-one relationships into long-term unions, and even long-term adversaries. They are committed to endurance and stability, which means a divorced relationship involving children may last a life-time.
Eros in Eighth House:
When Eros resides in the eighth house, it gets an increased desire to experience a deep erotic transformation of our existence. These natives tend to take a leap of faith in order to discover (and analyze) the unknown - both within and without. They usually take risks in understanding the depths of the soul - to offer something precious. They have a commitment to their belief system, along with an increased fear of dwelving into the unknown, both hand-in-hand. Most of them have an affinity to mystery, intrigue, research and even occult knowledge.

Eros in Ninth House:
When Eros resides in the ninth house, it is aroused by new information, mysterious cultures, and landscapes that offer intrigue. These natives are passionate about the feeling of wonder and intrigue - that exposes them to new expreiences of mind, body or spirit. They are ignited by the very idea of exploring the unknown, and experiencing new feelings. Most of them seek education and journeys to foreign cultures, spiritual beliefs, ceremonies and rituals.
Eros in Tenth House:
When Eros resides in the tenth house, it takes expressive ways of representation. These natives represent themselves in a manner that others percieve them as passionate, erotic, and charismatic. They have a subtle undertone in the way they dress, speak, move and behave - that visibly stands out. Most of them stress major importance on expression, and how others percieve them - in terms of social image and reputation. Some may even make a career of studing, teaching or living the transformational and erotic side of life.
Eros in Eleventh House:
When Eros resides in the eleventh house, its passions are ignited through groups, friendships, and relationships. These natives take a potent, and possibly passionate, initiative in friendships, groups and goals. They tend to stretch beyond their individual identity, and push into the larger world as a whole. They have a deep desire to be everything that they possibly wish and hope for. Some of them even trigger erotic feelings through a friend, when they passionately merge into a friendship.
Eros in Twelfth House:
When Eros resides in the twelfth house, it is aroused through injury, suffering or confinement. These natives have an erotic understanding with their adversaries and arch-rivals. They tend to nurture extreme bitterness and appreciate brilliant rivals. Most of them are aroused through taboo, hidden activities, secrecy, exile and seclusion - and relationships or activities that are traditionally non-acceptable.

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